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Prompt-  “If requests are still open, may I request one of Leonard Snart being possessive of the reader (him making her wear his parka instead of her borrowing someone else’s spare jacket). Please and thank you <3” -@buckyslittlekitten

Word count - 919



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‘Their reactions to you being pregnant would include’ The Flash preference

Barry Allen:

-You’d have a really cute way of telling him you were expecting.

-he just sits there in shock

-”….WHAT?!” He’d finally shout

-He’d just sit there gobsmacked as he thought about it for a minute

-”Are you being serious right now?! We’re going to have a baby speedster!?” He’d as as he picked you up hesitantly 

-the boy would smile for hours after you told him

-”We have to baby proof immediately.”

-”Barry I’m three weeks.” 

“Immediately (Y/n).”

Cisco Ramon:

-You’d carefully place the stick where he’d be sure to see it.

-”Babe I think you left- Oh my god.” He’d gasp

-Looking at you, then the test, then you, repeat 65 times

-”Are you…we’re….what?!” 
-”I’m four weeks yesterday!”

-”Oh my god! We’re expecting a baby Ramon! Holy…” He’d trail off as he kissed you

-When you guys sat on the couch later that night he wouldn’t take his hand off your stomach

-”I think we should name them Luke or Harry….and if they’re a girl Leia…or Hermione.” 


Wally West:

-You just out right told him and he chokes on his drink 

-”That’s not funny babe.” He laughs nervously 

-”…Are you serious?” He whispers as you nod giddily. 

-”No way! My boys can swim!” He shouts as he picks you up and twirls you

-He just carries you everywhere

-You come home the next day to see him assembling a baby crib

-”Babe I am only five weeks what are you-”

-”Being ready is key babe.” He says as he struggles with the instructions as you sigh

Julian Albert:

-He was at work actually when you just up and said it. Setting down the test. 

-”Pardon? Is this some sort of joke?” He asks as he sits staring up as you. 

-When you shake your head he stands up so fast he knocks his chair over

-”Oh my god love! We’re expecting!” He cries as he throws himself over his desk as you giggle. 

-He hugs you for at least ten minutes….at least. 

-”I can’t believe it!” He keeps repeating as he looks to your stomach. 

-His eyes widen

-”We need to get a nursery ready! I’ll tell Joe I’m taking the rest of the day off-I’ll bring the car around for you-Love you!” He pecks your cheek and he’s off leaving you shocked.

-The whole ride home he has a hand on your stomach. 

Leonard Snart:
-You sort of delay telling him until you’re about a month. You just say “Hey remember when we had sex a few weeks back?” “Yeah.” He says kissing your neck.”Well now I’m pregnant!” You chuckle nervously

-”….You’re serious?! Like you are actually pregnant…with…my baby?” He asks as you nod after every pause

-”….Like….Seriously.” You nod again

-”Oh…my god.” He whispers as he just stares at your stomach

-Immediately wants to paint the ‘nursery’ and you have to remind him you have eight months to do it.

-Never lets anyone close to the bump, no matter who it is

(Bonus: always bringing you ice chips real late at night because that’s your cravings. 

HR Wells:

- You tell him and all he does is laugh

-”That’s a good one honey! God I love you!” Realizing you aren’t joking and stops laughing

-”Seriously?!?!” He shouts as you nod with a smile. 

-”OH my GOODNESS! I AM GOING TO BE A DAD!” He’d shout as he scoops you up

-Not putting you down 

-”I’m going to buy this baby a hat.” 


Request: hi can u pls write a sara/reader/leonard where reader is part of the legend team and those two really likes the reader? but reader is oblivious and also have a low self-esteem so she doesnt believe it when someone expressed interest in her. the two flirts with the reader a lot also protective. thanks in advance. :)

“I feel ridiculous!” you exclaim, storming Rip’s office as you instantly pull the rest of the team’s attention away from their tasks. “Have you seen this dress? How am I meant to defend myself when I’m worried about tripping over this insane train!”

“That is some dress” Leonard mutters, his eyes raking in the rather foreign sight of you in an evening dress.

“It’s completely impractical is what it is!” you continue, forcing Rip to pay attention to what you deemed a ridiculous state of affairs.

“It’s a formal event, Y/N” Rip sighs halfheartedly, having expected to hear something about the dress from the moment he had assigned you the task.

“Well, why can’t Sara do it? She would look better in this thing anyway!”

“Doubtful” Sara mutters in response, her gaze glued to you.

“Sara can’t go, and neither can Kendra, Savage knows both of them, you he does not. We need you to do this, no matter how ridiculous you find the dress” Rip counters, rather used to the teams tantrums.

“Fine” you sigh, knowing he’s right. “But I’m not going to be happy about it!”

“You look stunning, Y/N” Sara points out following you out of the room.

A snort of laughter escapes you as you turn to look at her. “Very funny.”

“She’s right” Leonard adds, popping up from seemingly nowhere as he stands next to the blonde, staring at you almost appraisingly. “It’s a good look on you.”

“Well,” you start, rather unsure of what to say, “thank you, both, for your lies. They are appreciated. I better get back to Kendra so I can get this makeup deal over and done with. But thanks, again” you smile before rushing off to keep to the schedule.

“She has no idea, does she?” Sara asks once you’re out of ear shot.

“Not a clue” Leonard agrees, going back to blueprints he was studying earlier.

The Flash Preference #7

How he cheers you up after a bad day…




Dr. Wells


Ronnie (wow)



How she cheers you up after a bad day… 




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Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is part of team flash and is friends with Leonard Snart. And whenever Leonard goes to see the reader he’s always fighting with Harry from E-2 for her attention because they both like her

For: @troylerisbae7

Word Count: 794

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First it was three each.

