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So here it is the masterlist, of all imagines that I have so far. Hope you enjoy it.

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The Second Ramsey

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André Silva

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Going To Be Great

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Stupid Love


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No Good In Goodbye

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Weeks Out

I Already Have You

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He Loved


Father Daughter

Thoughts (Echo Pt II)

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You Love Him

Stand Up

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Erik Durm

Stupid Smart Dog

Oh Love

Sassy Day

The Moon To His Sun

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Flower Pot

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First Solo Game

Chocolate Cake


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They Were Family

Little Feeling

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Knock On Our Doors

Cake Problems

Well Deserved Rest


Camping Sucks

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Raining and Running

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No More

Special Angel

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Just Come Home

I Came Home (Just Come Home Pt II)


Lesson Learned

Oh Happy Day

Kai Havertz

Young and In Love

Kieran Gibbs

Best Present Ever

Leon Goretzka

Hard day


Worth It

Brothers, Right?

Working Out

White Shirt

Leroy Sane


Better Later Than Never

Lionel Messi


Marc-André ter Stegen

Mate’s Little Sister

Second Choice


Marco Asensio

Perfect To Me

Marco Friedl


Marco Reus

We Have Come So Far

Mats Hummels

Scared to be lonely

Mixed Emotions

Max Meyer

Safe Heaven



Change Of Life

Make it Home

Nuno Espírito Santo

Days Off

Olivier Giroud


Paulo Dybala

In Pain


Paul Pogba


It’s Just You And Me

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Once In a Lifetime

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Rafael (Rafinha) Alcântara

I’ve Missed You

Everything Would Be Alright


Rob Holding

Perfect Man

Little Holding

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A Beautiful Life

I Will Protect You

The Perks Of Being Late

My Champ

Falling Apart

Roman Over Greek

Good Celebration




Cruel World


You Are My Life

Saul Niguez 

Don’t let Her Go

Sergio Ramos

My Man

Thomas Tuchel

With you

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

First Encounter

Tattoo Shop

No One Said It Was Easy

no control

request: hiiii I see that you take request can you do a Leon Goretzka imagine we’re he celebrate his win at confed cup ( smut ) ? Thanks ! (((:

a/n: this is my first leon imagine! i don’t know much about him but he seems like a cutie, so i tried to write the smut to fit his personality. i hope you like it!

warning: smut

Leon’s fingers dig into her hips as his hot lips trail along her neck. He couldn’t even keep his hands off her on the way back to the hotel – after he’d just won the Confederations Cup with Germany, there was too much adrenaline and excitement running through his body.

(The taxi driver even gave them dirty looks as he drove to the hotel, but Leon really didn’t care. He felt like he was on top of the world. And besides, his girlfriend is hot, and she spread her legs across his lap in the backseat, and Leon can never resist an opportunity to touch her.)

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Tequila Haze

Originally posted by neuersnutella

A/N: warning!!! if you dont have any leon feelings, you will have after reading this smut so keep scrolling if you dont want to fall in love with the most precious giant hipster baby. thank you anon for requesting this I dont wanna soound biased but I guess this is my fav story so far (sorry Ju baby) ENJOY xx

I groaned loudly at the fresh beams of sunlight burning my face. I hated how my head felt like it was ready to explode and how my stomach burned with every single move of my body. I tried to remove myself from the blankets that trapped me inside the warm bed and slowly got up holding the corner of my bedside table for support. One could’ve thought going out almost every day in the past month would help you get used to the killer hangovers but for me, it felt like I was back from the dead every morning.

I walked slowly to the bathroom hoping to shower before throwing up the remains of my lunch from yesterday. The cold water made shivers run down my spine but the feeling of waking up a little didn’t allow my hand to switch it to a warmer temperature. I jumped out carefully and covered myself with my bathrobe knowing I would probably walk around it all day anyway and directed my feet towards the kitchen to find anything to help me settle my stomach. Tequila was never my friend and the blank space I had in my head, clearly not remembering anything I’ve done last night was a bitter reminder of it.

‘’You are finally awake.’’ The distinct sound of Leon’s voice made me jump a little as I turned around to see him sitting on the couch, with his phone in his hand.

I shook my head  little, afraid I was still drunk and that this was just a hallucination considering he was the one to break up with me 4 weeks ago claiming we lost the spark or whatever shit he called it. I closed and opened my eyes one more time, but he was still there looking at me with a slightly amused look on his still beautiful face.

‘’I am actually here Y/N.’’ he nodded understanding my dilemma as he got off the couch and took a few steps towards me and stood right in front of my shaking figure. I wrapped my hands around the fluffy fabric of the robe, feeling too naked under his gaze.

