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Hogwarts Houses
  • <p> <b>I don't think I've ever done that before so here are my headcanons for the houses of the Next Gen :)<p/><b>Gryffindor:</b> Lily Luna Potter, Lysander Scamander, Frank Longbottom ii, Hugo Weasley, Jamie McLaggen, Molly Weasley ii, Dominique Weasley, James Sirius Potter, Fred Weasley ii, Roxanne Weasley, Isabelle Thomas, Alice Longbottom ii<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> Fatima Finnigan, Lucy Weasley, Simon Brown, Hazel Weasley, Lotta Finnigan, Leon Finnigan, Teddy Lupin<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Mary McLaggen, Violetta Chang, Louisa Longbottom, Rose Weasley, Lauren Brown, Louis Weasley, Victoire Weasley, Penelope Smith<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> Johnny Chang, Lorcan Scamander, Albus Severus Potter, Jessica Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy, Marcus Carrow<p/></p>

Leon’s Disney counterpart: Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire (and the sequel)

Leon and Milo both share a love for adventure, while being fairly…odd.

They are both interested in what kind of secrets the world holds, and dream of finding something that remains undiscovered, with Milo wishing to find the lost continent of Atlantis, and Leon wishing to find an unknown species of magical creature.

They also both have family that have worked in the same areas that have received fame in these areas, with Milo’s grandfather, Thaddeus, having tutored Milo, and Leon’s father, Newton, being famous in the field of magizoology.

They can also both get overly-excited about things, and are also both not very good at social interactions, often finding ways to embarrass themselves.

Both have good hearts, too, wanting to help people whenever they can, with Milo trying his best to help the people of Atlantis and Leon being willing to help pretty much everybody that needs help.

Both of them dream of adventuring, although Milo has a destination in mind (which is Atlantis), while Leon just wants to go on adventures, he doesn’t really care too much where he goes, or why he goes there, for Leon it is the adventure that he loves, not the destination.

They also look similar, with hair cuts that aren’t too different, and also both being skinny and lanky.