If he got you three boxes of chocolate, the other got you three bigger boxes of chocolate.

If one got you three charms for your bracelet, the other got you three bracelets.

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Dating Leonard Snart includes:

  • Being a sassy, little asshole
  • Dealing with Leonard’s insomnia
  • Which leads to him pacing around the room before walking around the house or going to his secret room where he fiddles with his cold gun.
  • Coming home too find Lisa and Mick hanging around.
  • “How did you get in here? Neither one of you has a key.” “Who says we need a key?”
  • Being involved in a intense game of Uno
  • Which lead too Mick threatening to burn down the house and too you and Leonard arguing because you just know he is cheating
  • Never having a dirty house
  • Having a great collection of books to read
  • Cute little mugs
  • A lot of blue decor in the house
  • Knowing about Leonard’s line of work and loving him anyways
  • Leonard being gone for a short period of time
  • But when he comes back, he brought you another cute, silly mug
  • Knowing who the Flash is
  • Meeting Barry and the rest of team Flash
  • Flirting with Barry playfully just too annoy Leonard
  • Which only worked once and it lead to him spanking you
  • Hot, passionate sex for hours
  • “Okay, lets take break.” “Why? I’m just getting started”
  • Hickies
  • Being called kitten
  • Leonard forcing you too stay in bed when you’re sick
  • “Okay but only if you let me wear your parka. Oh, and you have to watch frozen with me. Love you!”
  • Being close with Lisa and having her come check up on you from time to time when Leonard’s gone.
  • Waiting for Leonard to come back to 2016 so you can continue your lives together

multi-villain-imagines  asked:

I would absolutely love some Leonard Snart x Reader. Would you consider writing one? With the sentence starter: "I just wanna help you relax" With a little bit of flirting and sexual suggestions.? And smut if you feel like it 😉

So here is my first attempt at a Leonard Snart thingy. I was trying to try to keep it more in character for him, not sure how well I did with that aspect. It’s a little fluffy, I ended up leaving it open to the imagination on what happens next, smut no doubt. But I hope you like it, if not I’ll be happy to try again. (I stuck the sentence elsewhere in the story with minor tweaking.)

Relaxing Visit

          “What are you doing?” Snart asked as he watched you remove his shoes. You stood up and carried them over to the closet and dropped them in the basket. Everyone knows to put their shoes there, even Mick. Snart just chooses to ignore it.

          “You know the rules of my house, Lenny.”


          “I know your name.” You came back with two opened bottles of beer.

          “Yet, you continue to call me Lenny.” He frowned as he accepted the bottle. “Is your fridge broken? It’s warm.”  

           “It isn’t broken, I just got home an hour before you called, it didn’t have enough time to chill is all. I would have stuck them in the freezer, but the last time I did that you were a no show. And I fell asleep, I’m still finding shards of glass in my freezer, Lenny.”

           “I apologized for that.” You rolled your eyes at him. “Okay I sent my apologies with Mick.”

           “Yeah, Mickey was real smooth with your apologies.”

           “Maybe if you called people by their actual names they’d be more pleasant.” Snart snarked at you before sipping his beer.

           “Oh, he was very pleasant. Very friendly. And a little handsy.” You kept your face neutral.

           “I thought he wasn’t your type.” You weren’t sure but you thought you detected a hint of annoyance in his tone, it was too much to hope it was jealousy.

           “I can’t help it if he finds me attractive, at least someone notices me.” You noticed his grip on the beer had tightened.

           “(y/n), I don’t come here to listen to you go on about your dalliances with my partner.” Snart put his beer down, you could hear the annoyance in his tone now.

           “Then why do you come over, Lenny? I know it isn’t to just track dirt all over my pretty rugs.” Snart would never say why he was coming over, just that he was and you never really pressed for a response to the question, he always ignored it at any rate.

           “Maybe, I like coming here to relax.” He sighed. You put down your beer and stood up, “What are you doing, now?” His eyes followed you as you moved closer to him. You sat down in his lap dangling your legs over the arm of the chair, Snart slid an arm behind your back. You nuzzled into his neck. You felt him tense up as you kissed his neck. “Why are you doing that?” You smiled because he wasn’t asking you to stop.

           “Maybe, I just want to help you relax.”

           “It isn’t exactly helping me relax, (y/n).” He brought his free hand over to brush some hair off your face. “Is this how you help, Mick relax?” That smug little smile of his softened his features just a bit, he knew you were pulling his leg about Mick.

           “We both know he isn’t my type, Len–” Snart cut you off with a kiss. It started out soft, but then he bit your lip softly and you parted your lips slightly, giving Snart the invitation he wanted. His fingers sliding through your hair. Pulling you closer and deepening the kiss.

         Finally breaking the kiss so you could both catch your breath, Snart ran his thumb along your jaw. “I think we’ve dragged out this game long enough, don’t you, kitten?”  You nodded, “Should we move to somewhere more…” He glanced in the direction of your bedroom, “Relaxing?”



Leonard Snart making you wear his parka when you’re cold.

“Aren’t you cold now?” You asked Leonard, resting your head on his shoulder and snuggling deeper into the parka you wore.

“Hardly.” Leonard held your hand and pulled you closer against his body, offering you even more warmth. “I happen to like the cold.”

You shook violently as another gush of icy wind blew on your face. “I don’t understand how anyone can like this kind of weather.”

Leonard chuckled and tucked your head under his chin. “If it means I get to sit like this with you, I couldn’t care less about the weather.”

