leon x percival


‘  Y/N: Why is it so cold here? Should have brought more blankets.

  Y/N said as she snuggled to her green blanket. She sighed and put his bowl down to the floor. The sound of the knights and Arthur’s bickering was cut off and Merlin was clearly failing at keeping himself from bursting into a laughter. She looked up to see them looking directly at her.

  Y/N: What? Did I said something wrong?

  Arthur: No, no you didn’t. But if you’d like to you can get my blanket.

  Y/N: Oh no, sire, I can’t.

  Elyan: Y/N is right, your highness. We can’t risk you getting cold. But perhaps she would accept my offer?

  Y/N: I am not going to take anyone’s blanket and that’s final. What if one of you catches a cold.

  Percival: Honestly Y/N, it’s not even that cold.

  Gwaine: I can give you mine if you’ll take care of me when I catch a cold. That’s a fair deal isn’t it? *winks*

  Y/N: Gwai-

  Leon: Obviously one of us have to keep Y/N warm at night. I can if you’d like?

  Mordred: Well you are only one person maybe I can also help you out?

  Arthur: If someone’s going to accompany Y/N at night that should be me. I could protect her better than you two.

  Y/N: I-I *desperately looks at Merlin who is enjoying himself a little more than he should*

  Lancelot: You said no blankets right? But no one said anything about cloaks.

  He said as he wrapped his cloak around you.

  Merlin: Good thinking Lancelot.

  Suddenly you were drowning in cloaks. Seven cloaks layered on top of you. You started to get warmer by second.

  Y/N: Thank you guys…

  Merlin: Problem solved.          ‘


Merlin Cast x Animals


Credits(Please follow): Written Part: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]

King Arthur, the lion. For what animal better fits Camelot’s bravest King than the king of the jungle himself? Our mighty King is as fierce, brave, and bold as any lion.

Merlin, the young owl. For beneath the clumsy surface of Camelot’s most loyal manservant, lies the wisdom of the great and wise owl.

Lady Guinevere, the Lynx. For what other feline can match the innocent beauty and fierce love of Camelot’s most fitting queen?

Lady Morgana, the serpent. For within the eyes of the snake, lies corruption. And within the lips of the snake, lies poison. And just as a snake, our Lady is as beautiful as she is deceitful and cruel.

Mordred, the crow. For what darker omen is there than the crow? And what better suits the murderer of Camelot’s greatest King, than the darkest omen itself.

Sir Lancelot, the German Shepherd. For who is more loyal or more brave than he who would give is own life for that of his King? And none are more loyal or brave than man’s age old companion.

Sir Percival, the bull. For what animal, if not the bull, could possibly fight with as much power and strength as Camelot’s most powerful muscle.

Sir Leon, the wolf. For within him is the strength to lead, just as the mighty wolf leads its pack. And within his eyes is a passion for Camelot that mimics the wolf’s passion for the moon.

Sir Gwaine, the stallion. For only a stallion can embody the rogue nature, brute strength, undying loyalty, and handsome bod of Camelot’s strength himself.

Sir Elyan, the elephant. For his love for his sister is as undying and strong as an elephants. His wildness, like the mighty elephant, is only tamed by his love and loyalty to his fellow Knights. And his strength is greatest when he fights for those he loves.

Gaius, the elderly owl. For who is it that bestows his knowledge on our young owl, Merlin? Is it not, Gias, the man who takes the place of the young warlock’s father? And what animal can better father a young owl, if not but another owl?

Uther, the eagle. For he is as merciless as the eagle who snatches its prey in remorseless talons. He is powerful, as is the eagle is. And he draws respect from the fear of those he reigns over as the eagle does.

Agravaine, the rat. For what can match the eery darkness and grotesque nature of this traitor better than a filthy pest such as the rat.

Lady Mythian, the arctic fox. For her beauty is as pure and elegant as the lovely fox. And her composure is just as swift and just as lovely.

Morgause, the weasel. For her essence is as corrupt as nature’s sneakiest and most treacherous of creatures, the weasel.


[Part 2] Granblue Fantasy x Tales of Asteria Special Quest
Duration: 6/13 (Mon) 19:00 ~ 6/23 (Thu) 16:59

  • Chance to get 4☆ Percival from the collaboration special scenario quest.
  • In addition, there is a chance to get additional copies of him, 4☆ Leon [Lancelot Costume], and 5☆ Meredy [Clarice Costume] from the special quest.
  • There will be three types of special quest, “Tiamat”, “Colossus”, and “Celeste”.
  • The mentioned monsters will drop multiple of a treasure when defeated.
  • The extra 4☆ Percival can be obtained by clearing Normal, Hard, and Very Hard versions of each quest.
  • The drop chance of 5☆ Meredy depends on the difficulty of the quest tackled, whereas the drop chance of 4☆ Leon is independent of the difficulty of the quest tackled.
  • Meredy only appears in Extreme/High Level difficulty, while Leon appears in any difficulty.

[EDIT] Note from DimensionSlip: Since many people seem to be confused about the quest difficulty names, the quest themselves are within Asteria and NOT GBF. I believe the difficulties were just renamed for the sake of the collaboration event.