“my best friend got turned into a frog and now i’m being the best wingman/woman/person ever by carrying them around to bars and getting hot people to kiss them in hopes of hooking them up with their true love” AU

Omg tuckington and Church gets turned into a frog and Tucker is just smuggling him into clubs like a fucking pro

And Wash gets dragged to the club by his friends who think he needs a boyfriend

And he sees Tucker at the bar and decides to go over and awkwardly buy him a drink cuz he might as well

And Tucker sees him coming and is like “holy fuck he’s hot” and doesn’t even pay attention to frog!Church saying that he doesn’t like dudes so please don’t make him kiss this guy

And Wash comes up and is all “Hey would you like a dr–”

But before he can even finish the question he gets a mouthful of frog because Tucker freaks out

Both Wash and frog!Church are disgusted and eventually they find Tex and Church is human again but like Tucker pays for dates for like a month because he forced his boyfriend to kiss a motherfucking frog