Smiling, you turned your head a little and lightly kissed his neck, unable to reach anywhere else without exposing yourself even more to the freezing cold. “You’re such a softie.” You teased him.

“Only for you.” Leonard hummed.


It wasn’t like you had planned to catch the attentions of a Rogue like Leonard Snart. You hadn’t even realized that you had at first. And by the time you really knew about the way Len earned his living? You were in deep.

You’d been working at The Motorcar your last year of college when you first met him. Len was a regular who tipped well for all that he mostly only ordered coffee.

Not that you blamed him. You’d almost starved with that job as your main food source. If it didn’t taste horrible, then it tended to make you ill. You weren’t sure why. You scoured the place, and it did pass the food safety code.

If you were any more superstitious, you’d say the place was cursed.

Len was a regular who wasn’t big on small talk, or wasting words in general. Everything about him was precise. His order, his payment, the seat he wanted, and when were good times to speak to him. You still preferred him to the drunks who wanted a show, or the kids too high to know if they even brought enough money to cover their order. Although at least they never complained about the food.

Even if the wisdom of sating one’s munchies across from CCPD left much to be desired. You figured it was some twisted inner need to be caught. Or it was a three foot eff you to the system. Could go either way really.

Every other weekend, Len brought his sister. It was the one divergence in his otherwise exact schedule. You’d notice him actually smiling - not the polite tip of the corners of his mouth, but genuinely smiling - from time to time when she was there. You made a point to never drift over while they were in the middle of a discussion. And perhaps because of that, at least in retrospect, they always sat in your section.

Your last month at the diner, you’d begged Lisa to come with you to a ballroom dance event. You’d been pulling so many shifts at the diner that making friends with your fellow college drudges attending over summer semester hadn’t been a priority. Going would net you extra credit, which you couldn’t overlook, but going when you knew absolutely no one wasn’t high on your wishlist. Neither was making a fool of yourself, but you figured you’d only see her one more time anyway, so there wasn’t any harm.

She’d gone, to your eternal relief, not making a big deal about it at all. In fact, she’d laughed about how the moving as a team and timing were right up her brother’s alley, even if it wasn’t hers. If anyone had asked you, you would have said the Snarts were good people. A little distant, but kind enough and certainly well meaning. 

In fact, you did say that when the police came knocking not long after, suspecting them. You didn’t see either of them for several years. Not because they’d been in Iron Heights - you thought they might have gotten out of those charges - but because you hadn’t been in Central City.

Len found you in Keystone, working for an advertising company that should have been the job of your dreams. He’d asked if you still had space on your dance card for him after commenting on the glowing character reference you’d given his arresting officer. And somehow that led to a visit to an art museum, and then you moving back to Central City to be able to see more of him.

You’d thought about moving back before. Central was home in a way Keystone had never become. It also had the PR nightmare known as S.T.A.R. Labs to attract your attention. So while Len sought his own adrenaline rush, you’d reached out to the skeleton team left with your proposal. Dr. Wells hadn’t found it necessary, but he had understood your desire to have a challenge. Cisco and Caitlin had been happy to have your help. Such as it was, anyway.

You weren’t a part of Team Flash, although you hadn’t missed their little meetings. Dr. Wells had confronted you about it early on after you had asked him in private if he wanted you to use that information to build up his reputation again or if he’d prefer the secrecy. The scientist had been pretty clear which option he had preferred.

Later, when Lisa seduced Cisco and then Len had tortured his brother to find out the Flash’s identity, you’d been summoned for another private conversation with the physicist. He’d been impressed that for someone so perceptive you hadn’t told your own boyfriend the Flash’s identity. Or hadn’t you worked it out yet?

Although, as it turns out, that conversation wasn’t quite as private as you’d thought.

“You’re dating Captain Cold?”

Turning towards the incredulous voice, you met Cisco’s gaze with a wince.

“I had no idea he was going to do something like that to you, Cisco. Honest. He doesn’t ask me about my work; I don’t ask him about his.”

“An interesting policy, to be sure,” Doctor Wells commented, his eyes laughing for all that his vocal tone was dry and serious.

“We were dating way before he got ahold of your cold gun,” that justification felt hollow even to you.

Cisco didn’t take it as any justification at all.

“Well, stop! He’s a thief. And a murderer, not to mention.”

“Honestly. You do not want to go the route of dragging up dirty little secrets,” you growled out in self defense. “It’s my job to know all of yours, so I can portray you in the best light. Or had you forgotten?”

Watching the interplay between the two men was fascinating. Dr. Wells polishing his glasses as Cisco looked to him for support. Which he did give but with a tired expression to indicate they couldn’t control your life choices.

Damn straight they couldn’t. Even if you had nothing really on Cisco, minus the fact he’d created the weapons used against his brother, which was a cruel thing indeed to mention.

Well, and the fact you’d heard by now just how Cisco was lured into begin with, and this was very much a scenario of the pot calling the kettle black.

 The dark glimmer beneath the professor’s gaze still had you rushing out an addendum quickly.

“Excepting, of course, boundaries like the identity of the Flash and what you do in your personal time.”

You grabbed your jacket and nodded politely to both of them.

“That said, I’d prefer what I do on my personal time to remain personal as well. And I’ve a date in precisely twelve minutes. I am sorry for what happened, Cisco. But I do prefer to be on time. Shall I give your regards to Lisa?”

You decided his blush was adorable. And apparently, so did Dr. Wells. He’d laughed anyway before nodding you on to go home.

Only eleven minutes until you got to see him again. Because dammit, you didn’t care if he was a thief and a rogue.

He was yours.

