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"You said you'd never lie to me " for Spirou and any other character you feel line writing him with :)

AHAHAHA! You all thought I would go with Spirou and Fanta, but I am here to surprise you. BAM!


“You said you’d never lie to me.”

Prunelle stopped typing on his keyboard and looked up at the bellhop standing in front of his desk. He’d been trying to avoid Spirou’s gaze the whole conversation but something about the betrayal and despair in Spirou’s voice made him finally stop and look up.

When he saw Spirou’s face he could see how distraught he looked.

“Well, Spirou… I…” Prunelle didn’t know what to say. He had known Spirou was going to find out eventually, but even so he’d kept it a secret. He’d wanted to avoid the boy going through any pain, but in the end it seemed keeping the truth from him had just made it more of a betrayal when things had come to light.

“You told me that you’d always me tell me about how Fantasio was, and no matter what happened you wouldn’t keep any secrets or lie to me.” Spirou said. He looked up, there were tears at the corner of his eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me Fantasio was dead?”

Prunelle stood up from his desk. “Spirou… I… I wanted to spare you any heartache… I was trying to figure out the best way to tell you.”

“I can’t believe he’s gone, just like that…” Spirou started to cry, he started sobbing right in the middle of Prunelle’s office.

Prunelle stood up, not sure what to do. He wasn’t quite prepared to handle this situation. Hearing that Fantasio had been shot was quite a shock to him, though he should have known it would hit the bellhop even harder, of course no one was as close as those two. He could see Spirou was devastated as he carried on crying, but Prunelle had no idea what to do.

He gave Spirou a pat on the shoulder, unsure about whether that would even help at all.

“There, there…” he said, having no clue what to do next.

mutalieju  asked:

Your favourite character from Gaston Lagaffe?

Definitly Prunelle !

Prunelle ! Prunelle ! Prunelle ! Prunelle ! 

He’s the kind of stressful hardworking characters I always sympathize with.
… And the way he actually cares for Gaston is sweet. Sometimes i even find myself getting angry at Gaston for what happens to Prunelle. XD
I can almost say if Gaston has his ‘Moizelle Jeanne, then Prunelle has me. ^//v//^

Besides… I’ve never told it before but…
I’ve a thing for people wearing glasses. I’m more likely to crush in men with glasses he he he… ^////^

In the Absence of Seagulls

Fandom: Gaston Lagaffe

Pairing(s): Prunelle/Gaston(ish)

Summary: The ‘bad ending’ to 'His Habits- a saunter’. Where Gaston does not remember his seagull. You should read that story first. http://mutalieju.tumblr.com/post/79678451978/his-habits-a-saunter

Rating: Well, it’s horror. People die. Also um, yeah, people die because evil undead editors and stuff.

Word Count:1658

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