leona is sitting on her mother's back

Proud Mother

Mira frowned as she woke up in the giant bed, looking at Varotin and then around the room.

Leona had apparently already left… the new earrings and the box of supplies the mage had set aside for the clinic in Suramar were already gone.

That child… she doesn’t want to act like she needs anyone right now.

The blood mage smiled, sitting up and leaning her head on her hand, “I suppose we’ve taken a few steps back in her life… I guess she has entered that stage.”

It was a happy evening last night when Leona came to Atlas and their family was reunited. But the shattered bloodstone had told only part of the story.

The girl refused to tell much else, just showed them the tattoo that Lyn had given her and grinned as Varotin told her stories of what he did in Stormheim, giving a few of her own about Sunspire.

But she was carefully skirting around a few issues.

Luckily for Mira, the old bloodstone earrings did have a recording feature.

She frowned holding it up, this was… rather close to spying and not trusting Leona. There was something in the parenting books about invasion of privacy.

"Well then, I won’t peek,” she smiled, “Just one word, that’s all, tell me how she’s been doing.”

She held the earring up to her ear, listening, then blinked, summoning a small flame to destroy the earring before it revealed anything else.

Well then.

She went into her laboratory and walked straight to her library of pamphlets and manuals, “Let’s see… poisons… vital pressure points… ten laws of seduction…” she pulled down the books, carrying them all to her table, “I’ll have to include some of my notes on blood types, and laying traps…” she tapped her chin, “Oh, I better include that book of battle strategies I wanted to give her as well… it could come in handy.”

Mira smiled, Varotin was going to be furious when he finally figured it out, he didn’t like fighting anything unless it was head on and usually idiotic. For some reason, he held honor and fairness in rather high regard.

Just like a knight sometimes… at least he doesn’t use the Light.

But that was how he ended up getting dragged to Helheim, he let a caster keep their tongue.

“My little girl is going to be the best assassin there is!” she said laughing, “Parenting Rule number one! Always be proud and supportive of what they want to be!”

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