‘’I thought you gave me back your key to my apartment, what are you doing here?’’ I spat, my voice hoarse.

‘’I came home with you last night.’’ he shrugged and walked towards the kitchen forcing me to follow him.

‘’You came home with me? Stop bullshitting Leon, you weren’t even at the club!’’ I yelled a little losing my patience. I hated how clueless I was about how I got home safe or how I got rid of the tight dress on my own but my broken heart refused to believe he was the one who helped me in my drunken state.

‘’Take a seat and I will explain it to you.’’ He sighed placing a plate and a mug in front of me, consisting of my favorite breakfast preferences as I shook my head not wanting to as he said.

‘’Y/N stop being stubborn, let’s eat and talk, please.’’ He whispered the last part making me raise my eyebrows to meet his desperate stare as I gave in with a huff and took a seat right across from him, my mouth already watering at the sight of the tomato toast and coffee he prepared for me.

‘’Start talking.’’ I ordered taking a sip from my drink.

‘’I was home when you called me last night.’’ he started making me raise my eyebrows in shock. A month of constant drunkenness but never once I called his number before to avoid being the clingy ex.

‘’I was surprised too, but I cannot lie how happy it made me feel to see your name lighting up my phone.’’ He smiled a little forcing me to turn my gaze somewhere else. I hated how in love I was still with him and any good thing coming out of his mouth brought me one step closer to begging him to give us another chance.

‘’It wasn’t you though, who called me. Apparently you got a little too much to drink and didn’t have anyone with you, which we will discuss later,’’ he stopped and gave me a more serious look before continuing ‘’so the bartender was nice enough to call me and tell me to come get you.’’ he took a sip from his coffee as I hid my face behind my hands way too embarrassed to say anything.

‘’You were already passed out, sleeping on a bar stool when I arrived. Thank god I was still on speed dial or god knows where you would be right now. Probably some pervert would take you home to take advantage of you since you were pissed out of your mind.’’ His glare was colder than ice and it cut through me making me grow angrier at him.

‘’It is none of your business who takes me home or how much I drink.’’ I stated shrugging, trying to show him that I was already over him, to hopefully hurt him a little for hurting me beyond I could handle.

‘’Are you kidding me right now?’’ he yelled a little causing me to flinch at his outburst. ‘’You go to a fucking bar, on your own may I add, and get pissed drunk that you can’t even stay awake and you tell me it is none of my business?’’ he repeated his eyes throwing daggers at me as I tried to maintain my poker face and nodded at his question, not showing any interest in his obvious worry.

‘’What gotten into you?’’ he sighed throwing his chair back and leaning against the counter with his back to me. I wanted to end the conversation and kick him out but the anger I got built up since he left me all alone kept bugging me to yell at him, to start a fight with him and tell him everything I couldn’t say that day. And so I did.

‘’Please cut the crap Leon. You don’t give a fuck about what I do and how I live my life so stop pretending to be whoever you are right now.’’ I yelled also getting up from my chair forcing him to look at me. His eyes were darker now and I knew mine were too.

‘’You were the one who broke up with me, left me crying for days on this exact spot so your worried ass can stop acting like you give a damn about me!’’ I screamed a few stray tears running down my cheeks.

‘’I do care!’’ he screamed, his tone matching mine.

‘’You do? You fucking do? Then why are you taking another girl home every goddamn night?’’ I asked catching him off guard.

‘’You think I wouldn’t see you walking around with another girl every fucking day? You are a fucking football player, your pictures are everywhere! You already found someone else the day you broke up with me!’’ I exclaimed throwing my hands in the air as he pressed his lips together not able to form a sound.

‘’Y/N, it isn’t like that…’’ he mumbled trying to take a step towards me forcing me to take one back.

‘’Don’t even bother with the lies. I know I was never enough for you. My love, my support, the sacrifices I made for you meant nothing to you so don’t pretend like you are better than me and judge me for drinking alone every night at a fucking bar when you are the reason I am in this mess.’’ I exhaled and wiped the dried tears out my blushed cheeks.

“Wait, you’ve been going out and getting drunk because of me?” He asked quietly without moving his gaze from my form, apparently reading that part of my rant as the most important. 

‘’It was either getting drunk every night or sit around here alone and lose my mind looking at the photos of you with those girls.’’ I answered sniffling a little. He shook his head, his eyes getting glossy as he took another step towards my shaking figure and stood right in front of me.

