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Requested: By myself

Pairings: Leonard McCoy/Bones x Reader

Warnings: A bit of a suggestive ending, but even that is pushing it a bit…

Word Count: 1,059

Summary: Y/N is Bones’ long time girlfriend, except no one on the team has been told yet. When she goes to meet him once the Enterprise is at base, there is a bit of confusion.

A/N: I am really, really happy with this one, and I hope that you guys like it too! Star Trek is one of my favorite franchises of all time, and I am so happy to be able to contribute to such a great fandom on my blog. Feel free to send any requests (Star Trek, or anything else) to my askbox!

You couldn’t believe that the day was finally here. When you had said goodbye to him, you knew that it would be hard to go months without seeing him, but you hadn’t expected it to be so devastating. You were lonely without him. You missed his strong arms around you, you missed his voice, calming you, comforting you when you had a hard day. You missed waking up next to him, day in and day out.

But all of that didn’t matter anymore. Because Leonard McCoy was back, and you were going to hold him in your arms and never let him go again. Well, that is until he had to go back into the cold, unforgiving entity that was space. But that didn’t matter right now. What matters right now is that in a few minutes, your best friend and the love of your life would be in your arms. At least, you had thought that for the better part of an hour.

You were tapping your foot anxiously, glancing at the hallway. You knew that there was a reason that he was running late. The ship might have been delayed while boarding, or someone might have needed medical attention before he could get off of the Enterprise. You tried to comfort yourself with small things that could have kept him, but all of the times that trouble had managed to find him made you doubt that he was fine.

After all of the awful situations that he and the crew had gotten into over the years, the possibility of him getting hurt was always very real for you. You took a deep breath, and stood up, telling yourself that it would be okay if you allowed yourself to pace just a bit.

You could tell that you were starting to worry some people around you when an elderly couple came over and offered you a tissue for the tear that had leaked out of your eye without you realizing what had happened. You thanked her, quickly wiping it away before glancing at the hallway.

You couldn’t help the grin that broke out on your face when you saw a group of crew members making their way towards the atrium. You could barely keep yourself from sprinting towards him. Thankfully, there were a lot of people milling around in the open space. Although you were happy that the new base was successful, you could only wish that they were not standing directly in your path.

You tried to maneuver around the as politely as you could. You were a bit embarrassed to admit it, but you were starting to get frustrated. “Lenny!” you shout, hoping that people might clear the way if they realized what was going on. Thankfully, the people around you seemed to get the message, trying to move out of the way.

The minute that Leonard laid eyes on you, his face broke into your favorite smile in the entire world. You tried to control yourself, but after a few steps you broke out into an honest-to-goodness sprint. Leonard simply shook his head and opened his arms.

You grinned as you launched yourself into his arms, finally feeling whole again as his arms encircled your waist. You threw your arms around his neck, stroking the nape of his neck where his hair ended.

“I missed you.” you said quietly, fighting back happy tears, dreading the moment when you had to let him go. You knew that it was going to happen sooner than you wanted it to.

“I know darlin’,” he said quietly, taking a deep breath, savoring the moment.

Entirely too soon, you felt him pulling away. As much as you hated to admit it, you were glad that he pulled away, because you could have stayed in his arms for the rest of eternity.

“Well, who might this be?” the man you knew as James Kirk asked, leaning forward with a smirk plastered on his face.

“This is my girlfriend, Y/N,” he said, wrapping an arm around your waist, wanting to keep you close.

“What do you mean your girlfriend?” Kirk asked, seeming to come from a genuinely confused place, rather than a hateful place.

“I don’t see what was so hard to understand,” Leonard replied. You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. You weren’t surprised that he hadn’t told anyone about you. You had hardly told your best friend that you were dating. With him being gone for so long, the two of you never knew what was going to happen. But the two of you loved each other, and that was enough.

“I can understand Jim’s confusion, if I may interject,” Mr. Spock said, glancing between the two of you. “While you are a private person, a significant other is something that is a very large secret to come from your crewmates and friends.”

“Well, Mr. Spock, I don’t know what to tell you.” While Leonard sounded calm, you could see him clenching his jaw. His arm was tightening around your waist.

“I have to agree,” Uhura said, stepping up beside Spock. Now, he was angry.

You could feel the anger rolling off of him in waves. As much as you appreciated him standing up for your relationship, whatever it was, you didn’t want to waste time on him explaining everything to his friends.

You rolled your eyes, grabbing Leonard’s collar and capturing his lips with your own. you could feel his surprise melt away, before responding in earnest. You had to force yourself to pull away, holding in a laugh at the bewildered look on his face.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N, Leonard is my boyfriend, and if you will excuse us, we have a lot of catching up to do,” you said, taking Leonard by the hand and turning towards the room that you had acquired while staying on the base.

