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Things you should know about UMG (Universal Music Group)

This is a massive entertainment company that owns DefJams the label BTS is actually signed under. This isn’t the first time UMG have engaged in controversial and indiscriminate copyright acts. They have removed content from Artist Prince, abused copyright acts with company Digital Millennium Copyright Act and even muted singer Katherine Jenkins rendition of the British national anthem God Save the Queen.

The reason why this is important is because they are not learning from their mistakes and could potentially ruin BTS chances of reaching a larger audience since reaction videos, lyric videos and dance tutorials contribute to Bts recognition and also affect their social chart for Billboard. They are unfairly copyrighting content related to BST that is not Japanese, and claiming aspects of BST to be from them when in fact it originated by a KOREAN company Leon entertainment which created the BST MV and therefore have copyright claim not UMG

We cannot let this happen and need Bighit to be aware of the consequences it could have for Bts especially since YouTube content is such a major reasons for their interaction with global fans.

Guys please spread this as this is a BIG ISSUE especially if not dealt with now as it can affect Bts future MV and fan made content. Some army’s have already began spreading the hashtag #UMGdon'ttouchbts and I encourage fellow army’s to work together and make this a worldwide trend so we can stop them fro taking advantage and using bts.

UPDATE: Army’s you truly are the best fandom because of our complaints videos have begun to be unblocked, I hope they continue to unblock all the videos they wrongly removed. Fighting!

Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill shares stories behind the band’s biggest hits.         
From broken shoulders and true-crime documentaries to front-porch jams and tour reflection, here’s how KOL’s major hits came to be.

As Kings of Leon return with their seventh LP, WALLS, out now, the 34-year-old frontman, Caleb Followill is sharing never-before-told tales of what inspired his band’s biggest hits — from “Molly’s Chambers” and “Wasted Time” off the group’s 2003 debut to the Grammy-winners “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” off 2008’s Only by the Night, and more.

“Molly’s Chambers,” Youth & Young Manhood (2003)

“I was a big fan of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Whiskey in the Jar.’ It’s not actually their song, it’s an old Irish song, but he says, [sings] ‘I went to Molly’s chambers…’ We wrote around that, making it about this girl who had this secret power that would take you over. I remember playing it for my little brother [Jared, Kings of Leon’s bassist], who was 13, and being like, ‘Do you think kids at your school would think this was cool?’”

“Wasted Time,” Youth & Young Manhood (2003)

“ ‘Wasted Time’ was just a little barnburner. We were in this headspace that was like, ‘Let’s play music really fast!’ And obviously our country-side came out, so it was this country-punk music that no one else was doing. I’m proud that people enjoyed it, because I feel like it was something that had never been done before. [For the record] I went back and redid the vocal and I regret it. I feel like the vocal on the EP [Holy Roller Novocaine] was better. It sounded really tiny and doinky and it was cool that it sounded like that.” 

“The Bucket,” Aha Shake Heartbreak (2005)

“We got back from this tour in the U.K., where we were massive. Everyone had grown their hair like us. But coming home, no one knew who the hell we were. Our mom was at the airport with her sign, like, ‘Welcome home, boys!’ Every day we would go to the store and get some Miller High Life, some beef jerky, and some chocolate snacks, and write. ‘The Bucket’ was one of the first ones everyone liked. It was about me being famous for the first time and about the girls I had finally experienced.[Laughs]” 

“On Call,” Because of the Times (2007)

“When we were making Because of the Times, we had just bought land in Tennessee with this old farmhouse. We would set up our amps on the front porch, so there were these wide, open spaces. From that, we started to play with reverb and more grandiose sounds. It’s the simplest song we’ve ever written; I [sing] the same thing over and over. If you listen to our previous albums, I’m definitely a fan of good lyrics. Maybe at that point I was just exhausted. [Laughs] But I still think I’m saying something nice. It was a pleasant thing to say.”

“Sex on Fire,” Only by the Night (2008)

“I had shoulder surgery [in 2008] and my doctor said, ‘You can’t play guitar for eight weeks.’ He gave me a bunch of pills, and then I took my sling off that night. I could barely move my arm, so I could only play high up on the neck, and the first thing I did was that opening riff. I don’t remember exactly when I said [the lyric] ‘sex on fire,’ but I know that I was joking. I remember the guys going, ‘That’s it!’ I was like, ‘Oh boy…’ But I have more pride in that song now than ever. I play that first part and the place goes f—ing nuts! You don’t know how many of those moments you’re gonna get.” 

“Use Somebody,” Only by the Night (2008)

“[This song also] came out from when I was healing from [my] shoulder injury…and away from everything out at my farmhouse. In that moment, I became more honest with myself and allowed myself to be vulnerable in my writing. No longer trying to be a tough guy and admitting I need the people around me — mainly referring to Lily [Aldridge, Followill’s wife] — to get through it all. I wrote it in one sitting, very late.