‘’I regretted the things I said the moment I closed this door on you. I was stupid to believe the crap my friends said about how serious we got in a short amount of time and how I was whipped for you. It scared me to know I would marry you at the spot if you asked me to and I-‘’ he stopped for a minute. ‘’and I thought I never wanted to be in love in the first place till I met you. You changed me, made me a better man and it terrifies me how much I love you.’’ he sighed averting his gaze to my eyes searching for an answer.

‘’You don’t break the heart of the person you love.’’ I shook my head trying to ignore the flames bursting through my body.

‘’I know, and I understand if you don’t want me back. But please know I didn’t touch any of those girls. They happened to be at the clubs we went to and the boys kept saying I needed to get laid to get over you but I couldn’t-‘’ he smiled a little. ‘’I couldn’t even think about it so I just drove them back to their place and told them goodnight before going home and looking at our pictures crying till I passed out.’’ He confessed, his words taking me off guard.

‘’Why me?’’ I asked too confused to believe that he would rather have me instead of those model girls.

“Why you? Why do you think I cooked breakfast for you every morning and waited up hours for you whenever you came home a little bit later than usual? Why did I follow you anywhere and take care of you even when I knew you hated me for breaking your heart? It’s always been you. It always will be you.” 

Our eyes caught each other a moment before he grabbed me by the neck and brought us closer and pressed his lips against mine, my fingers entwining desperately through his disheveled curls as he groaned against my mouth in pleasure. He encircled my waist with his strong hands and tugged me impossibly closer to him, his hard-on pressing deliciously against my abdomen. One hand kept a firm grip on my hip while his other hand slipped between us, and I felt a jolt of electricity spark through my very being as he caressed the skin between my legs. 

“If this is how wet you get just me touching you” he growled in my ear as he continued to tease me, “I can’t wait to feel how wet you are when I’m deep inside of you.” he mumbled against my skin.

In one swift motion he pushed the material of the robe aside and ran two fingers along my clit before plunging his digits into me, the sudden feeling almost bringing me to my knees. He kept one hand locked on my waist as the other caressed me expertly, the movement of his long fingers in conjunction with his biting nips along my jaw line causing my breath to escape in shallow pants. 

“Leon, please. Please, I need you.” I breathed, and it was when I felt him smile against the tender skin of my neck that I realized how much I truly did need him; all of him. 

“Need me to do what?” He teased as he slipped another finger in, his own breathing becoming labored as his constrained length rolled into my burning skin repeatedly. I yanked on his curls roughly and forced him to look at me, my breath nearly leaving me again upon seeing his darkening emerald eyes sitting above flushed pink cheeks, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth due to my tight grip on his hair. Whatever misunderstanding started this whole mess, it was ending then and there. 

“Leon Christopher Goretzka, I need you to stop playing around and fuck me so hard I forget my name.” I barely finished before he removed his fingers and lifted me up by my ass, my legs wrapping around him as his lips explored mine with a new sense of urgency. He walked us swiftly to my room and wasted no time pinning me to the bed, giving him complete control. 

After finally discarding my robe he peppered wet kisses from my jaw down to my breasts, his mouth tending to my nipples as his hand toured down past my aching thighs. I ran my hands down his chiseled sides and felt a shudder run across his flesh as I lightly palmed his substantial manhood through his briefs. 

He pulled away from my touch before placing his palms on either side of my head, his warm breath clouding my senses as he lightly pressed his forehead to mine. 

“You sure you want to do this?” He asked, and I knew this wasn’t just about sex. This was so much more; we were so much more. 

“Always.” I answered with a smile before returning my hands to his hips, and this time he didn’t stop me as I ran my fingers along his waistband and released his rock hard member from its confines. He moaned into my neck as I stroked his shaft with one hand and returned the other to his curls, his mouth forming into an awestruck “O” as I brought my precum-soaked pointer finger to my lips and sucked his juices clean from my skin. 

That was all it took for his instincts to take over as he immediately supported his weight above me with one arm and grasped his cock firmly with the other before he positioned himself at my entrance. Our parted lips barely brushed against each other as he pressed into me slowly, my nails scraping down his back as he filled me to my limits. 

He hissed at the pain and rocked into me sharply, the sensation sending tides of unimaginable warmth down to my very core. He pulled out carefully only to slam back into me relentlessly and unapologetically, the sweet nothings he breathed into my ear caused desperate whimpers of pleasure to escape my swollen lips. 

He took what I said to heart, his teeth leaving small red bites along my flesh with no attempt at soothing them with his warm tongue. With each thrust he penetrated my walls deeper and deeper, my breathing speeding up as an untamed fire began to burn hot in my belly. He must have noticed the signs of my impending orgasm as he quickly attended to my needs while he continued to give me everything he had. I clawed at his sheets mindlessly as his digits circled my clit firmly, and I cried out as the volcano inside of me erupted, spewing fire and ash in the form of waves of euphoria and shaking limbs. 