You allowed yourself a small smile after you turned your back to the group and heard Uhura say, “I like her,” before the group dispersed, each going their separate ways.

“That was a bit dramatic,” Leonard said, glancing down at you.

“What can I say, they were taking entirely too long, and we have a lot to fit into a small window of time,” you said with a grin, before pulling him into the bedroom, locking the door behind you.

The Eve Of  A New Year.

Pairing: Leonard x reader

Cast: Leonard, Y/N,  Uhura, Jim, Spock, and Scotty

Titled: The Eve Of A New Year 

Word Count: 2,194

Warnings: language (very minor), Star Trek feels, Leonard fluff, Bones feels etc. 

A/N: 2017 is not that far off my friends and who wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve with your favorite characters from Star Trek. And I know today is not New Years Eve but still.  

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Ah New Years. 

The Star Fleet had you and the rest of your main crew stationed on the star ship, Enterprise have the weekend off. Even though, you were on a five year mission you still got a few days off in between. You spent all of the time throughout the year together but you still wanted to celebrate the fact of the new year, together. There was no one else you would rather be with it. 

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Goodnight Kiss (a McCoy x Reader ficlet)

      Ok, seeing as I’ve read this ficlet to death making sure there were minimal to no errors, I believe it is finally ready to go up! I wrote this as just a small treat before I head off to bed, and because Star Trek has really been striking my muse with inspiration lately- maybe because of all the posts I’ve seen with the recent birthday and all. Plus, Leonard McCoy is just my favorite source of inspiration ever.
      So please enjoy this small treat with your night!

Rated: For all ages

      It was one of those nights that you notice Leonard crawling himself into bed. You had already been waiting up with a book for him get off shift and join you, and you could already tell what kind of day he had as he came into his quarters without saying a word. He looked worn down to his core, slowly stripping off his uniform and letting it just drop to a heap on the floor. Not even bothering to put on pajama pants, he flops himself onto the bed, reaching out to grab you from your side of his bed to spoon you in a tight embrace.
      “How was your day darlin’?” he whispers against your neck. You smile at the feeling and back yourself further into his warmth, pressing yourself (maybe not so innocently) against his frame.
      “My day was alright. ‘Worked with engineering to get a lot of repairs done to the equipment in the labs after our last run-in with the Klingons, and even got to do some make-up work on my experiments to get them back up to speed.”
      “That’s great baby,” he says, giving you a light peck on your shoulder over his t-shirt. You turn over to look at his face, seeing how hard he was trying to keep his eyes open. You give that tired face a sweet peck on the nose and gently smile at him.
      “I know you’ve had a long day at work so if you’d rather sleep than tell me about your day, I understand.” He gives you a toothy grin at that.
      “Indeed I am; glad you noticed. Goodnight sweetheart,” he says, giving you a gentle peck on the lips before returning to holding you. You start to feel yourself drift off into his warm embrace when a thought suddenly invades your mind.
      “Oh, before I forget! Scotty wanted me to ask you if you still had that good bottle of brandy in your stash. He wanted to trade you for some of the Argelian Ale he was gifted by that brewer on shore leave.” McCoy gives a snort to that.
      “Tell him when you see him next that he couldn’t get that brandy from me for that bottle of ale AND his best cow,” he says, giving you another peck on the corner of your mouth before returning to his cuddling of you. You chuckle at his figure of speech, your mind letting it soak in until another important thought comes to you last second.
      “And,” you speak up again. “We gotta remember to bring your mother’s recipe over to Uhura in the morning for that next diplomatic lunch-in with the Admirals on Starbase Boltzmann,” you say as a reminder to you both.
      “Ok darlin’,” he sighs, lifting your face to peck you quickly on the lips with a smack and telling you goodnight again. But you didn’t truly hear him as your mind was still unwinding.
      “Also, Leonard—”
      “I said, goodnight darlin’,” he says with an assertive tone, giving you a quick but firm kiss on the lips before he rolls over on his other side to sleep. You sit up in bed for a moment, staring at his back and feeling upset with his tone at you and your own pestering mind. But before you engage him to discuss it further, your mind recalls other times that through grumpy moods like this he insists on kissing you goodnight, and a question instead comes to mind.
      “Hey Leonard, why do you always end the night with kissing me?” It takes him a beat longer than normal to respond that you worry that you’ve offended him, but a part of you just wanted to know where that ritual in particular came from.
      He peeks at you from over his shoulder. “Because I like to end my days on a good note. You got a problem with that, darlin’?” You stare down at him, love filling your chest and you cuddle up closer to him to peck him on the lips.
      “Of course not. Goodnight Leonard.”

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Our Choices - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous. I took the vows from ones I found on pinterest.

