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Some impressive boiling mud pots, San Jacinto, Leon, Nicaragua

Epic Rap Battles of Gedonelune (Some content nsfw)

Hey! Last night my sister and I were watching some Epic Rap Battles of Anime and we decided to create some with The Tower of Sorrow and Spring of Unicorns! There is some language and nsfw words in here just to let everyone know. It’s really funny so we hope you enjoy!

Who won? Tower of Sorrow or Spring of Unicorns?

Photos: savyjayjane.tumblr.com

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I thought a cute springtime imagine would be some of the Nohr boys walking in on Fem!M/U planting flowers near the castle! I think Corrin would ask her siblings to bring her flowers from the faraway lands they visited before the war, but her garden was destroyed by Garon's command, so she plants different Nohrian blooms when she has the free time. It would be super cute with Leo, Kaze, or Laslow!

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Ahh yes I really like this one!! I’ve spent the last week on it so I hope you like the result! Thank you Drazu again for reviewing it for me <3

Leo: When he sees you crouched at the ground, busying your hands with something, he already suspects you of being up to some sort of mischief.
“______,” he says. “What are you doing?”

“Oh hello Leo,” you turn to greet him, your cheeks dirtied up. “I’m planting flowers!”


You nod, a decisive fashion that is enough to confirm your dedication. Your armor is covered in dirt from head to toe. Jakob had forced you into your gardening shoes (quite against your will) before you were allowed to touch the fertilizer. Why he even still has that, you don’t know, but at least your toes aren’t stinky. You ache to dig your feet into the ground, feeling the earth run over your skin.

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Things Could Be Worse {Solangelo}

Hi! So technically, this is the second part of this post, so it’s a two-part oneshot (bear w me ok). I’m still sick and still in writing mood. Leave me your feedback please! As always: English isn’t my native language, so please have mercy with any mistakes you might find. Not beta’d. 

Word Count: 1,698

Genre: fluff (as usual)

Characters: Nico di Angelo, Will Solace (and Jason makes an appearance)

“Good morning, sunshine!” A voice interrupted his dreamless sleep. Seconds later, sunlight illuminated the room, blinding Nico even through closed eyelids. He knew exactly to whom that voice belonged.

“Let me sleep,” he groaned, pressing his face back into the pillows. The memories of last night now seemed far away, like a fever dream. Had he really thought about fighting against an empty corridor? Although his head didn’t hurt as much, he still wasn’t feeling much better. With a lot of effort, he opened his eyes and slowly sat up. His room still looked like a mess; the tray Will brought him last night stood on his bedside table, with an empty glass of water and nectar and three packs of tissues. He almost smiled at that. His quest for the tissues was probably one of the hardest he’d ever been on.

“It’s almost noon, sunshine. I said I’d come back to check on you, and that’s what I’m doing.” Count on Will to sound cheerful and happy, even if Nico felt like crap. He’d gotten used to his attitude over the last weeks, but it was easier to endure when he didn’t feel sick, and he totally did not find it adorable.

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A Very Brief Spirit Encounter at Ponce De Leon Springs

I sat near the edge of the springs, getting into a trancelike state and getting my mind all open and receptive. Under my breath, I felt compelled to whisper “wind and water, wind and water” over and over again. 

Eventually, I felt something near me, so I said “If there are any spirits here, give me a feeling, or an image, or something…” As soon as I said this, I had a sensation that is difficult to describe. It was like someone else was breathing for me… Or like if you wake up gasping for air, or like I had drowned and I was just resuscitated. But in a good way. 

I asked the spirit to introduce itself, but then I was interrupted and had to leave. (aggggghhh) I cleansed and warded myself afterward, just to be safe.

I’d love to go back there and try to find out more about that spirit. I have many theories about what/who it might be, but nothing concrete.

( @hecaatia here’s some more FL spirit work for ya )