I came down from my high just in time to see him reach his as I held his clammy face between my hands, our eyes telling each other everything our lips never knew how to say. He quickly sat back and took me in his arms as he thrust up into me, his gaze never leaving mine as he finally found his release. As he spilled himself inside of me he held me against his trembling chest, his tight embrace telling me he was never going to let me go again. 

When I saw him look at my swollen lips, tangled hair, and sweaty skin like they were the truest form of beauty moments later, I knew I would never let him go, either. And I never did.

Netflix night - Leon Goretzka

Guys, here the Leon Imagine :-) Hope y’all like this! 

By the way requests are open, plus I reblogged a prompts list you can request as well :-)

Originally posted by antogriezmann

„I thought it was netflix night, tonight?“ he asked, a pout playing on his lips as he saw her walking in the room. A red dress covering her curvy body as she stopped in front of the couch he was laying on.

„I told you it was girl’s night tonight“ she said, a lose smile hanging of her lips.

„Can you not call in sick or something?“ he asked, his pout becoming bigger.

„Babe“ she sighed out, walking around the couch to sat down besides his legs. „I haven’t seen all of them in so long“

„But-„ he said, clearly trying to make her a bad conscience.

„No buts babe“ she said grinning at him.

„It’s not my fault you haven’t seen them in so long“ he said frustrated, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

„Well it certainly is“ she defended herself. „I’m spending all my time with you“

And it was true, all of her time, that she didn’t spend with working she spend with him. They did everything together, she visited his training center, watched all of his games, they went grocery shopping together, they even visited her family together. Not that she minded, she was dating Leon for a few months now. And she felt their relationship becoming more serious with each day passing. It was just that her friends were constantly complaining about her not spending time with them anymore.

„Is that a problem?“ he asked acting hurt.

„No“ she said quickly, shaking her head.

„See“ he argued.

„Leon“ she sighed. „Don’t do this“

They had this argument before, and each time he always made her a bad conscience which either made her cancel her plans and go out with her friends whenever he was away for her games or call in sick. He always won, but his eyes and pout was just too cute to resist. It has happened more than once that she went back up after texting her friends, changed into more comfy clothes and went back down in their shared living room to lay down beside him, cuddled up they spend the rest of the night watching reruns of their favorite tv show.

„Do what?“ he asked, acting like he didn’t knew what she was talking about.

„I’m leaving now“ she told him, getting up from the couch and walking out of the room.

A few seconds later she came back in, shoes on her feet and a coat over her dress while her bag was hanging off her shoulder. She was wearing his favorite dress tonight which made it even harder for him that she was leaving him.

„Bye babe“ she said leaning down to kiss him goodbye.

„Bye“ he sighed out dramatically after pecking her lips. „Have fun without me“

„I will“ she said rolling her eyes as she walked out of the room and soon after left their house.

Leon sighed out as he sinked further into the pillow and continued watching the netflix show that was running on tv for the last half hour or so. He hadn’t seen her all day because she was working and he was training and when he finally came back home he immediately spread out on the couch waiting for her to come join him, only to have her tell him that she was going out with her friends.

And while she was out for an hour already probably partying while dump guys his age tried hitting on her, he still laid on the couch the way he had been the she left. He was bored, and lonely and he didn’t wanted her to be out alone, of course her friends were with her. But no one that could protect her or show the other guys that she was taken. That she was his. He never wanted to be this overprotective boyfriend and he knew she was going to be mad at him but he couldn’t help it. He quickly texted her the word emergency and then locked his phone before he set it aside. He saw his phone buzzing a few times and saw she texted him, but he didn’t wanted to unlock his phone and answer her right away. It was a good 20 minutes later, that he heard the front door being unlocked and her footsteps on the floor, before she entered their living room.

„Finally“ Leon muttered.

„What happened?“ she asked, out of breathe. She set her bag aside, got out of her coat and sat down at Leon’s legs.

„My throat hurts. I think I’m getting a cold“ Leon lied, as she looked at him concerned.

She moved closer to him and put the back of her hand against his forehead to see if he had temperature. He clearly didn’t and she sighed shaking her head slightly.

„Your temperature is fine“ she said and he bit down on his bottom lip, as he looked at her with wide eyes.

„But my throat hurts“ he pouted. „I think I need cuddles to feel better“

„Leon“ she sighed out, groaning.

