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Scorch My Soul ~ Part 8

note: the last chapter, ladies and gentlemen! I have finally finished this piece that I started in March and, funnily enough, the last paragraphs of this fic were the first I wrote down. 16.400 words, all just to get to that ending. It’s been one hell of a ride and I’ve loved writing this, plotting it, planning it and I love, love, love all of your reactions and ideas and thoughts. Thanks, everyone, for reading and commenting and just loving this piece of fanfic as much as I love it.

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Jim leaves right after the baptism.

“Jim, honey, you just got here,” his mother says as she stands a bit forlorn next to the car, watching as Jim stuffs his bags in the trunk.

“And now I’m leaving,” he mumbles as he pushes his bag to the back of the trunk.

“Is it this man you met?” his mother asks and the frown on her face is even audible in her voice. “You’re going back, right?”

At the mention of Leonard, Jim feels a whole range of emotions bubble up inside of him. Anger, hurt, confusion, he hides it all in an irritated sigh as he closes the trunk with a loud click. “I would have left either way, mom.” He turns to his mother with accusation on his face. “You know that.”

Winona sighs. “I just hoped that we could make this work.”

“Me too, mom,” he whispers and turns his eyes to the front door where Frank stands, disdainful eyes resting on them. Jim sighs harshly and shakes his head. “Me too.”

He doesn’t have to say anything else.

His mother’s made her choice, Jim knows that.

It’s just unfortunate for him that that choice is the man standing in the doorway of what used to be a place Jim could call home, but those days have long since passed.

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The Artist and the Flatterer || McKirk-Tober Day #23

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McKirk-Tober Day #23 || Serial Killer

Title: The Artist and the Flatterer

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Relationship: McKirk

Warnings: swearing, a death happened, it’s dealing with a serial killer what do you expect from it?????

Summary: You know what they say about imitation.

Pre-A/N: Hooooooly shit I almost thought I wouldn’t get this one done. I had an exhausting weekend and to pair it with little sleep I was hoping I could get this done in time before I passed out. 

That being said, I dug into my hundreds of hours I’ve logged over the years watching Criminal Minds to write this. Originally I was going to write about sirens, but when I got to this day I just wasn’t feeling it. ‘Killers’ was on my list of potential stories, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I got this idea. 


McKirk-Tober Masterlist

Enjoy!! ♥

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