Prompt source: x

Anon Summary: In which the reader is apart of team Flash but after getting into it with none other than Captain Cold, things start to heat up between the two. Already making up your mind, you decide that Cold would be your first. But, would you actually go through with it? Does Cold actually want to be with you?

Anon Request: Hey! Reader is from team Flash. She is a meta. She is a virgin. One day in a fight with Captain Cold things get tense. She wants him but she is scared because she is virgin. But he promises her to never leave her. A lot of smut and fluff pls? 😉☺.

Warning: Smut! lots and lots of smut! some bad words and unprotected sex.


“So..you’ve like, never ever done..it before?”

You start to feeling your cheeks turning a 50 shades of red as your team mate and best friend, Caitlin, ask you about your sex life. Which is odd because Caitlin is a professional and very reserved but get a couple of drinks and her and you’ll see a whole new side. After team Flash finished a job stopping yet another metahuman, it was Cisco’s idea for all of us to go out for drinks because if you were to be honest, you really needed one.

It was not long ago when you were just a small time waitress at Jitters when the particle accelerator exploded and you woke up with super powers, the ability to manipulate the earth to your own will. Which is cool because you’ve always been a nature person. Although you were freaking out when you’ve learned about it, you still stuck around with Cisco, Caitlin, and none other then Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash. And you were happy that you did because you’ve finally found a group of friends who are willing to put their lives on the line for you and you would do the same.

“I mean, come on Y/N! There has to be at least ONE guy that you’ve wanted to give your virginity too!?” Caitlin slurs but you quickly cover her mouth.

“First of all, shush! Second of all I haven’t, there aren’t that mean guys in this town that are..normal.” You says in a low tone. It’s true, half the guys in Central City is either a metahuman trying to kill because or some one who only just want to screw you and leave.” You state.

Caitlin looks at you for a moment before speaking. “It’s Barry isn’t it.” She says.

You nearly spit out your drink. “No way! Barry is my friend. I’ve never seen him like that before.” You state in a panic, which is half way true. When you first started working with Barry, you did developed a bit of a crush on him but when you found out about his feelings for Iris, you quickly stopped yourself but at least you’re both good friends.

“What about Cisco? For some reason, some pretty hot girls are always throwing themselves at him.” Caitlin says, taking a sip of her drink.

You turn around, looking over at Cisco at the Jukebox with Barry. You shrug your shoulders. “I don’t know. Cisco is kind of like a brother to me.” You state, now that one is true. Even though Cisco asked you out more than once, you never felt any romantic feelings for him. Even though he is adorable, he just has this thing where you want to protect him like you would with family.

Caitlin nods her you. “Yeah, I know what you’re saying.” You’re both silent for a moment, sipping on your drinks before Caitlin speaks up. “I think I know what kind of guy you need Y/N.”

You let out a deep sigh, knowing that you shouldn’t be entertaining drunk Caitlin, but your curiosity getting the best of you. “I’ll bite, what kind of guy do I ‘need’ Caitlin?” You ask.

Caitlin leans in, as if she’s going to tell you a secret. “I think you need a bad boy.” She says. You chuckle. “I think that’s the last thing I need.”

“Oh come on.” Caitlin pouts. “Just imagine it. They’re probably the best guys to have being you’re first. I mean, they’re more experience, mysterious, good looking. Like Ronny.”

“Pft, Ronny is the farthest thing from being a bad boy much next to Barry.” You say, shaking your head.

Caitlin sits back in her seat. “Trust me. I know what I’m talking about.” You playfully roll your eyes before Barry and Cisco runs over.

“Y/N, Caitlin. We got a robbery going on 5th and 3rd.” Cisco says while you start grabbing your things. “What about Caitlin, she can barely stand up?” You ask while Cisco helps her up.

“Don’t worry, I got her. You and Barry head over there and I’ll take care of the rest.” Cisco says as he helps Caitlin into the S.T.A.R. labs van. You and Barry both change into your suits before racing over to the jewelry store, seeing the door froze off.

“Snart.” Barry says under his breath as he puts you down. You both walk in, being careful as it’s completely quiet. Soon, the sound of a gun firing off draws your attention and the large light hanging above you guys begins to fall.
You quickly use your power to shield both you and Barry.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the scarlet speedster and his cute little side kick.” You hear a voice above you speak.

You and Barry look up to see Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold leaning on the railing on the top floor. “Snart, for once can you not cause any trouble?” Barry says, his tone serious.
“Nice to see you too Barry. It’s been awhile, how you’ve been?” Snart replies sarcastically, giving you a glance. “You too Y/N, you’re looking pretty nice in your suit as always.” He smirks.

You roll your eyes. “Come on Snart, do we really have to go through this again?” You ask, narrowing your eyes and crossing your arms but his smirk only widens. “Did I ever tell you how sexy you look when you’re pissed?”

“Takes it.” Barry starts running up the steps but is soon stopped when a ball of fire hits him. Mick steps out from the shadows, the wicked smile not leaving his face. “Mick, go easy on the kid.” Snart says.

You’re about to rush over to Barry when he holds a hand up. “I’m alright, just stop Snart before he gets away.” You nod your head and jump into action, using your powers to make it up to the top floor quickly.

Snart is nowhere to be found until he tries to fire at you but miss.
'How can he miss when I’m out in the open..?’

“Oops sorry, my finger slipped.” He says, coming towards you. You take the opportunity and use your ability to start shoot the bricks from the walls and start firing at him. You manage to knock the cold gun out of his hand and you try to leap for it but soon he’s on you. Both of you rolling around on the ground and when the gun is finally in your reach, Snart quickly rolls you over on to your back. Using his strength to pin your hands above your head as he uses his body above yours to keep you down.