“I can’t believe my daughter is getting married,” your mother said, enveloping you in a bone crushing hug. 

“Neither can I,” Jim said under his breath. She pulled away and slapped his arm. 

“You just wish you were as happy as Y/N,” she said, pulling you both into the house. You looked over at Jim with a smile and he raised an eyebrow at you.

“Yeah, but her best friend is Scotty. He’s not my type,” he said, flopping down in his favorite chair. 

“Are we still acting like I stole your best friend from you?” you said, sticking out your hip.

“You did steal him from me.”

“Uh huh.” Your mother rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I haven’t seen the two of you in nearly a year and this is how you’re acting? Jim, your sister is getting married, try to be happy for her.” Jim sighed and sat up, throwing an arm around you.

“I am happy for her. I’m glad she and Bones found each other.” You smirked and kissed his cheek.


“Jim’s nickname for Leonard,” you explained. Your mother nodded her head and hugged you both again.

“I’m just so glad you’re home,” she said. “Oh, Y/N, I have something to show you. Come up stairs with me.”

“No surprises for me?” Jim asked. You smacked his stomach and followed your mother up the stairs. 

“I can’t wait for you to meet Leonard.” She smiled at you and gave your hand a squeeze.

“Me too. When is he getting here?”

“He went to Georgia to see his family.”

“They are coming aren’t they?” she asked, opening the door to your old bedroom. You looked around the room, noticing that your mother had redecorated.

“Yes, they are,” you said, touching a chip in the wall from a doll you threw at Jim when you were growing up. “His parents are, and a few others.” 

You turned back to your mother and she smiled at you widely. You laughed awkwardly and looked around the room once more. 

“I really love what you’ve done with the room, Mom. But you didn’t have to show me privately.”

“That’s not why I brought you up here.” 

“Oh,” you said, sitting down on the bed. She walked towards the closet and looked back at you once more before opening it. You let out a gasp as you took in the gorgeous gown hanging in front of you.

“Mom,” you said, standing up and touching the intricate flowers sewn into the dress. “I didn’t know you still had this.”

“I could never get rid of it,” she said, smiling at the gown. “You don’t have to wear it, Y/N. I just thought I should offer it to you. No one else is going to wear it.”

“Mom,” you said, taking her hand. “I would love to wear it.” She smiled and took the dress off of the hanger.

“Try it on.” You took it from her and walked into the bathroom. 

“Mom?” you called a moment later. She walked into the room, already beaming. “Can you help me with the zipper?”

“There you go,” she said, pulling the zipper up and clasping it shut. You turned to face her and saw tears forming in her eyes.

“Mom,” you said before hugging her tightly. 

“You look so gorgeous. Your father would have loved to see you in this,” she said. You wiped away a tear and turned to look at yourself in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly, just like you imagined it would when you were young. 

“Thank you so much, Mom.”

“Hey, darling,” Leonard said, spinning you around in his arms. He set you down and you kissed him.

“I’ve missed you,” you said, taking a bag off of his shoulder. “Where are your parents?” you asked, looking into the cab.

“They stayed a day later in Georgia. They’re trying to convince my grandmother to come.” You grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I would love that.”

“Plus, I didn’t want the both of us to meet each other’s parents on the same day.”

“Are you nervous?” you asked, looking up at him. He swallowed and shot you a look.

“I just want to make a good impression.”

“Leonard, my mom is going to love you. Oh, there she is,” you said, pointing up towards your home. You notice Leonard clench up and stopped him. 

“Hey,” you said, putting a hand on his face. “My family will love you, and if they don’t, I don’t care. I love you.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss you softly.

“I love you, too,” he said, continuing his walk towards the house. Your mother met you halfway up the driveway and immediately hugged Leonard. He laughed and looked up at you with a smile.

“It’s so good to finally meet you,” she said, looking up at him. “I’ve heard wonderful things.”

“You too, ma’am. Y/N always talks about you.”

“All good things, I hope,” she said, taking one of his bags.

“We can get it, Mom.”

“I know you can,” she said, holding open the door for the two of you. “But I don’t need to be waiting for the two of you to haul all of his things. We have a wedding to get ready for.”

“Oh really, who’s getting married?” Jim asked, walking into the room. 

“Jim,” Leonard said with a smile.

“Hey, Bones,” he said, giving his best friend a hug. “How’re your folks?”

“Good. They’re excited.”

“We are too,” your mother said. She linked an arm with Leonard’s and dragged him across the room. She stopped at the stairs and turned towards the both of you. “Now, your room is the first door on the left-”

“Mom, we can share a room,” you butted in. She looked back at you and rolled her eyes.

“Maybe for tonight, but you can’t see each other on the wedding day.”

