leon on me

Vasili: Say goodbye to your little darling. Because you won’t be able to see her any more.
Leon: You promised me…you wouldn’t do anything to her..
Vasili: I am not doing anything Leonidas. They are leaving the city…for good.

Leon (to Hilal): I’ll come right after you.

Desmond: Are you suggesting that I’m as guilty as the likes of Leon Bronev and Clive Dove? Me, your own uncle?

(10 year old) Alfendi: *Sips his hot chocolate*  Oh, no. I know you’d never unleash the Azran Legacy or squash half of London. 

Desmond: Thank you -

Alfendi: All you did was kidnap most of my aunts, try to destroy Uncle Luke’s hometown, try to bury Monte d’Or in sand and almost kill Dad on several occasions. 

Desmond: But just so we’re clear, I never actually killed anyone -

Alfendi: *Pulling out a police report.* What about Evan Barde?   

Desmond: Ehhh, he accidentally fell off a cliff -

Alfendi: Loosha?

Desmond: …Animals don’t count.

Alfendi: Can you confirm there were no casualties in Monte d’Or?

Desmond: Um… Ask Randall?

Alfendi: Yeah, I’ll be visiting him next!

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I Give My First Love to You (Drama) - JK
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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????