“Listen Y/N, I don’t want to hurt you, honestly.” Snart says in a low voice as you struggle under him. He pressed his body against yours more, which catches you off guard because you’ve never had a guy this close to you before and you actually like it.

Snart looks down at you, his face close to yours. “Every time you and the kid try to stop me, we always end up in the same situation. You coming after me. I stop you. You end up on your back with me on top of you. Even though I’m not complain, are you trying to drop a hint for me?” He ask.

You feel a deep blush forming on your cheeks because he hit the nail of the head. Since the beginning when you fought against Snart, it ended the same with him either pinning you down on the ground or up against the wall. And once he’s off of you, you’re left confused and extremely wet. You shouldn’t be getting turned on from wrestling around with a criminal but you couldn’t help yourself because once you’re gone and in the comfort of your own home, you still feel his warmth, like his body is still pressed against yours. You use that to your advantage by pleasuring yourself to the thought of having Leonard Snart’s naked body on top of yours.

'Oh God..do not think about Leonard Snart naked! Do not think about Leonard Snart naked! Do not think about Leonard Snart naked!..’

You start feeling Snart’s free hand moving down the sides of suit before rest on your thigh, a little squeeze brings you out of your thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?” You notice Snart whispering in a deep voice that seems to rock your core. “Normally you’ll be pushing me off you but now..you seem kind of into it.” You see him smirking lightly and that’s when you notice how close his face is to yours.

“Tell me something because I’m curious..” Slowly, you feel him grabbing your leg and wrapping it around his waist. “How badly do you want me?” He ask as you feel him slowly grind into you which causes you to left your hips up and grind back.

'Oh crap..oh crap..oh crap..control yourself!!’

“Because I tell you how badly I want you Y/N.” Snart whisper, his lips close to yours, you can easily lean up and kiss him. 'Just one kiss wouldn’t hu-..’ before you can finish your thought you hear Mick yelling. Almost like a reality switch, you both stare at each other with wide eyes. You hear Snart let out a low growl that almost sounds like disappointment but to your ears it was the sexist thing you’ve ever heard. Sadly, Leonard gets off of you and stands up, reach a hand out to help you up.

You let out a weak 'thanks’, avoiding make eye contact with him but you can feel his eyes on you. Mick yells again, calling out for Snart but he only takes a deep breath, picking up his cold gun. “Gotta’ run kid.” He says in a calm tone as if not even a minute ago he wasn’t close to fucking you right on the ground. And you would of let him too.

Leonard puts a hand on your head before leaning down to whisper in your ear. “If you want to continue our little game, you know where to find me.” And with that, Snart leaves, making off with millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

Soon after that Barry comes running up, looking at you. “Y/N, what happened to Snart?” He ask as you stand there in your thoughts. You shake your head quickly, “Um..he ah..got away..” You say, rubbing the back on your head. Once the police finally make it here, both you and Barry are long gone and back at S.T.A.R. labs but the whole time you were lost in your thoughts once again thinking about Leonard Snart.

Finally after a long night you make it back to your place, falling face first onto your queen sized bed with a groan. 'Damn it Y/N…why do you have to be so weak when it comes to Snart?’

You lay down, asking yourself the million dollar question. With other guys, if they ever tried flirting with you or coming on to strong, you’ve never hesitated to blow them off. But with Leonard Snart, you couldn’t tell if he was actually serious or just being his sarcastic self and normally you would brush off his flirty comments as him trying to distract you but more and more recently you notice that those flirty comments soon turned into lustful looks and touches and you had to admit, you actually liked it.

“What do I do now Y/N?” You ask yourself again, rolling over to your back with a frustrating groan before getting up to change get ready for bed. You change into a grey S.T.A.R. labs t-shirt and a fresh new pair of underwear before crawl under your sheets to sleep. You’re soon woken up by the sound of your door bell ringing, you reach on your night stand to look at your phone to check the time, seeing that it’s 1 in the morning.

'Who the hell could be at my house at this time?’ You think to yourself while you get out of bed, tripping over your own part of shoes as you make your way through your living room to your front door. “Hold on.” You call out, rubbing one of your eyes before you unlock you door and open it. You look up and stare in shock as Leonard Snart leans against the door frame.

“Snart! What are you doing here?” You ask, looking at him, still wearing his all black outfit with his famous blue parka.

He doesn’t respond right away as he stares you up and down slowly. “Nice underwear.” He comments as you look down, realizing you forgot to put pants on. You try to hide yourself behind your door before speaking. “What do you want Leonard?” You ask firmly.

Snart smirks before stepping into your place, not like you really tried stopping him. “I started having a feeling that you didn’t think I was being serious about my offer. So I figured I’ll come pay you a visiting instead.” He says, walking into your living room, looking at a few things before turning around, leaning back against your couch.

You stare at him in confusing. “Wait, what offer?” You ask, closing your door before you walk into your own living room, standing in the doorway. Leonard sighs a little, titling his head to the side as he looks at you.

“The one from earlier. Where you’ll come over to my place and we get rid of this sexual tension between us so that every time we meet on the battle field we’re not looking at each other like we want to fuck each other.” Snart states boldly.

You stand there, thinking. 'Am I really that obvious?’ You think before looking at Snart, noticing his eyes lingering on your thighs, you can’t help but rub them together. You clear your throat. “Look Snart, I don’t know what kind of signs or hints you think I’m dropping but-”

“Save the small talk kid and get over here.” Snart says, already taking off his parka. “Or should I come to you?” He raises an eyebrow, almost as if he’s trying to challenge you but you’re to busy focusing on how sexy, almost sinister like he looks in the dim light.