“Which is two days away,” you said, linking your hand with Leonard’s. “I promise, I’ll kick him out the night before.”

“Fine. You two get settled in, but make sure to be down in an hour. We have a lot to go over.”

“Yes, ma’am.” You pulled Leonard up the stairs and brought him into your childhood bedroom.

“Sorry about her,” you said, running your hands through your hair. Leonard chuckled and shook his head. 

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. She’s great.” You leaned up and kissed Leonard, deeply this time, like you had wanted to do for the past couple of days. 

“I’m so glad you’re here.”

“So am I. Five days apart is too long.”

“I agree. I miss the rest of the crew, too.” Leonard put his hand on his heart and grimaced.

“Wow, that hurts.” You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“In a different way. I saw an abandoned ship on the road a few miles back and wished I could take it back to Scotty.”

“He’ll be here.”

“Yeah, but not to take apart a ship.”

“Oh yeah, what is he coming for?” Leonard asked with a smile. 

“Hmm,” you said, laying back on your bed. “I’m not sure.” Leonard laid on top of you and kissed you softly.

“Huh, I wonder if it has to do with our wedding?”

“Ya know,” you said, sitting up on your elbows. “You might be right.”

“I love you,” Leonard said with a laugh.

“I love you, too.”

“Mom, please stop crying,” you said, fighting back tears of your own. She sniffed as she helped pin the veil in your hair.

“I can’t help it! My baby is getting married.”

“I know,” you said, looking up at her. Her hand brushed your cheek and she kissed your forehead.

“You look absolutely stunning.” 

“Thank you.” You sat down at the mirror and finished touching up your makeup. You heard knocking at the door followed by a ‘wow.’

“Jim,” you said, sitting up. He smiled at you and you could see him fighting off tears.

“Y/N, you look beautiful. Bones is a lucky man.” You hugged your brother. 

“How’s he doing?” you asked, slipping on your shoes.

“He’s good,” Jim said. “Are you ready?”


“Okay, honey,” your mom said, coming over to you. “I’m gonna go out there. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Okay,” you said, taking a deep breath.

“I love you.”

“Love you, too.” When the door closed you went back over to your mirror, fixing the veil once more. “Thank you, Jim.”

“For what?”

“For walking me down the aisle. And for being so supportive of Leo and I.”

“Of course, Y/N,” he said, pulling the veil over your eyes. “Are you ready?”

“I think so,” you said, taking your bouquet from him. He held out his arm and you linked arms with him. You walked down the steps of your back porch and could see everyone standing already.

“I promise you,” Jim whispered. “Bones is much more nervous.” You smiled at him and began walking towards the grassy aisle covered in flower petals. Your eyes met with Leonard’s and you saw him wipe a tear away. You laughed, fighting off tears of your own. 

When you reached the end, Jim shook Leonard’s hand before giving him a hug. Leonard held out a hand for you and you followed him up to the front. 

“Hi,” he said quietly.

“Hi,” you said with a smile. Staring into Leonard’s eyes, you barely registered anything that the minister was saying. The only thing you heard was him mention something about vows. Leo gave your hand a squeeze before taking a deep breath.

“Y/N, I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. And when we’re together, my past seems worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently I might never had met you. 

“My past is all worth it because you’re my future. I can’t wait to experience every choice, regret, heartbreak, happiness, and love with you. I am so grateful that I get to love you for the rest of my days.” You wiped away a few tears of your own and took a breath.

“Leonard, I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe that we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway.

“And I’d choose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you. And I’d choose you.” Leo was crying a lot more now and you let more tears slip from your eyes.

When you exchanged rings and the minister finally pronounced you husband and wife, you fell into Leonard’s arms. He dipped you down as he kissed you passionately. When he whipped you back up, you looked out onto the crowd of your friends and family.

Everyone was smiling and clapping and you looked up at Leonard. He took your hand in his and led you back down the aisle, to boldly go where neither of you had gone before. Together.

ily: I love you 

ilysm: I love you so much

itgtampotmetpaiaotutmmgltaiaotapmoooeouddtonk: In this galaxy there’s a mathematical probability of three million earth type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us. Don’t destroy the one named Kirk.

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Post 10 of your favorite characters from different fandoms, in no particular order, and tag 10 different people.

1. Renee Minkowski from Wolf 359
2. Grover Underwood from Percy Jackson
3. Leonard McCoy (Bones) from Star Trek
4. Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird
5. Sammy Stevens from King Falls AM
6. Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events
7. Mulder from The X-Files
8. Chandler Bing from Friends
9. Chloe Price from Life Is Strange
10. Rue from The Hunger Games

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Name: Also Sarah. It gets difficult because I live with that one ^ who is also a Sarah

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw sounds like dreamz

Favorite Color: Yellow!