“Pyro,” Come Around Sundown (2010)

“I watch a lot of TV shows about people that have f—ed-up situations. This one was a pretty famous deal [known as Ruby Ridge] where the FBI came to this family’s house to raid it and the family locked themselves inside. When [the authorities] killed their dog, it turned into this huge gunfight. There was something about when the son had gotten killed that I was thinking, ‘What if he had lived?’ I started writing from that mentality. It turned into burning a city down.”

“Supersoaker,” Mechanical Bull (2013)

“I started working on [Mechanical Bull] quickly after I got home [from tour in 2011, where, after a disastrous Dallas gig, the band canceled the remaining dates and went on hiatus.] I went out to my farm and I didn’t know if it was going to be Kings of Leon or something else, but I got very inspired. I remember coming up with the guitar part and it feeling throwback, like something off of Aha Shake Heartbreak. So I started writing about those times, about one person in particular from another band and how they lost their inspiration.”

“Walls,” WALLS (2016)

“I found that melody on the road, and when I played it during sound check, everyone jumped on, immediately. I had, [sings] “When the walls come down…,” but for the rest I would just mumble. When we got in the studio, I opened my mouth and it just poured out. It’s like a gift from the gods. I was in the right place at the right time and said something that now, I mean, I’m getting texts from everyone like, ‘Man, that song really touched me,’ from big football players to my mom.”

- via Entertainment Weekly. (Thanks anon!)

Stranded With the Twelve (Part 1)

Fifty Follower Appreciation Fun

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Stranded on a deserted island with the gods without their powers. How I see things unfolding..


Finds it entertaining but refuses to help with anything.

Immediately thinks up ways to fuck with Zyglavis.

Finds wearing a shirt to be pointless causing you to become easily distracted which he absolutely loves.

Relaxes on the beach watching everyone else scramble to get supplies and set up a camp.

Gets fed up with everyone’s inadequacy and decides to set an example 

Goes alone into the woods and is gone well into the night

Finally comes back covered in blood. It’s not his. He actually wrestled a wild boar and now everyone can eat.

Ditches the pants. No one complains, everyone was hungry.


Gets angry at everything.

Doesn’t like humidity, it’s making him angrier.

Tries his luck at fishing. First failed attempt he breaks the stick and throws it into the water. Decides seafood is disgusting anyway.

Decides to go with his strengths, attempts to build a fire.

Can’t seem to get the rocks to emit a spark sending him into a tale-spin. Throws the rocks in anger which accidentally hit Aigonorous knocking him out cold. Acts like nothing happened and moves closer to the shore hoping everyone just assumes Aigo is passed out like usual.

Rubs two sticks together vigorously finally starting a small fire. 

It’s too small, he needs to collect more wood.

Decides to solely claim the task for himself, everyone leaves him alone.

Gets too excited and totally overdoes it.

Half the trees near the beach are engulfed in flames.

Thinks it’s totally normal and watches proudly 

Zyglavis nearly shits himself before ordering Huedhaut and Ichthys to lead the teams for putting out the burning island.


Steers clear of the chaos where they are setting up camp. He’s not going anywhere near Leon or Zyglavis right now.

Walks around assessing the area trying to find a source of fresh water. Consults Hue.

Finds and collects random fruits and berries for camp.

Asks you about human made contraptions useful for survival in this particular setting.

Enlists your help at constructing a fishing net.

You help him try and fish.

Even now he is still being charming and flirtatious.

He sees the smoke in the distance. Leon is laughing, Zyglavis is screaming. He takes your hand and convinces you to try your luck together on the opposite side of the island.


Even without powers he sets up a series of simple pranks mostly directed at Scorpio. 

For once Leon approves encouraging him further.

Pranking ends after depantsing Zyglavis.

Surprise attacks you while you’re trying to fish soaking your clothes.

It was intentional. He totally saw your boobs through your sopping white shirt.

Gets bored, builds extremely inappropriate sand sculptures.


Has been missing the entire time. 

Definitely lost somewhere on the island.


the possessive scorpion.
  • pairing: scorpio x MC.
  • rating: mature.
  • word count: ~3000.
  • requested by: anon.
  • content notice: some slight exhibitionism, unprotected sex.
  • a/n: ahhh my favorite grumpy prickly son got a request, i’m so glad <33 you didn’t say you wanted smut but it seems like i’m not capable of writing anything else so…here you go lmao. hope you enjoy!~

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You see,Laurent is very anxious parent. Sometimes, even tho Damen insisted that Leon would be fine in his own chamber, and that there would be guards at his doors day and night, Laurent insisted on having Leon’s cot inside his and Damen’s bedroom (an argument he won because he is Laurent after all.)

