Night on the town, part 10

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2141

Warning: Umm nothing I can think of

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You slept that night with Jim’s words echoing in your mind.  There was no doubt that Leonard would be happy that you were pregnant but it would divide you further.  How would Leonard choose between his two children?  Thinking about it, hurt your heart.  By the time you woke in the morning you were still feeling as though you had not slept.  That could also be pregnancy and the first trimester fun your body was going through, either way you felt awful.  As you sat at the kitchen island staring into your tea, Jim stumbled into the kitchen mumbling something about coffee.  You pointed towards the coffee maker without a word.  There was not really anything to say.  As much as you loved Jim as a friend, you wished he would leave and let you suffer quietly.

He fumbled around finding a mug before filling it to the brim.  “You damn people making me lose sleep and getting up this damn early on my leave.“  A smirk appeared as you sipped your tea.  As miserable as you were you could not help it.  You and Leonard enjoyed Jim’s small miseries like this.  Pain stabbed through your heart, the smirk disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  “Stop looking like that.  All this would be better if you just went back to Georgia and talked to him.”

You sighed loudly, setting your teacup on the counter.  “I can’t Jim. You should just head back to Iowa and enjoy leave before it’s over.”  He groaned running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t understand this at all.  Why won’t you talk to him at least?  Why aren’t you fighting?  You two were made for each other.  I have never seen that man so happy in the entire time I have known him.  He is actually pleasant to be around now.” With a shake of you head you looked down at your folded hands on the counter.

“No you don’t understand. If it were another woman, I would fight. If it was anything else, I could fight.  I cannot fight against his child.  There is no fight there.  I would lose every single time.  Not that I would ever try. “  The more you thought about it, the more your heart hurt.  Tears welled up in your eyes causing you to sniff loudly.  Jim sighed walking over to you, wrapping you in his embrace.

“Don’t cry.  [Y/N] I am going to fix this somehow.  I can’t stand seeing you or him like this.”  You wanted to believe him with all your heart.

Leonard had barely slept in the almost week that you had been gone.  He was run down and exhausted though he tried to spend as much time with Joanna as he could.  The day before she was to return home with her mother, they were down by the river for a swim.  She had been quiet most of the morning as she studied her father.  He was withdrawn though he did make an attempt to smile and talk with her.  There were dark circles under his eyes and Joanna knew he had slept little recently. Her guilt was increasing by the hour as she saw the effect your absence had on her father.  After the stern lecture from Jim, she had been looking for a way to talk to Leonard.  However, she was afraid of how he would react.  Leonard sat up on the shoreline watching her trying to keep his mind occupied with something other than you.  He failed miserably.  Everything revolved around you or related to you in some way.  It only furthered his decent into the hell he was living.

When Joanna saw him rubbing his face again in frustration as he stood up on the shore, she knew she had to say something.  “Hey dad?”

“Yeah kiddo?  You all done swimming?”  She nodded as she walked slowly out of the water.  Her guilty conscience took all the fun out of her swim. Leonard gave her a half-hearted smile as he wrapped her in a towel to dry off.  

“Dad can I ask you something?”  He looked down at her with a curious gaze.

“You know you can ask me anything darlin’.  What’s on your mind?”  Joanna bit on her lip a moment as she looked down at the ground, holding the towel tight around her not only for warmth but also for strength.

“Are you gonna talk to [Y/N] again?”  Leonard sighed unsure how to answer.

“I don’t know.  I’m not sure she wants to talk to me right now anyway.  But don’t worry about it kid.  Your old dad will be alright.”  Ruffling her hair he tried to distract her from the pain he was feeling.  Joanna was smarter than that and did not buy it.

“Dad I am not a little kid. I know you are really sad.  I’m sorry I made her leave.”  She could not look at her father in the eyes.

“Aww honey you didn’t make her leave…”

“Yes I did.  I told her… I told her to leave or else I would tell you that she hurt me.”  The words had finally been said.  Leonard got very quiet for a moment before kneeling down to meet Joanna eye to eye.

“Joanna, I don’t understand.  Why would you do that?”  As she looked up to his face, she had tears in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry daddy. I thought… I thought you wouldn’t love me as much if you had her.  Mom said she would take you away from me.  I didn’t want her to take you away.”  By the end, she had been reduced to a sob.  He pulled her close and hugged her tight.

“Darlin’ you are my little girl.  No one could ever take me away from you.  You are one of the most important people in my life.  Don’t ever forget that.  Even though I love [Y/N], I still love you.”

“I love you too, dad” Leonard held her tight for several minutes before pulling back to look down at her.  

“Better?”  Joanna nodded as she wiped her face.  “Good.”


“Yeah kid?”  He put his arm around her as they walked in the direction of the house.

“I think you should talk to [Y/N].  She makes you happy.”

“She does make me happy. You would be okay with me being together with [Y/N]?”  Smiling up to her father, she nodded again.

“Yeah I think I am okay with it.  I like when you smile and are happy.”  

“I like it too. Joanna, I asked her to marry me.”

“I know.  I heard you and Gramma talking about it.  If you get married would you have another kid?”   The question surprised Leonard. He had not really thought about it. You and he had not talked about kids. He was not even sure you wanted children though he knew that you were all right with him and Joanna.  God he was an idiot for letting you leave.