Favourite Animal: I don’t really have one…

Time Right Now: 01:39 help

Average Amount of Sleep: Around 6-7 hours

Cat or Dog Person: Cat. Moggo. Meow. (I miss my cat wahh ;-;)

Favorite Fictional Characters: Sherlock (BBC Sherlock), Leonard McCoy (Star Trek), James from Team Rocket (Pokemon), Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 under the duvet and one over the duvet. And a hot water bottle. I get cold in our cold cold flat.

Favorite Singer/Band: Um? I don’t know. I like lots and lots of music… I think the whole lore around the Gorillaz is really freakin cool.

Dream Trip: Somewhere in the alps with someone I care about where we can go for walks and enjoy the fresh air and drink tea

Dream Job: Something to do with Illustration would be Hella rad. Also an Opera singer.

Current Number of Followers: lol idk like 15 nobody loves me~

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: it never has. I am the Chaz Michael Michaels of tumblr.

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masterpost of my mckirk fics

I realized that I’ve never linked any of mckirk fics on here so I thought it would be better to post them all at once. some are canonverse, others are au’s. these are all complete. (I am boneswrites on ao3) bolded are my favorites!

1. Chasing The Stars: He never thought it would happen to him. Detective Leonard McCoy finds himself in a tight situation, stuck in a room with an impossible task. Meanwhile, his husband, writer Jim Kirk, has no idea what happened to him. Leonard’s team must fight against time to find him, and everything is not what it appears to be. (AU, mature rating)

2. Defy the Stars: Believing that his husband, Leonard McCoy, had died in a shuttle crash on his way to offer medical assistance to the people of a Federation planet under attack, Jim Kirk resigns from Starfleet, giving up his stripes and his ship, and heads home, to Iowa, alone and broken, with nothing but the overwhelming guilt alive inside him. Space nothing but his now haunted memories.Little does he know that he is in for the surprise of his life. (Canonverse, mature rating)

3. Sanctuary: The night before his birthday, and driven to his breaking point, Jim gets roughed up and returns to his shared dorm with Leonard, only to find it empty. Sick and tired of running to his best friend to fix him up, Jim takes things into his own hands and proceeds to make an even bigger mess of things. Leonard eventually gets him to speak and Jim can’t help but fall apart in the arms of the only person who ever cared about him, and Leonard puts him back together again. (Canonverse, general rating)

4. Medical, Confidential: Two years after he was revived, Jim stumbles onto footage of the process Leonard went through to bring him back. Shocked and caught off guard, without prior knowledge of what the doctor went through and what really happened to him, Jim confronts his best friend and once the truth comes out, the ball wouldn’t stop rolling. (Canonverse, general rating)

5. Pieces of a Puzzle: Helpless, Jim watches as the torpedo countdown goes down, threatening to bring his entire world crashing down with Leonard’s last words to him echoing on the bridge. What could have happened if Carol could not disarm the weapon, leaving Leonard alone in his last moments. Leonard is injured and Jim never leaves his side, giving the Captain time to think things through, make some calls to family and take life-altering decisions. (Canonverse, general rating)

6. Gateway to a Soul: It starts with Jim waking up Leonard in an unusual, yet welcomed way and things get heated. In the aftermath, and through a touch on skin, they are both led to reflect on their choice of lifestyle, which brings back painful memories, particularly for Jim; memories of a time when he nearly lost his man. (Canonverse, explicit rating)

7. drawing breath: A time when a personal agenda goes unnoticed by Jim Kirk and the Federation, resulting in the near loss of Leonard McCoy. This incident is referred to in “Gateway to a Soul” but this can also be read as a stand-alone. (Canonverse, general rating)

8. what’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it: Things you said with many miles between us: our son lost a tooth. Then Spock tells him: the Captain is listed as missing in action.And Jim has a crazy plan, which may or may not involve getting hurt. Leonard has never given up on Jim, he’s not about to start now. (Canonverse, general rating)

9. Accursed: Leonard has always been good at keeping secrets. Something that has to do with the doctor-patient confidentiality thing, he suspected. But when it came to how he felt towards Jim, it was more of a curse than a blessing. He suspected Jim knew how he felt about him, but he either didn’t feel the same way or simply didn’t care. Leonard may be an old soul but he certainly is no fool. And he did share a dorm with Jim at the Academy. ‘Monogamy’ was not among the young Captain’s vocabulary and that Leonard was sure of. There’s no way in hell he’ll be able to find out the truth….Until one day, he does. And of course, Jim Kirk has to get hurt and make it dramatic. (Canonverse, general rating)

10. Remembrance: Missing scene between the attack on Starfleet HQ and Spock contacting Jim telling him Scotty wants to see them, with a little fast-forward into the future after. Jim wanders around, disoriented and stumbles into Leonard. And Leonard comforts Jim and helps him deal with the loss, mourning together and Leonard manages to talk Jim off the cliff he so desperately wants to jump off. And together, they make some amends. (Canonverse, general rating)