You try to find the right words to say but nothing seems to be able to come out. Snart shrugs his shoulders before leaning off the couch. “Looks like I’m coming to you then.” And soon he starts walking towards you. His confidence leaves your knees shaking because he has a promising look in his eyes. As if letting you know you would not be disappointed if you two were to fuck.

But only one thought crosses your mind. 'If I were to sleep with Leonard Snart..then that means I’ll be giving my virginity to a criminal..a very sexy criminal..who is sexy…’

Before he could finally close the distance between you two you finally blurt out your secret. “I’m a virgin!”

Leonard stumbles on his feet a little from what you’ve just said, looking at you in shock. “Come again?”

You chew on your lower lip. “I’m a virgin. I’ve never had sex before.” You says firmly, even with the deep blush on your face.

You expected Leonard to laugh at you for being a virgin at your age or even just walk out but what you didn’t expect him to do was close the distance between your two, cup your face gently and kiss you passionately.

“I knew you were too good.” He whispers against your lips before kissing you again, his hands moving down to your waist. Without missing a beat, you wrap your arms around his neck, kissing him back with just as much passion.

“Jump.” He mumbles against your lips and you do so, wrapping your legs around his waist as his hands cup your ass while your lips move together as he presses your back against the wall. Leonard breaks the kiss and begins attacking your neck, licking and nibbling. You let out a soft moan which only make him keep going. He soon pulls back, looking at you with such lust, he places his forehead onto yours. “Which way is the bedroom?”

You take a moment to catch your breath before speaking. “Down the hall to the left.” You whisper. His lips are back on yours and he starts moving down the hallways to your bedroom, giving you a firm slap on the ass while he walks. Before you know it, you’re lay flat on your back with Leonard Snart between your legs.

Len soon leans back, his fingers hooking in the waistband of your underwear before pulling them down your legs. “Take your shirt off. Now.” He commands, his tone deep and oh so sexy. You soon pull off the S.T.A.R. labs t-shirt while he takes off his. Once off, Leonard sits back and admires your figure, causing you to feel a little insecure.

“Gorgeous.” You hear him whisper before leaning down, kissing you against as he presses his body against yours. His hands roaming all over your slowly, one of his hands cupping your breast as the other one grips your ass. The feeling of him rolling and pinching your nipples between his fingers causes you to moan against his lips. Leonard take the change to slide his tongue in your mouth, moaning as well as you start to grind against him.

Leonard breaks the kiss, moving to your neck and for some reason, your thoughts start to flood your mind. 'What if I’m not good?…what if I can’t fit him?…what if he’s just using me for sex?’

Sensing this, Leonard stops, his gaze moving up to yours. “What’s wrong Y/N?” He ask, looking at you with concern. You bite your lower lip. “Are you sure about this?” You ask softly, avoiding his gaze. Snart titles his head. “Y/N, are YOU sure about this?” He ask back, noticing the expression on your face.

“I-I just don’t want this to be a one time thing.” You let out with a sigh before covering your face. “Oh God this is embarrassing. I must sound so needy.” You say out loud, more to yourself than him.

Snart stares at you in confusing before he chuckles. “Trust me, if this was a one time thing, I would of already fucked you and left.” He says calmly, removing your hands from your face gently. “But I didn’t, because I know that you deserve way better than that.” He says, kissing your already swollen lips. “I’m not going anywhere for a while.” Leonard states. “So just lay back and relax.”

All you can do was nod your head because you actually believe him. Leonard smirks before going back to attacking your neck, causing you to close your eyes in pleasure. His lips move down from your neck to your chest, kissing over your breasts before his tongue flicking over your sensitive nipples, making you moan louder.

He takes the hint and keeps going. Sucking and licking on your nipples while his other hand holds onto your waist, keeping your in place as you were trying to get some friction between the two of you.

“Leonard, I need you now.” You say, panting as he lifts up his head with a smirk. He starts kissing down your body more, making you arch your back while he licks and nibbles down. Without warning, you feel him devouring your wet sex, making you cry out loudly in pleasure. He licks, suck, and nibbles on your throbbing clit and wet folds, his roughness only turning you on more. He takes your legs and places them over his broad shoulders as he moves his tongue inside you, making you moan his name out in pleasure, which only encourages him to continue his assault on your sex. Not expecting him to be rough but you love it. Soon, Snart brings a finger up, sliding it inside your tight opening, causing you to dig your nails in her shoulders. Hard. He insert another one, pumping his fingers in and out of you while he continues sucking on your clit. “Come on Y/N, cum for me.”

It doesn’t take long before you’re crying out his name and cumming against his lips and around fingers. Leonard laps up all your juices before leaning up, sight of him licking your lips makes your body shakes. “Someone’s in a hurry.” Snart says with a smirk licking his fingers clean before leaning down and kissing you on the lips, making you taste yourself for the first time. In one swift move, Snart has his pants and boxers off, his cock standing thick and hard. You can’t help but lick your lips as you watch him get back onto the bed, getting in between your legs.

“You sure about this Y/N? We don’t have to go any further if you don’t want too.” Leonard ask, his intense eyes staring at you, his thumb gently rubbing on your lower lip and you heart beings to swell from him being so care and gentle. Another thing you weren’t expecting from him.

You lean up, kissing Leonard on the lips. “I’m sure, I want it to be you.” You whisper before kissing him again, feeling the tip of his cock pressing against your opening. Slowly, he slides inside you, moving gently to avoid moving to fast yet. Leonard gives you one hard thrust, breaking your hymen. You wince loudly against his lips and he stops, not moving as he lets you adjust to his size.

