leon springs


Some impressive boiling mud pots, San Jacinto, Leon, Nicaragua

Epic Rap Battles of Gedonelune (Some content nsfw)

Hey! Last night my sister and I were watching some Epic Rap Battles of Anime and we decided to create some with The Tower of Sorrow and Spring of Unicorns! There is some language and nsfw words in here just to let everyone know. It’s really funny so we hope you enjoy!

Who won? Tower of Sorrow or Spring of Unicorns?

Photos: savyjayjane.tumblr.com

badly drawn wizardess heart? lol 

Joel must be having a heart attack with all the new guys coming out LMAO rip :’D

Based off @incorrectwizardessheart‘s post

I’m honestly so tempted to make a mpgis parody bc I can see the spring of unicorns squad being mackenzie, brittney and trisha X’D

But the question is, who is who? ;’)

UPDATE : Sorry for the extremely crappy quality before, I didn’t realsie the whole 500 x 750 rule thingy and uploaded the whole image before I realised I needed to cut it up into little images :’D

anonymous asked:

I thought a cute springtime imagine would be some of the Nohr boys walking in on Fem!M/U planting flowers near the castle! I think Corrin would ask her siblings to bring her flowers from the faraway lands they visited before the war, but her garden was destroyed by Garon's command, so she plants different Nohrian blooms when she has the free time. It would be super cute with Leo, Kaze, or Laslow!

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Ahh yes I really like this one!! I’ve spent the last week on it so I hope you like the result! Thank you Drazu again for reviewing it for me <3

Leo: When he sees you crouched at the ground, busying your hands with something, he already suspects you of being up to some sort of mischief.
“______,” he says. “What are you doing?”

“Oh hello Leo,” you turn to greet him, your cheeks dirtied up. “I’m planting flowers!”


You nod, a decisive fashion that is enough to confirm your dedication. Your armor is covered in dirt from head to toe. Jakob had forced you into your gardening shoes (quite against your will) before you were allowed to touch the fertilizer. Why he even still has that, you don’t know, but at least your toes aren’t stinky. You ache to dig your feet into the ground, feeling the earth run over your skin.

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How I make sure the boi drinks:
Step 1: Place geck on leggy
Step 2: *spritz spritz*
Step 3: wait 4 bleps
Step 4: Accidently soak pant leg
Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 until you have a well-watered boi (at Leon Springs, Texas)

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