11. Inbetween: Things you said under the stars and in the grass.Where the attack on Vulcan never happens. It’s the night before Jim and Leonard’s graduation and Leonard has decided to stay on Earth, accepting a job at Starfleet Medical. One thing leads to another, drawing both men to the place they so desperately want to be: together. (Canonverse, general rating)

12. Night Tremor: Jim wakes up in the middle of the night afraid of…well, himself and Leonard is left to put his broken pieces back together. Leonard stays strong for the both of them, but breaks apart inside. And somehow, through healing Jim, he heals himself as well. (Canonverse, general rating)

Everyone Has a Plan

Fandom: Star Trek
Characters: bones, Kirk
Relationship: bones/reader
Request: ANON; Can u do a Star Trek story where bones falls in love with the reader? He’s my favorite character :)
Authors note: I just kind of let my imagination take a hold of this, but of you want anything else, just ask :-) also, James T Kirk gets called James, Kirk and Jim here and Bones is McCoy, Leonard and Bones, just depending on who they are talking to :-)
Match maker Kirk.

“Damn.” Bones mutters to himself as he watches you walk from one side of the medical bay to the other, your hips swaying in the tight, white dress that teased him day in, day out.
You were working as his personal assistant, and he often found that you were the only sane person on the enterprise.
He tried to turn his attention back to the paperwork in front of him, but your laugher filled his ears as he glanced up to see you laughing with one of the nurses. He watched your lips move as you spoke. Those lips that looked so soft, so full and so kissable. He walked your beautiful [e/c] eyes sparkle as you enjoyed the conversation.
A lump seemed to form in his throat as he watched you from a distance as you twirl a strand of loose hair in your fingers while you uses your other hand to gesture and emphasis your story.
‘Come on. Work!’ Bones mentally slaps himself as he forces the pen to touch the paper and write a couple of words when his attention is draw back to you.
James Kirk had just walked into the medical bay and this made Bones frown. First, he shouldn’t be here because he is meant to be captain of the ship and in the bridge. Secondly, because he always flirts with you. Always.
As predicted, James walks over to you with a big grin on his face as the other nurse takes her jacket and leaves having finished her shift. You smile and laugh at Jame’s jokes as you attempt to go back to organising some papers that had been left lying around. You walk over to a spare counter and begin to do something Bones couldn’t see since you now had your back to him. James follows you and places a hand on the small of your back, making you jump and Bones blood boil. Bones watches as you shift uncomfortably and move away from James touch.
Realising he wasn’t going to get any work done, Bones sighs and put the paper in his drawer. Raising from his seat, he walks over to you and James to hear the end of a quiet discussion.
“Kirk, shut up, he’ll hear you.” You had whisper as you dig your elbow into his side.
“Hear what?” Bone asked as he stops a few feet away from you both, his arms crossed. You jump suddenly and spin around.
“Dr McCoy!” You stutter, your eyes are wide and there was a soft blush on your cheeks as you held your hands behind you back. Bones looks between you and the captain, shakes his head and leaves.
The way you were with him, the blush, the stuttering. You liked him.
Or so Leonard McCoy thought.
You watched him leave and you heart sank.
“What’s wrong?” Kirk asked you, his voice laced with concern as you turn to him with your head hanging. You shake your head and tried to walk past him but he grabs your arm and pulls you back to face him.
“[y/n], we’ve been friends for years now. I know when there’s something wrong.” He losses his grip on you but doesn’t let go completely.
“It’s nothing.” You shake him off and walk to the other side of the medical bay to fidget with some equipment in an attempt to look busy, but Kirk isn’t fooled.
“It’s Bones, isn’t it? Dr McCoy?” You don’t answer straight away, but the silence was getting too much to bear.
“It’s nothing, just a crush.” You shrug but Kirk gasps dramatically.
“I knew it.” He spins around and marches out of the medical bay, leaving you confused and shouting his name.
You hadn’t seen either Kirk nor Bones since the morning. You shift had finished but you had been called back to the medical bay by captains orders. Something about Kirk couldn’t find Bones. Had Bones heard Kirk teasing you about liking him? If so, why did he just leave? Was he embarrassed because he liked you back and didn’t want Kirk to find out? Or was it the complete opposite and he didn’t , meaning he didn’t like you back and didn’t really want to have that conversation where he rejected you? After all, you both worked so closely with one another than that sort of topic might change the way you worked together.
You mind was so clouded with thought that you almost didn’t hear the muffled voices coming from one of the hallways to your left.
“Why don’t you just tell her?” You heard Kirks voice and frowned. Who was he talking to, and who about? Curiosity got the better of you as you took a couple of quiet steps closer to the wall and sneaked along it till the opening of the hallway. You stayed hidden behind the wall as you listened.
“It’s not the simple, Jim.” Bones’ voice sounded tired, like he was bored of this argument and it had been going on for a while.
