leon springs


Some impressive boiling mud pots, San Jacinto, Leon, Nicaragua

Epic Rap Battles of Gedonelune (Some content nsfw)

Hey! Last night my sister and I were watching some Epic Rap Battles of Anime and we decided to create some with The Tower of Sorrow and Spring of Unicorns! There is some language and nsfw words in here just to let everyone know. It’s really funny so we hope you enjoy!

Who won? Tower of Sorrow or Spring of Unicorns?

Photos: savyjayjane.tumblr.com

Here’s the thing: Every time a cop gets caught on tape doing something evil, racist and shitty and there’s a media firestorm, I never once feel these authority police figures are mad about the cop’s actual actions. No. They’re just mad the cop got caught on tape and inconvenienced the status quo and gave the PD more paperwork.

Let’s be truthful: Sheriff Leon Lott will always be more angry that Ben Fields never checked closely enough around the room to see any discreetly-hidden camera phones than about the fact he beat up a little girl. 

Which is basically the problem here.