„Please“ he added. Of course she couldn’t resist him, so she found herself slipping out of her shoes and crawling under the blanket with him. She cuddled close to him and rested her head on his chest while he wrapped his arms around her.

„You’re the worst“ she sighed out.

„But you still love me“ he grinned.

Outside the club (Leon Goretzka Imagine)

Outside the club (Leon Goretzka Imagine)

I look up from my phone to find a guy looking at me expectantly.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear,” I apologized to the boy. He couldn’t be more than 22. He still had that look of a kid taking his allowance from his mommy and daddy, similar to the rest of the kids around in this club.

“Do you have a cigarette?” He asked repeated.

I shake my head. “Nope. Sorry.” I replied and promptly returned my attention to the whatsapp groupchat that was ongoing.

Or that I was at least trying to wake up. It’s 2 in the morning so my actual friends were all sleeping, like decent people were supposed to do. I, on the other hand, am here at a sidewalk getting some air after spending the past hour in the club trying to babysit my heartbroken workmate. I knew it would be a bad idea for me to come here. I hate clubs - the small space, the smoke, the usually horrible music, sweaty hot bodies pressing against each other as they grinded trying to cover their making out for dancing, and worst of all, all the drunk immature kids stepping on my toes or shoving me trying to find space.

I shouldn’t have come, I sighed; but how could I say no when she looked so sad and asked so kindly. Her boyfriend and she broke up and she just wanted a night of fun, to find a rebound.

Fun. I don’t remember clubs being fun ever since I celebrated my 24th birthday. I outgrew it.

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“You remember those two guys that brought us drinks and we snuck out the back of the club before they could get our numbers?”

I had been sitting in my living room surrounded by my closest friends as we sat around in our pajamas reminiscing on our most memorable moments together and sharing laughs. Every month we made the time to get together for a sleepover and tonight was my turn to host.

I had made sure the stock of snacks and drinks were plentiful and it seemed I did well as an array of chips and sodas all sat around us.

“Ugh, memories,” Alexa sighed as she threw her head back, her mouth half full with a partially dissolved large marshmallow. “Ever since this one over here got in a relationship, we’ve had to stop our little weekend rendezvous,” she stated as she pointed over to me.

Every weekend it seemed we all found our way to the liveliest crowd for a night out. It was always madness as we got to the tops of bars and managed to squeeze every free drink out of the men surrounding us. That changed though once I became serious with Leon. Now, the most I did with my friends was go out to calmer venues like dinners and shopping. Sometimes we’d go out to a party but for the most part, it was nothing like the old days.

“I can’t help it!” I exclaimed, grabbing for my soda beside me. “That’s not my scene anymore.” And it wasn’t. If I was given the choice, I would have easily chosen to spend the night in with my boyfriend rather than going out to some crowded bar.

With the sound of the door being opened, I looked over my shoulder to see Leon walking into the room, a confused look on his face as he dropped his training bag down by his side where he stood. “Uh…hey babe?” His tone resembled more of a questioning than a statement.

“Speaking of the devil…” Alexa jeered as she looked over at him. “Hi to you too, Alexa,” he purposely grinned. He walked over closer to me and bent down to kiss my lips, causing a groan to erupt in the room amongst all of my friends, turning their heads in disgust which only made Leo laugh.

“Your friends are always so jealous,” he joked. “What is this anyway? I thought I was coming home to peace and quiet.”

I lightly slapped my forehead, realizing I had forgotten to warn him of this. “I’m sorry. It’s ladies night at our place tonight. It’s our monthly sleepover and I’m the host. Oh, and I left your dinner out for you.”

His eyebrow raised. “So you’re going to make me eat dinner alone?” It was unusual for us to not eat dinner together. There were even nights I ignored the rumbles of my upset stomach craving satisfaction when Leon was late coming home for dinner.

“You can eat out here with us,” I volunteered but he immediately shook his head. “No thanks. I’d rather not hear about Joy’s issues with that on and off situation she calls a relationship and Alexa’s one night stands that won’t call her back.”

Alexa’s eyes immediately narrowed as the rest of us laughed. I was used to the two of them teasing each other. They were best friends, best friends who often embarrassed each other to no end. Alexa was the reason I was even introduced to Leon. As the two of us grew close, she decided to play matchmaker and “accidentally” leave us in her car while she ran into a store for 30 minutes.

It worked out the way she wanted as we spent that entire time laughing over our love of old cartoon shows. We had been inseparable since.

“You are a sick individual, Goretzka,” Alexa commented to which he simply took a dramatic bow and mouthed a ‘thank you’ before he turned his focus back to me.

“So where are you sleeping?”

“Out here. We bought an air mattress.”