“How not? She likes you, you like her. It couldn’t be simpler!” Kirk reasons.
“How do you know she like me?” Bones spits.
“She told me.” Kirk states and then silence.
Footsteps echo off the walls as they head to the other way from you. Taking is as they were walking away, you peak around the corner and see Bones furthest away with his hands grasped behind his back and his head hanging. Kirk was looking after him as Bones stopped and turned to face his captain. You darted back behind the wall, certain he hadn’t seen you.
“[y/n] could never like me. She could never love me. Not the way I love her.” His voice was so strong and yet sounded weak upon speaking your name.
The footsteps continued and a second pair followed them leaving you alone with your thoughts.
————– early the next day—————-
You had a plan. It may not be a very good plan but it was a plan none the less.
After over hearing the conversation between Bones and Kirk, you half walked, half ran back to your room, your ears and mind still filled with Bones’ voice. He wouldn’t make the first move but maybe you could.
How though?
Last night, you had lost a great deal of sleep thinking and thinking and now you had you plan.
Walking through the the doors to the medical bay, you knew it would only be you and Bones on for the first 2 hours due to a mix up in shifts.
The man himself, was sitting at his desk with his back to you, hunched over some paperwork.
Taking a deep breath and walk towards him.
His head turns and his dark eyes fall on you when he hears the approaching footsteps. He mutters a quick hello and turns away again. You don’t say a word as you reach the back of his chair.
Reaching out your hands you place them on his shoulders, a couple inches away from his neck, and start to massage the area. You feel his whole body tense as he sat bolt up right at your touch. You hear him let out a shuddering breath but he doesn’t ask you to stop, nor does he resist you in anyway. So you continue.
You hands work their way across his broad shoulders and a couple of inches down his back, giving you full access to his neck.
Leaning over him, you lower your lips to the exposed flesh on the right of his neck and place 2 faint kisses. His breath hitches as his head falls to the left, allowing you better access. You press your lips to his skin again and smile against it as he lets out a faint, deep moan. Still massaging his shoulders, you continue to kiss and slightly suck on his neck.
“What. What are you doing?” His voice is rough and raspy as you glance up to see his eyes closed and his mouth hanging slightly open.
“You seemed tense.” You giggle against his skin as you go back to the task. He lets out a slight grunt and suddenly moves.
You barley get a chance to look up and he had rose to his feet and knocked the chair out the way. His hands grab your hips roughly and pull you forcefully against him. Falling forward, your gasp is silenced as his lips crash against you, kissing you passionately.
Letting out a faint moan, you kiss him back, matching his passion and you feel him turning you around and pushing you up against the desk. You hoped up onto the desk, never breaking the kiss as you spread your legs and allow Bones to take his place between them.
His right hand moved from your hip and came up to tangle its self in your soft hair as you parted for air.
Gasping, you rest your forehead against his. You hands rest on his chest as he leans back in for another kiss.
You both jump and Bones spins around while you look over his shoulder to see a rather scared Kirk.
“What?” Growls Bones, obviously annoyed at the interruption.
“This is a place of work. Get a room.” Kirk begins to laugh as Bones lets go of you and you jump down from the table, turning to see the papers scattered across the desk.
Glancing at Bones, you see his cheeks are glowing red and he is still panting slightly. No doubt now you got his blood raising.
“What do you want, Jim?” He sighs.
“I was going to come down here and help you get the girl, but looks like you got her yourself.” Kirk raises his eyebrows and smirks at you both.
“Kind of.” You mutter under your breath, carful Kirk didn’t hear you but Bones looks at you with a slight smile on the corner on his lips.
“I’m just glad my plan worked.” He stated smugly. You both stare at him in surprise.
“What plan?” You ask, taking a step forward. You had a plan, it was your plan and it had been working great.
“Last night, do you know how hard it was to get you close enough to hear Bones. I had to get Chekov to call you back.” Kirk shrugged. You stared at him in wide eyes as it clicked in your head. Last night, you and Bones had been set up.
“Well.” Kirk swings his arms awkwardly as he backs away and towards the door. “I’m going to go. Ship to run.” He turns and walks out the door, a proud smile on his face.
You turn to see Bones looking at you.
“You heard last night?” He asked. You nodded and he stepped towards you, his intents gaze made you shiver slightly. He nods at your nod and warps and arm around your waist. You smile as you lean up and gently kiss his soft lips, your hands snaking around his neck.
“That’s good.” He mutters against you lips. You lean back and look at him, cocking your head to one side. He laughs at your quizzical expression and presses another kiss to your lips but you keep your confused expression.
“I meant every word of in.” He whispers to you and you smile lovingly at him.
“I feel the same way.” You say, your fingers playing with the short hairs at the back of his head.
He smiles and kisses you again.

