leon zabini



Fifth year
14.08.2000 Leon «Leo» Marcel Zabini - Tyler Posey
11.02.2001 Alyson Samantha McLaggen - Alona Tal
13.04.2001 Miranda «Randy» Clarissa Nott  - Vanessa Marano
19.04.2001 Frank Neville Longbottom - Dylan O'Brien
30.06.2001 Evangeline «Eva» Belinda Flint - Lucy Hale

Fourth year
31.10.2001 Diana Paula Weasley – Daria Sidorchuk
07.05.2002 Josephine «Joe» Isabella Zabini – Phoebe Tonkin
14.05.2002 Charlotte «Shelli» Grace Wood - Crystal Reed

Third year
16.03.2003 Camilla «Cami» Caitlin Clarke - Alyson Stoner


Leon “Leo” Marcel Zabini | 14.08.2000 | 17 years | Slytherin, 6 cours

Family: Son of Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson, the elder brother of Josephine. Godson Draco.

Friends: The best friends Scorpius and Frank, good friends James, Rose and Lily. 

Skills: Plays the guitar. It is going to become an Auror. Seeker in Quidditch team of Slytherin.

Sympathy: He is understood that he likes Juliet even when he was thirteen, in fifteen confessed to her in this, not even hoping for reciprocity. Was surprised when it turned out that  Jules he also like it, but she was confused by their difference in age and social position, and she most likely thinks that their relationship has no future. He has no prejudices about Muggles and Muggle-born, and he struggles to convince Juliet that he was happy with everything in it, and that even if their children will be a squib, it would still be very fond of them. Ready for her to give up the title and inheritance.

Traits: Funny guy, good sense of humor, but when needed it can be focused and serious. By the nature of almost pure Gryffindor with Slytherin bias. For his age very mature young man, at every question has an opinion.

The hat offered him Gryffindor but he entered the Slytherin to please my parents.