“And it’s huuuuge,” my other friend Athena chimed in. “It’s going to take up this whole floor space.”

“You’re not sleeping with me?” A look of disappointment was apparent as I looked up at him which only made me frown back in response. “No. I’m the host. I can’t leave them down here.”

“See, this is why we should have just put it back at my place. Men. Always ruining ladies night,” Alexa scoffed. He immediately had a sharp response. “The only reason there’s no men at your place to interrupt is because they all leave before the morning.” And to that comment, Alexa sent a pillow sharply at his head.

He luckily ducked in time to avoid its impact but that didn’t stop everyone else from laughing.

“But really? I don’t get you for dinner or for sleep?”

I shook my head no as a smirk broke my face. I thought it was cute he was adamant about me being present but just for tonight, he’d have to do without me.

“Fine. Enjoy your stupid party,” he joked, putting on a dramatic pout as he began to walk away, leaving us to the rest of our girl talk.

I lay entangled in the blankets peacefully until I felt an arm nudging me in my side. At first, I figured it to be one of the girls sleeping wildly next to me but when the touching continued and I opened my eyes, I saw Le leaning over me.

“Get up,” he whispered.

“For what?” I questioned back, my tone groggy as I tried to wake myself up enough to not fall right back to my pillow.

“I need you in bed.”

My face immediately screwed in confusion, wondering what exactly he needed me for. “Why?”

“I can’t sleep without you.” A sincerely pitiful look plumped his lips and I looked to the other girls sleeping around me on the air mattress, still knocked out. If I planned on making an escape, it had to be now.

“Fine,” I whispered. I crawled off of the bed without making much noise or movement, at least as much as I could avoid. Once off, he took my hand and guided me back towards our bedroom. He took no time once we were in the room to pull me onto the mattress, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist as he snuggled me against him.

“I can’t believe you woke me up for this,” I giggled.

“I need you by my side at all times.” He lowered his lips to my neck and placed a kiss there before pulling the blanket over us. “Goodnight.”


Leon Goretzka - Guilty not Guilty

Pairing: Leon Goretzka - Third Person

Rating: 15+

Request:  Hey! Can I request number 3 and 25 from the 50 dialogue prompts with Leon Goretzka please?

“It’s three in the morning.”

“I want an answer, goddamit!”

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Asleep at Heaven’s Gate (Leon Goretzka OS)

This one is for the lovely anon who requested a Leon OS. Unlike my other work, it’s quite short but very sweet. Hope you like it guys. As always, please share your thoughts. Also, I am so sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long, this should’ve been up ages ago I’ve just been really busy. :(
Lots of love, xx

Even in her sleep Lily was able to feel some extra weight climbing on her bed. Then she felt something trace along her side, over her hips, her waist, her stomach, but she just shifted in her sleep, burying her face deeper in the pillow. That- what she was now pretty sure was someone’s hand- rested carefully on the small of her back, as she lied on her stomach, only half covered with bed sheets.  

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Don't apologize

Leon Goretzka oneshot, requested by anon, 18+

If I have French followers, I just want to say once again that I hope that you and your loved ones are okay and that my thoughts are with you.

They lost. The fought but they lost. 3:2 to Dortmund. It wasn’t your first Revierderby as Leon Goretzka’s girlfriend. You knew that losing this game tasted much much bitter than losing any other game and you knew what you had to do.

He didn’t even say a word to you when he saw you waiting for him near his car. The ride to his place was quick and just as silent. You could see his knuckles turning white from his hard grip on the steering wheel, you knew what was coming.

Usually Leon was a sweet and gentle lover, he’d shower you with kisses from head to toe, he’d caress every centimetre of your body, he’d whisper sweet nothings in your ear while bringing you over the edge.

But sometimes he wasn’t so sweet and gentle and you loved it. Today was one of those times.

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"Who gave you that black eye" Leon Goretzka thank you!

Who gave you that black eye (Leon Goretzka imagine)

“Who gave you that black eye?!” Leon’s face a mask of concern and fury as he hurried to my side when he unexpected dropped by my apartment for a surprise date.

I covered the said black eye and smiled at him. “It’s nothing.” I brush him off. “You have dinner? You could have told me. I’m eating my leftover pizza from last night. It’s disgusting.” I joked, letting him in.

He silently drops the bags containing our dinner on the kitchen counter and returns straight to me.

“Let me see. This looks bad liebling,” He points out, grabbing my chin by his fingers and tilting my head this way and that to better examine the bruise under the harsh light of the kitchen.

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A/N: here’s the Leon smut anon requested I hope you guys enjoy it :)

I could feel his eyes on me as I danced in the club, my body pressed against other sweaty bodies.I didn’t care; however, I was mad at him.