So baby Leon slept with his papas every night, chewing on his own foot and making small baby noises that comforted Laurent. Damen didn’t really had any complaints about that except one: Laurent didn’t mind having sex in front of the baby.

“He’s too young to see this!” Damen would argue.

“He’s too young to recognize anything that is not his nurse’s breast.” Laurent would say back. “He’s asleep. He won’t even notice.”

And if Damen had any further objections about having sex whiIe having baby Leon snoring softly close to them , they all vanished the moment Laurent let out a soft sound of pleasure when Damen took him into his mouth.

And days went by like that, the royal family sharing a bedroom like the common people because the King thought there was no safer place for their little prince (The fact that Laurent liked to watch baby Leon sleep every time he was awakened by a nightmare was known to no one but Damen.).

One day, baby Leon sat on a puffy rug inside the library, babbling nonsense, while Papa Laurent read a book about poisonous herbs. Leon entertained himself by chewing on his wooden horse toys and then passing the drool covered miniatures to Nikandros, who sat next to Leon and Damen.

“Say ‘uncle Nik’” Nikandros said when Leon made grabby hands at him, demanding his toy back.

“I think it will be another few weeks before he will be able to say anything.” Damen’s said. “ ‘Uncle Nik is too hard. He will say ‘Dada’. Won’t you? He directed his question to Leon, gently brushing his cheek with a finger.

“Harder!” Baby Leon exclaimed lively, “Harder! Harder!”

Nikandros looked completely puzzled. The ruffling of pages coming from Laurent abruptly stopped. Damen felt heat coming to his face.

“Harder! Harder!” Leon continued, jumping lightly on his seat.

Damen looked up at Laurent who was almost failing at suppressing his laughter.
He took the toy from a still clueless Nikandros and gave it back to Leon to shut him up.

Leon was definitely getting his own bedroom.

A Child Of the Gods

Sequel to “A Bath With the Gods”

Rating M


     “WHAT?!” Teorus, Dui and Ichthys screamed in unison. Zyglavis nearly started choking on his drink and Karno’s glass fell to the floor shattering. Partheno and Tauxolouve went wide-eyed while staring at each other and nearby Aigonorous was so shocked he rolled off the couch onto the floor. Scorpio was white as a ghost and most likely not breathing while Krioff rolled his eyes annoyed that such a dilemma had arisen. Meanwhile Leon smirked looking thoroughly entertained. 

     “Hue….TELL me that was your idea of a bad joke.” Dui asked almost desperately. All eyes were on him waiting to hear his answer.

     “Unfortunately I cannot. I am telling the truth. She is indeed pregnant and carries a child created by one of us here. I could not however see any more than that .”

     “Awww, poor Huey. When she finds out she is going to be PISSED!”

     “Huedhaut, you are planning on telling her the truth now right?” Hue stood quietly lost in thought as the others observed him with different expressions. 

     “It does not matter whose child she carries, she cannot have the child. It is forbidden! Demigods are taboo or have you all forgotten?” 

     “Geeze Zyglavis, don’t you think that’s kinda harsh? I mean think about it, what if it’s yours? Are you okay with killing your own child?”

     “Woah hey now, that’s enough. Have any of you even considered her feelings here?”

     “Karno has a point. It’s not like we can just show up and make her choice for her.” Leon chimed in.

     “What do you purpose then?”

     “I hate to admit it but we should probably consult with that twisted bastard of a King.”


     The twelve gathered in the throne room and took their usual positions.

     “Welcome my children. Have you come seeking my advice regarding the current predicament you have put yourselves in?” The King smiled yet as always his expression was unreadable. Thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed for their previous behavior the twelve Zodiac gods for once were all speechless. 

     “All of you here stand accused of breaking several divine laws. Your crimes as my chosen twelve cannot be overlooked as they are also of the severest nature.” The King stands and makes his way down the isle staring at the twelve lowered heads.

     “As your crimes are severe so too shall be your punishments. Raise your heads and hear your fate.” The twelve look up in unison. Some look remorseful, some embarrassed and the others terrified as they wait to receive their sentence.

     “I will not end an innocent life though demigods are forbidden. The human shall continue to live her life with her child on Earth. However, each and every one of you will tend to her every need as this child you have created continues to grow. All of you shall act as though you are the Father of that child until it is born and the real Father is able to step forward. You are all accountable for this life no matter who may have fathered it and shall act accordingly. Fail in any way and you shall relinquish your title and position. Have I made myself perfectly clear?” 

