leona young

The Barrel

We theorized that Mona Vanderwaals mom (Leona) was in the barrel. The past two episode confirmed that Mona has been away with her mom, which sort of debunks our theory. 

If Mona and Leona are alive, Bethany Young is in the grave, and Sara Harvey is also alive, it begs the question of who is in that barrel? It’s a possibility that nobody was actually in the barrel all along, but remembering back Peter Hastings did say there were bone fragments. BUT, were they bone fragments from a human, or from an animal (hint: a dead pig). It wouldn’t be the first time a pig has been used (e.g Wildens trunk, Alisons bedroom). We’re hoping the wait is worth finding out what is in that barrel!

F: who’s my favorite?

God I mean, they’re all my wretched trash babies, except Zi, who is Too Good, Too Pure, so, Zi probably.

I: who tends to idolize people they shouldn’t?

Man!  Tricky!  Weirdly enough this isn’t anybody’s particular flaw?  They all have their moments of not seeing other people clearly but no one super stands out.  Leona, I think.

R: who feels the most detached from reality?

Leooooona, like she learned this as a defense mechanism very young.  I mean they’re all Fucked Up, they all dissociate from time to time but Leona’s the one who can get the most carried away from reality in general.

E: who is the most emotive?

Out of the five I’m talking about tonight, Leona for sure.  She goes from most bottled-up to most expressive within like.  Minutes of being away from her family.