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Livin’ On A Prayer

Sorry for any typos, mistakes etc.


Fandom: Football

Characters: Leon Goretzka/OC

Warnings: strong language, explicit sexual content, some choking

Category: smut

Word count: 1.4k

She was left to close the restaurant again but at least this time around she had no problem about it. Distraction was needed because she’s been fuming since last Saturday. Her rage hasn’t decreased even a little bit. She inhaled deeply before she grabbed the mop and started washing up. Livin’ On A Prayer quietly filled the space with beat but the songs she knew by heart and usually she wanted to sing along to couldn’t reach her now.

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Moving on (Leon Goretzka Imagine)

Moving on (Leon Goretzka Imagine)

When things went really bad between Ange and Mats, she always knew where to run, from whom to seek solace. She knew that she tore his heart to bits and pieces every time she went back to Mats afterward. Ange always heard the unsaid pleas for her to stay and choose him.

But she always ignored them. She only heard what she wanted to hear and saw only what she wanted to see.

She couldn’t stay, but she couldn’t stay away either.

So after another fight, she took the earliest train to Gelsenkirchen, to Leon. but something different compared to all the times she went to him. Something was wrong. He wasn’t alone.

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What I like // Football (G-L)

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What I like (A-F)
What I like (M-Z)

Working Out- Leon Goretzka

Never in your right mind you would wake up around 6 in the morning to go for a run with your boyfriend. He was a good sight I mean God damn that body all sweaty. It was a good damn sight. But them again why did you woke up so you could also run? You were now stopped in the middle of the park that Leon used to run, your hands on your knees while you took a deep breath. He is used to run for living, you were used to be lazy for living, not a great combination. You ran two laps, okay maybe it was just one. And your hair was everywhere, you were sweating probably in every pore your body had. If anyone looked at you they would think you ran miles and miles, but it was just one lap. Leon was probably in his tenth. And he looked good. Everytime he passed towards you he would smile and kiss your cheek. You were feeling terrible cramps on your belly from running.

You felt him stop next to you, you wanted to look but you had to breathe, he crossed his arms looking at you. He shook his head thinking of something to say, but nothing came out. You were trying to say something as well, but only a few sounds came out, you probably sounded like a dying cat. Or another dying animal, so yeah you can imagine how terrible you were looking.

- Run! You said you’d work out with me! - he said.
- I am trying! - you said trying to take a deep breath before you sat down on the ground - I am dying!
- Fine lets go home! - he started laughing - You look and smell terrible.
- I am never going to do this again! - you said grabbing his hands and got up from the ground.

He said nothing but laugh. Yeah, never in your right mind you would work out again, maybe watch him, but not doing it.

jealous? - julian brandt

julian brandt x reader (requested)

summary: julian gets jealous when his friends flirt with his girlfriend 

a/n: shitty writing, it’s like 4 am. but i had to include leon, sorry not sorry

Originally posted by robinholding

lars stepped back and admired the couple he was the mastermind behind.

y/n and julian.

lars insisted he did everyone a favor by putting the two best friends together. ‘accidentally’ telling y/n about julian’s crush. julian gave him the silent treatment for two weeks, but the love was undeniable between y/n and julian.

the boys insisted they would meet julian’s ‘lover’, as lars had put it.

“she is not my lover. we are best friends.” julian reminded the guys, painfully wishing that wasn’t the case.

“oh, but you wish it was sooo much more.” lars teased him, blowing kisses and imitating julian’s daydreaming schemes.

the rest of the boys would just play along with the jokes, that was until julian had proudly marched into the locker room with the widest grin on his face.

“what has a got you in a good mood, lover boy.” lars teased, earning him a smirk and look of confidence from julian.

“well, i’m happy to say you can stop the nicknames,” julian had boasted, “because y/n is now my girlfriend.”

julian was trying to act cool about the whole situation, but honestly, he was bubbling with every emotion he had been bottling up since he met her.

the boys had cheered, and insisted to meet her. julian had agreed to a hang out with y/n, and the boys were already asking every question they could think of.

“what does she look like?” asked sven, climbing onto his shoulders.

“what team does she support?” davie added in, hoping it was rb leipzig. (not a chance)

“have you done it?” max questioned, earning an eruption of laughter of team. that was until their q&a session was interrupted by coach’s whistle, leaving the team curious and julian blushing.

“what if they don’t like me? oh my god, what if they think i’m annoying ?!” y/n cried, pacing around the apartment with anxiety.

