“Telegraphing Intentions"  (a double entendre)

Pairing images can change the entire story a single image alone might suggest. Sometimes it takes me months to find the right pair. I can remember every shot I’ve taken, and know which image I might want to pair with another, so I’ll put an image into a special file until I find the file for the second image. This can take some time, as I have literally tens of thousands of image files to look through, and my system of cataloging stinks. It doesn’t help that I never delete or throw out any images, not even my rejects.

This is the marriage of two such rejects taken three years apart. It took me four months to find the second, older image.

“My Eternal”

My editing ethos; Balance. Balance in colors, balance in frame, balance in darks and lights. I first consider the elements of detail, then burn/dodge to create a harmony in the overall image using the largest brushes possible with no perceivable edge. I say to myself during this process; “How much does the light weigh? Darks are heavy, and lights are like helium, and make things float.”, and then I proceed to lighten or darken to make the image to appear as if it could stand freely on a needle at the bottom center of the frame. The color usually balances on it’s own if I frame the shot correctly when I press the shutter, but there may need to be some adjustments to correct for the difference between what my lens sees and what my eye perceived.

As for additions, like vignette, or hdr, I try to keep them to a minimum, and with any vignette, I always use a color sample from the image to compliment the overall frame. Sometimes, like with this image, I apply an hdr filter first, then an orton soft focus judiciously applied and faded so the details and sharpness of the image is preserved and not just obliterated in the gaussing effect.

I’m all about the image…the final result, and I’ll find a way of making it serve my own vision. I paint pictures, that all I do. I don’t consider myself some kind of artist, I just paint with light things that I like. I only hope that some others like them as much as I do.


This re-posting of images is for seagirl49.

The overlay of images here were taken at two different locations in Hillsboro, Oregon. The pair of geese in the water were from Dawson’s Creek near the library, and the flock was taken at Jackson Bottoms on the far south of the reserve.

Many great places there for photographing in Hillsboro. I think my all-time favorite is the Jackson Woods Trail, starting from U. J. Hamby Park. It follows the Jackson creek most of the way through the woods.

I hope to return there this summer to go visit these places, and explore some new ones.