Favourite characters from 10 different fandoms!

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Wow this is going to be difficult…

1. Star Trek TOS: Leonard McCoy! This man is one of my most favorite characters of all times. His golden heart hidden by grumpiness… He is a doctor and nothing else and that’s why I love him. He’s totally passionate about things he believes in and his arguments are often so.. illogical? but he Believes in them and that’s what matters. His golden heart is in the right place.

2. Star Trek DS9: Julian Bashir. Another Star Trek doctor, sorry! I just happen to love them both. Julian is such a complex character, I think I’ve never had so many thoughts or headcanons about a fictional character ever before. There are some things about him that annoy me and MAN does he give me lots of second hand embarrassment! But that only makes him so much more human and you know what? I love it about him. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a character more. He makes so many mistakes, but he’s the best. Duuude, I just love him So Much. You see, I’m currently Very Into DS9, so he’s my current Favorite Character and I just have So Many Feelings aaaahhh. He’s so Excited about everything and he matures so much during the series… I love him.

3. The Lord of the Rings: ??? I said it was going to be difficult. Hmm… I love everyone. But I’ve always loved Faramir really much. Also, Pippin. So let’s say that it’s them. But maaan, no. Aragorn, Gimli… SAM. And everyone else. No. NO.

4. The Hobbit: BILBO BAGGINS. This hobbit. This very hobbit, man. What a brave person. What a character development. What a hobbit. Aaaahh. He’s perfect. Also, I really loved Fili from the movie version. Such a good older brother. :’)

5. X-Men: Professor Xavier! Such an amazing person. He has a school for mutant children to help them aaaa. And especially in the last movie. He’s so loving?? I love him.

6. Temeraire: Temeraire, the titular character. HE’S A DRAGON. ALSO LEVITAS. HE’S A DRAGON TOO. And John Granby. He’s a human, but an amazing one. And Laurence. He’s amazing too. I JUST LOVE THEM ALL. Oh and I really love Ferris. HOW CAN I CHOOSE?? But okay, let’s say Temeraire is the best. But the rest of them is almost as perfect.

7. Hamilton: Hmmm… Maybe Thomas Jefferson. But I have to mention Aaron Burr, whom I also love.

8. Ranger’s Apprentice: Halt! Halt is perfection, he’s my childhood hero. But I used to really love Gilan. Oh and lately I’ve had much affection for Crowley, my son. But yeah, Halt is my fave.

9. Les Miserables: Jean Valjean! He’s such a Good Person, I can’t. He’s a saint. I love him, how can anyone be that good? Oh and from the book, I love the bishop. What a character! And from the fandom versions of the Amis, I love Combeferre. I LOVE HIM.

10. Merlin: Merlin. He’s amazing and so selfless and aaaaaaaaa.

Your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms. Tag 10 people when you’re done!

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1. Leonard McCoy (Star Trek TOS&AOS)

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2. Finn (Star Wars)

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3. Sam Wilson (Marvel/MCU)

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4. El Beto (Metégol)

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5. Dorian Pavus (Dragon Age)

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6. Eggsy Unwin (Kingsman)

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7. Napoleon Solo (The Man From UNCLE)

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8. Cougar Alvarez (The Losers)

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9. Walter Mitty (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

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10. Cisco Ramone (DC/The Flash)

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100 Followers Celebration Day 7

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@mardi-gras-imagines I love her. She was the first person I read Pride imagines from and I fell in love with him. I have literally seen one episode of NCIS: NOLA but she just did him so well I couldnt stop. 

What got me hooked: You meet the newsest member of your husband’s team.  Her spouse!reader ones are fabulous. Except spouse!reader likes to run and get into trouble. 

Why I stayed: Pride basically. I apparently have a thing for much older men, who knew. 

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@outside-the-government So Leonard McCoy is basically king. And @outside-the-government does just a fabulous job writing him. She also write Malcolm Reynolds (again older man thing, I dont know) 

What got me hooked: So I am not really sure which one got my hooked. They are so fabulous. So just go check out her masterlist. But favorite is probably Every Soul A Twin. It has one of my favorite tropes: Soulmate AU!!

Why I stayed: CMO LOG!!! It is so amazing. And she picked so many different ailments!!! So definitely go read it. It will be sad when it ends.

Well thats it. Those are my favorites. I hope you have enjoyed my 100 followers celebration. And stay tuned because I am almost at 150 and I already have that celebration planned as well.