     “Yes Your Highness.” Twelve voices speak in unison. The King returns to his throne and watches his children leave surrounded by a cacophony of concerns. A giant smile stretches ear to ear as he leans back comfortably feeling quite pleased. He couldn’t have dreamed of a better scenario in which his Zodiac children would bring him such divine entertainment.

imperialroseking  asked:

❛ I’m no lunatic man. I’m a sane man fighting for his soul. ❜

~~Mateus was not one to let emotions slip through easily. But hearing the words of his once-most-trusted pawn caused a soft chuckle to escape from between his coloured lips.

“Ah Leonhart. Still delusional to this thing that you mistake for righteousness. Then tell me how you are not insane? After all that you did for me, can you truly say that you do not doubt your sanity for even the slightest?”

A gloved and clawed hand made its way up to the Emperor’s mouth, half covering it, to emphasise the amusement he got from what he deemed a weak attempt at bravado. 


Boss : *being a brat as usual, making everyone do dirty work while he enjoys all the money, hookers and alcohol*

Stavro : *seven shades deep into his bosses ass, someone give him some Vaseline*

Vasili : *has the Vaseline but won’t give any, he likes seeing people suffer for his own entertainment*

Leon : *imagining bosses head as an ornament on his new Christmas tree, wants to go home and cuddle his wife*

Sibling Mystery - Leon x Kamui

Oooookay Kathie here with my first one-shot thing here on tumblr. I actually wrote this a while ago (when I first fell for this magical dork) so I edited it a bit and here we are now. I really hope you like it! (Warning: There’s some parts that can get out of hand but they’re not obscenely NSFW. But knowing you guys it’s not much haha. Also sorry for weird formatting and such.)

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misakihoseki  asked:

Can i request all character from SCM react toward mc little sister that has mischievious personality? And what mischief that she doing. You can make her little sister younger 3 years than mc

I will combine as a fanfic instead of individual headcanon, as I can’t think of so many scenarios. I will also assume that MC has not dated any of the god yet. It is kind of crazy and not so much of their reaction but being play by her sister. Hopes this is okay for you.

The gods have heard news that the evil gods are hunting for you. Thus, they request that you move in to the mansion for the time being. “I can’t, I promise my youngest sister to go on a trip. I promise my parents to take care of her.” You protested upon knowing their intention.

“Can’t your sister take care of herself?” Leon grumbled.

“She a bit active and always get into trouble. Thus, my parents only allow her to go on a trip if I am with her.” You explained.

“We can all go together to protect her.” Ichthys suggested excitedly.

“That is a good idea.” Teorus smiled and agreed.

“Huh? But with 12 of you together?” You asked in concern.

“Aren’t you honor to have 12 bodyguards.” Partheno teased.

“What a pain.” Scorpio complained.

“I guess that it.” Zyglavis sighed.

On the day of the trip, your sister is surprised that you bring along 12 handsome guys. You claimed that some of them are your colleagues from overseas who happen to be in Japan and some of them are their cousin. They heard about the trip and decide to join you. Your sister look at your suspiciously and decide to buy your story for now.

“Sis, so which one of them is your boyfriend?” Your Sister asked.

“What? None of them is.” You flustered.

“I will test out for you and see which one is in love with you.” Your sister smirked. You had a bad feeling about it and ask her to stop doing anything stupid, but you doubt she will listen to you. Finally, you reach the destination and your sister insist going to the beach first. Scorpio, Dui, Teorus and Ichthys are with you while the rest left to ensure the surrounding area are safe. You help her apply sunblock on her back.

“You are Scorpio right? Can you help my sis put on sunblock? I don’t want to dirty my hands with the cream.” Your sis smirked after you done applying the cream on her.

“What?” You blushed and exclaimed in shock but your sis already push the tube on Scorpio’s hand.

“I am only helping.” Scorpio blushed, after forcing to do it. You know that he can hear your thought since he is touching and he is blushing so hard.

“I am so jealous of Scorpio.” Ichthys frowned.

“So am I.” Teorus added as well.

“How I wish I am the one doing it.” Dui sighed sadly.

“Scorpio, you need to apply here as well.” Your sister exclaimed but suddenly pulls the string of your bikini strip. You are caught unguarded and your bikini top drop, showing your breasts to Scorpio, Teorus, Dui and Ichthys. You quickly cover yourself whiles the 4 gods blushed badly at sight in front of them. You scolded your sister but she simply laughs and get into water. You tighten your strip and quickly run after her to hide your embarrassment.

Soon your sister decides to tour around the festive stalls around the area. There is a shop that can rent Kimono. Your sister drag you in to try it out. The gods went ahead to check the area in front, leaving Zyglavis, Karno, Hue and Partheno behind to guard you. Suddenly, your sister ran out and shouted that you are in danger. The 4 gods panicked and rushed in but to see you naked and still trying to put on your Kimono. You scream when you see them.

“I am sorry!” Zyglavis and Karno blushed and turn around immediately.

“That scream is loud.” