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I think that Sherlock/Sheldon and John/Leonard are a lot alike somehow. I mean, Sherlock and Sheldon are clearly both geniuses but yet so different… For example, Sherlock can read your whole lifestory just by observing your clothes, but Sheldon can’t even tell if you’re happy, sad, or angry. And Sheldon, who’s a brilliant physicist, knows everything about the functioning of the universe, but Sherlock doesn’t even know that the Earth goes around the Sun… Anyway, I would give anything to see a crossover between TBBT and Sherlock!!    

Do you ever go on google and type a celebrities’ name…

Then look at their age and go…

“Well… Our age difference isn’t THAT big. I mean… 15 years isn’t THAT much.”


Anyone else see this?

House and Holmes

Wilson and Watson

221B and 221B

House is a cold and distant man who hates his patient but is a brilliant doctor when it comes to treating them.

Holmes is a cold and distant man who hates…everyone but is a brilliant detective.

Wilson is a doctor whom is House’s only friend.

Watson is an army doctor whom is Holmes’s only friend.



ummm…HOW IS THIS NOT A THING THAT I HAVE SEEN ON TUMBLR YET? i am both disappointed in tumblr and ecstatic that i happened upon it.

i would like robert sean leonard and martin freeman and jason bateman to sit down and talk about their facial expressions for like an hour


Martin FreemanWho Do You Think You Are?

 Martin’s grandfather, Leonard Freeman, was a medic in the 150th Field Ambulance, and died in France on May 24, 1940, just days before the evacuation of Dunkirk.  Martin is meeting at Wenlock Barracks with Captain Peter Starling of the Royal Army Medical Corps to learn more about his grandfather’s death.

 Watch this documentary on Youtube.  Gifs cannot convey how incredibly moved Martin was by what he read and saw.

George Harrison in the Bahamas during the filming of Help!, 1965 - photographed by Robert Freeman

“I like this picture. And it’s only - the only one of that series. You know, usually you think you might have ten; just one. But, you know, he was a Pisces and he liked to be around water and he’s up to his neck in water. And I think that’s very apropos.” - Olivia Harrison, WNYC interview conducted by Leonard Lopate, 4 November 2011


The Stars of The Hobbit Read The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

THIS IS MY NEW FAVOURITE THING TODAY. OMG! I demand Benedict Cumberbatch’s full reading! Ahhahhaha! Evangeline, YOUR HAIR! <3