“y/n,” julian comforted, grabbing her by the shoulders, “they are going to love you. chill.”

y/n jumped up as she heard the door bell ring, sprinting to the front door dragging julian behind her.

“hi, i’m y/n!” she exclaimed over excitedly, before she realized who was standing at the door. the pizza man. she let out a soft groan from disappointment. she handed him a 40 euros, and slammed the door behind her. she scanned through the apartment, again making sure it was perfect. julian, on the other hand, was chuckling watching her adorable anticipation.

the door bell rung again, and y/n was sure this time it was julian’s friends. but instead of sprinting to the door this time, she followed closely behind julian this time.

he opened the door, and it revealed about eight guys all looking at the girl standing to julian. max was giggling into leon’s shoulder, and timo was winking at niklas.

y/n twisted her hair, and was overwhelmed with anxiety. “is it my hair?” she thought, which was just in it’s natural wavy state.

“or is it my outfit?”  which just consisted of a blue schalke t-shirt that engulfed her, and a pair of nike shorts that barely made it past her shirt.

julian grinned at his friends, “this is y/n, my girlfriend.” he emphasized, causing y/n to blush at the name.

the boys introduced themselves one by one. max, leon, timo, niklas, serge, sven, lars, and davie.

the boys and y/n had talked for the next few hours, asking he relentless questions and laughing their asses off. y/n had relaxed around the boys, and was pretty sure they liked her.

she excused herself to use the bathroom, and ‘accidentally’ overheard the boys talking after she left.

“are we just going to ignore what happened or what?” max questioned, and y/n could practically see the smirk on his face from his tone.

“ignore what?” julian asked cluelessly, y/n giggling quietly as his obnoxiousness.

“that your girlfriend is that hot.” max shamelessly admitted, the boys mumbling in agreement, congratulating julian.

y/n rushed back into the room, not wanting them to make julian jealous. she sat in his lap, his jaw clenched, as the boys whistled at the two.

the friends had carried on the night, but had decided to play some fifa. typical guys.

julian chose bayer and leon chose schalke, y/n’s favorite team.

“y/n, aren’t you going to stay loyal to schalke?” leon flirtatiously asked.

“i mean, i guess,” y/n shrugged. “just for this round.” she climbed over the coach and took a seat between leon and max. julian turned his head away from the schalke trio, his jaw clenched from jealousy.

as the night carried on, the boys shamelessly flirted with y/n. y/n had always been oblivious, even when julian had tried to make a move of her when they were friends. she thought the guys were just being friendly, but julian had different things in mind.

the whole night, julian had avoided y/n at all costs. not even looking at her, or letting her lean up against him. she couldn’t help but think she had done something wrong.

“well, i think it’s time for us to go.” serge yawned, signaling the guys to the front door. the boys had hugged y/n and julian goodbye, holding on to y/n much longer than julian would’ve liked.

he shut the door angrily, which was y/n’s last straw with his attitude.

“what the fuck is your deal, julian?” she asked, grabbing his arm. julian swung around quickly, his face filled with envy.

“what’s the deal? the deal is you flirting with my friends the entire night, in front of your boyfriend.” he spit back at her.

“me flirting? if anything, they were flirting with me. it was a joke, julian.” she snarled back at him, hurt that he would even think she would lay eyes on another man.

“and you should just play along? stop being a bitch.” julian yelled, before regretting the words that had slipped out of his mouth.

y/n’s eyes had filled up with tears, taken back at his anger. the way he yelled at her. what he had just called her.

before he could figure out what to say, y/n’s cheeks were flooded with tears. and the only thing he could was apologize.

“i’m so sorry. oh my god, i didn’t mean to say that. it just slipped out. i was angry.” he repeated, crouching down to engulf y/n in his arms. so scared he was going to lose her.

“i’m sorry.” he whispered again, and soon enough, julian cheeks were stained with tears. y/n looked up at him with her puffy eyes, noticing the tears rolling down his soft cheeks.

y/n had only seen julian cry on two occasions. the penalty shootouts in brazil and today.

she softly cupped his cheek, and used his thumb to wipe the tears.

“dont cry, baby. i know you didn’t mean it.” she cooed, still wrapped in his arms.

“i thought i was going to lose you. i’m so stupid to think you would ever do that to me.” he apologized again.

instead of forgiving him again, y/n giggled and ruffled his hair. they could never be serious.

“don’t be stupid, i would never leave. i love you, no matter how jealous you get it.”

julian hid his face in y/n’s neck, his cheeks red from embarrassment.

“i love you.” he mumbled, blowing raspberries into her neck.

“i love you too.” she said softly in between laughs, as he lifted her up and ran with her to their bedroom.