“I don’t know sweetie. She may not even take me back.”

“I think she will.  I know she loves you.”  He ruffled her hair again as they walked into the house. Joanna ran off to clean up as Leonard stared after her.  He wondered if you could possibly forgive him.  Did he even deserve it?  He would try to contact you when Joanna went to sleep.  Even though everything in him wanted to fly to Maine at that instant and beg you to forgive him.  Nevertheless, he had to think about Joanna first.  Make sure she was all right before he could do anything else.  Then he could try to get in touch with you.

The next morning you had been busy in between bouts of nausea.  You had sent out several inquiries to local facilities regarding open positions.  It was starting to annoy you that Jim flat out refused to even talk about your resignation.  Anytime you brought it up, he would change the subject or completely ignore you. You figured it was how having a sibling felt.  But you had to think about your future and the future of your baby.  In his mind, everything would work out and did not want to hear otherwise.  While you had to commend him for the optimism, you did not think it was likely.  Your grandfather had not said much about the situation.  He was truly hoping that Jim would be able to salvage the relationship.  Though, he would support you no matter what happened. He left for the day, muttering something about damned Starfleet business.  This left you with Jim who had been on comm all morning with someone from the guest bedroom.  

You decided to just leave it and him alone to finish your day.  With the inquiries done, you had started to prep your old apartment in York Town to be transferred back to the ownership of Starfleet Command.  Your belongings would be sent back to Earth so that you would be completely ready for when Jim finally sent your resignation through.  The exhaustion hit quickly as you took a seat on your bed.  The nausea followed close behind.  It took little time for you to jump up to run to the bathroom to throw up yet again.  If there was any doubt of your pregnancy before, there was none now.  Jim cringed as he heard your retching from where he sat. As he stood to close the bedroom door, he heard someone ring the doorbell to the home.  You heard it at well in between heaves.

“Jim… can you please…”   There was no way to finish your statement as the remainder of your lunch made its return visit.  He got the gist of what you wanted and went to open the door. To his surprise Leonard stood there with a bad slung over his shoulder.  

“I wasn’t expecting you to open the door like this was your place, Jim.  Is [Y/N] here?”  Leonard looked as though he had been afraid of what the answer would be.  Instead, he was blessed with the sound of you vomiting loudly from down the hall.  “Is that her? What’s going on?”  

“Ummm… well… I think you need to go talk to her yourself.”  Jim pointed down the hall in your direction.  You had been far too busy to listen to the conversation in the hallway to even know who had shown up.  By the time Leonard made it to the bathroom, you were leaning your head against your knees wiping your mouth with a wet cloth.  

“Darlin’ are you all right? What’s the matter?”  That voice of his shocked you to the core causing your head to pop up quickly to look at him.  The motion caused your head to swim and your stomach to revolt forcing another wave of nausea.  You barely made it over the toilet before you began again.  Leonard kneeled down next to you, holding your hair and rubbing your back.  He did not say another word, letting you get sick in the quiet.  There was not a whole lot he could say while you were like this.

After another minute, you had finished that round.  Leaning back once more, you closed your eyes feeling around for the wet cloth again. Leonard handed it to you, giving you the time to clean up and calm down.  You were afraid to open your eyes but finally you did, looking up at his questioning face.

“You okay darlin’?” You shook your head biting your lower lip, afraid to open your mouth lest a sob escape.  “I’m sorry for everything.  Joanna told me everything she said.  She apologized to me.  At some point, she wants to apologize to you too. If you allow it of course.  I don’t want to lose you baby.  I’m an idiot for letting you leave.”

Those were the words you wanted to hear more than anything.  You crawled over to him and wrapped your arms around him.  Burying your face in his neck, you cried silently.  These tears were different from the ones before, they were happy tears.  

“I hope that means you forgive me.”  Nodding into his neck, you held tightly against him.  “That makes me so happy, [Y/N].  I love you so much.”   You pulled back to look him in the eye as you responded.

“Leonard, I love you. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, darlin’.  You going to tell me what’s going on with you?  Are you sick?”  A short hysterical laugh escaped your lips.  Leonard raised a brow.

“Not really sick.”

“Okay… then what?”

“Ummm I’m kinda… pregnant.” Leonard’s eyes went wide in his surprise.

“Preg… pregnant? Really pregnant?”  You nodded slowly as Leonard fumbled with the words. His silence following made your anxiety grow.

“Well damn it, woman. We are getting married today!”

(To be continued with part 11)

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anonymous asked:

almost dying in bones arms would include?

-Most likely this would happen while trying to save him
-Which would just make it a million times worse
-His first reaction would be to try and fix you
-You would start telling him how much you love him, because you could feel that this was the end
-He would ignore you as he started to stop whatever was happening to you from happening
-And you would have to grab his hands to stop him
-“I don’t have much more time, Leo, you have to listen to me”
-And then you would both confess your feelings for one another, in the midst of tears
-Although, he wouldn’t be so keen to let you go so soon
-And would keep doing whatever he could to save you
-He would pick you up and carry you to where you could get the help you needed
-He wouldn’t leave until he knew you were okay
-So when you were finally okay, he would hold you close and talk about how worried he was about you
-Although he didn’t want to admit it then because he didn’t want to admit that you were gone
-Lots of love and cuddling after it happened, and everything