You both stay still and just kiss each other, his tongue dancing over yours as the pain soon turns into pleasure. You wrap your legs around his waist to pull him in closer. “Move.” You whisper between kisses.

“You sure?” Snart ask, looking down at you. You only nod your head, thrust your hips up a little as a sign that you want to keep going. Snart soon starts moving his hips slowly, getting a steady pace going as he start trusting in and out of you.

“Harder.” You hear yourself moan but he listens, speeding up his pace as his hips crash into yours until you’re seeing stars. You cry out his name loudly as your orgasm hits you but he doesn’t stop his rough pace and soon you find yourself on the verge of cumming again. You feel your walls clenching tightly around his cock as he lets out a deep growl that quickly sends you over the edge and soon his own release as well. Snart slows his pace down to a stop, his lips kissing and nibbling on your neck while you both pant out in pleasure.

“That was amazing.” You say breathlessly. You feel Leonard smirk against your neck, his hands moving up and down your thighs. “How about a shower to clean you up?” He asks, biting on your ear playfully. You let out a weak 'mhm’ before Snart pulls out of you slowly, picking you up caveman style and carrying you to your bathroom.

“This so unnecessary.” You says with a giggle as he carries you. He gives you a firm slap on your ass causing you to yelp. “Shut up.” He says sarcastically.

Snart puts you down and turns to get the shower going when you notice nail marks on his back. You can’t help but blush to yourself, knowing that you’re the one to leave them there. Soon, you’re both in the shower with you standing in front of Leonard while the hot water coming over you.

Leonard wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you towards him. “How are you feeling?” He ask in a low tone, his lips kissing against your ear. You smile, turning around in his arms. “Better now.” You says “Sorry about your back.” You says, thinking about the scares you left there. Leonard smirks at you. “Don’t worry about it. I actually like them. It lets me know that I’m making you feel good.” He states boldly.

You feel a smile form on your lips. “Well, I hope this isn’t the last time you do.” You say softly. Snart grabs your chin gently, making you look up at him. “I meant what I said earlier, I’m not going anywhere. So get used to me being around more offend.”

You bite you lower lip before looking up at him, pressing your lips against his. What started out as an innocent kiss soon turns into a full make out session with your back pressed against your shower walls.

You soon break the kiss, needing to catch your breath. You look at Snart, seeing the lust returning to his eyes. You can’t help but giggle. “Round 2?” You ask,raising your eyebrows.

Snart gives you his famous smirk. “Round 2.”
Annnnddd there we have it folks. Sorry it’s took me longer than I expect to get this put up but what can I say, work!! I To the Anon who requested this, I hope that you enjoyed it and I look forwards to anymore request you want to send in!!!


Request:  If requests are open…Imagine seeing Leonard dressed as a cop for a mission (cause oh my lord)

“W-What are you wearing?” you stammer, your eyes wide with shock as you attempt to take in the perplexing sight in front of you.

“What does it look like?” Leonard cuts, his displeasure at the outfit more than apparent as he anxiously tugs at the collar of the uniform.

“It looks like you’ve completely changed your ways, that or become some opposite version of yourself” you shake your head in bemusement, attempting to come to terms with the sight… the rather good sight at that.

“Apparently I get to go undercover, as a cop,” he practically spits the last word.

“Lucky me” you breathe, taking in the sight in the hopes of searing it into your memory for the rest of your days. There was no chance he would put up with wearing it again, but as your mind traced back to when he had had to wear a military uniform for a previous mission, you knew just how damned important it was that you never, ever forget that sight.

“You like it?” Leonard spins to face you, a smirk beginning to play at the corners of his lips.

“Put it this way,” you start, sidling your way up next to him as you correct his tie, your own smirk making it’s way onto your face. “If you keep that on when you get back, I can assure you one hell of a night.”

Soulmates (Leonard Snart x Reader)

Just a cute little (longish?) fic for my favorite thief!

Trigger Warnings: Abuse, and Swearing

Originally posted by weridght

You didn’t believe in soulmates, well you sort of did, but not really. The whole thought that the words that were etched onto your body somehow meant that you would be together forever was idiotic. While all your friends gushed about how they dreamed of meeting the one, and imagined what they would say when they heard their words, you sat in the back pretending that you didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

Maybe you would like soulmates more if your parents had worked out, if your father had gone into a drunken stupor and beat your mother so badly she became paralyzed for the rest of your life. Maybe if your mother didn’t keep you awake at night with the tears she didn’t want to shed in front of you the idea of being with someone forever wouldn’t seem so terrifying. Maybe if the words “I ain’t a hero.” weren’t in big block letters over your heart you would believe in fairytale endings and happily ever after.

But that wasn’t your life, that wasn’t your destiny. You would probably end up with someone as drunk and useless as your father, so you put a wall around your heart. You would be ready when you rejected your soulmate and ran away as fast as you could.

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Originally posted by coldsflash

Leonard Snart x Reader


Prompt: “ Could you do Leonard snart x reader where he and reader just got married and he’s still getting used to the idea of not being alone? “

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Stick To The Plan *SMUT*

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Leonard Snart x Reader
Request: (Anon) Any snart x Reader smut! That would be fabulous please xx
Prompt:  (Requested by Anon) Leonard snart prompt: “ I want you to wear these stolen diamonds while I fuck you before the cops get here”
Warnings: Smut galore

Every time Leonard took a job with you his head spun faster than a helicopter blade. The person you were always depended on who you were talking to and whatever it was that you wanted. You’d been everything from a badass to a vulnerable child-like woman with a new story for every situation. You had an infinite number of childhoods; your parents were happy, separated, fighting, abusive or six feet under. Your father had been  a lawyer, a construction worker, a crime boss or unemployed. Your mother had been an addict, a politician, stay-at-home mother or tart. You were an only child, the oldest of eight, brought up in a foster home or the heir to a fortune.

