leon scamander


and it’s coming closer.

Aladdin AU || Leon & Open

Leon Scamander had had a rough life. Now he was reduced to being a lowly thief, having no other options due to the less-than-great economy and lack of proper jobs.

He had been fleeing some of the royal officers when he noticed somebody else seeming to have trouble. He was quick to help them slip out of sight, bringing them to his home of sorts (which was really just an out-of-the-way spot, not a house).

Little did he know he had just helped royalty run away.


“So, why were those officers chasing you?”

AU: The Knight and the Princess || Leon & Andy

Leon Scamander should have been happy.

He was the princess’ royal knight, handpicked from many, many knights to serve in the castle and protect the royal family with his life.

But he wasn’t happy.

Princess Andromeda was…beautiful, too beautiful.

Sometimes he caught himself staring at her, just taking in her beautiful form.

But it was wrong.

Knights were not allowed to feel that way about their princess. Princesses had to marry princes.

He couldn’t stop himself from liking her, though, in the way he wasn’t supposed to.

She stepped into the room, and he quickly bowed to her, getting down on one knee, holding his hand over his heart and bowing his head, “Your Majesty.”