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anonymous asked:

Leonard snart x reader? Maybe some angst that ends in a happy ending of fluff and smut?

Sorry I took so long to get this done for you sweet anonymous human. There’s angst and fluff. Not really a smutty story, maybe a little titillation. Hope you like it if not I can try again.

Warning wise I’d say hints of an abusive ex. Hints of possible murder


Broken Door

      Huddled in an alley behind a dumpster, you had hoped your ex-husband hadn’t seen you. How was he able to find you? You scream when hands grabbed you.

     Familiar hands, friendly hands. “Wake up, kitten.” You stopped screaming. “You are having a nightmare.” The soothing sound of your friend’s voice. “Calm down or you’ll hurt yourself and me.”

     “Len?” He was so close to your face. Leonard looked concerned. “How’d you  get in?”

     “You were screaming. So I let myself in.” He was still in his parka, he and Mick must have been up to mischief. “I sent Mick to buy you a new door.”

     “You broke my door?”

     “As I said you were screaming, I let myself in.” What he didn’t say was that he was worried. But it was there in his tone. He took off his coat and and hung it on the doorknob of your closet door. Leonard sat down on the bed and sat quietly a bit before speaking, “He won’t ever hurt you again.”  

     You never asked what they did to him to make him leave. In the back of your mind you knew he was dead and that your friends had something to do with it. “I know.” You wrapped your arms around Leonard needing that human contact, he tensed up.

     Leonard was never really a hugger, he was hesitant about returning the hug. But he didn’t want you to pull away, so he pulled you into his lap and hugged you close breathing in your scent, committing it to memory. You were suppose to be his, he let you slip away and you came back, but he kept hesitating. “You never should have been with him, (y/n).”

     “I know that, now.” You whispered softly. You were where you wanted to be for so long, but even now his holding back was frustrating. “I’m not broken, Len. You won’t cut yourself on my sharp edges.”

       Leonard let out the breath he seemed to be holding. “Never said you were broken, kitten.” You pulled back slightly, letting him see your face. His eyes saying everything his voice wouldn’t say. “I won’t let anyone take you away from me again.” The words left his lips and you kissed him. He ran a hand through your hair, then took control of the kiss. Feeling lightheaded you broke the kiss.

       “Promise?” A whispered question as you shifted in his lap causing Leonard to moan involuntarily.

       “Yes.” he knew better than to do such things, make promises, but he couldn’t refuse. You bit your lip and Leonard leaned back in to steal another kiss. His soft chuckle as he realized you were trying to undo his pants, “What are you doing, kitten?”

       “Helping you get comfortable.” You tugged at his shirt to free it from his pants.

       “Should I help you?” That amused look on his face when you nodded. In one swift move he pushed you off his lap back onto the bed. You had let out a little yelp when he did that, “What other cute little noises do you make, (y/n)?” Leonard yanked off his shirt.

        “Pants, too.” he chuckled at that.

        “Seems a bit unfair, me stripping down while you keep on your clothes, kitten.” He let his pants fall to the floor.

        “Then come take them off me, Len.” You let out a squeal when he jumped on the bed. You tried to roll out of reach but he was too fast for you. Giggling as he straddled you to keep you from escaping.

        Leonard reached down and slowly started unbuttoning your top, “No Bra?” He arched an eyebrow at you. He shifted so you could sit up, slipping off your shirt, before pinning you down. “Do you really want this, (y/n)?” That hesitation again.

       “Do you, Len?” You bit your lip again, afraid he’d pull away. He seemed to make up his mind because he brought his lips close to your ear, the warmth from his breath caused a reaction in your body.

         “I’ve always wanted this, kitten.” gentle kisses along your neck, gasping when he bit your neck, it wasn’t a hard bite, just enough to elicit the response he desired to hear. “Do I keep going?”

         “Please.” Just one word and he used a hand to lightly caress along your ribcage slowly inching it upwards until he cupped one of your breasts in his hand. Leonard ran his thumb over a nipple watching as it stiffened with each pass of his thumb. He did the same to your other breast, smiling at the little soft whimpers you made.

         He captured your lips again, he pinched a nipple and you let out a yelp that was quickly swallowed with his kiss. His tongue sliding against yours as he let his hand trail slowly down your chest, coming to rest on your stomach. You wanted his hand to go lower, “Should we keep going, kitten?” Leonard asked as he broke the kiss, you nodded. “Words.”

        “Yes.” The word barely audible. That hand slowly sliding below the waistband of your panties. And then there were footsteps, Leonard rolled off you pulling the blanket over you as he glanced around looking for a weapon.

       Mick stopped in the doorway, “Got the door.” He glanced at the scene before him, “I’ll go wait out here then.”

       “Yes, you should probably do that.” Leonard said flatly. “Close the bedroom door as well.” Mick shut the door, you could both here him chuckling as his footsteps faded. “Damn.” Leonard let out a sigh. “Raincheck?” You sat up letting the blanket slide off you, giving an innocent smile, Leonard didn’t even bother to look away. “That’s not very nice, kitten.” He grabbed you, pulling you close so he could kiss you, running his hands through your hair, deepening the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck, your breasts pressed against his chest.

      “You need to go fix my door, Len.” He pulled away reluctantly, “you can sleep here tonight.”

      “There won’t be much sleeping tonight, (y/n).”

       I hope that’s a promise.” All you got was a smirk as he left the room.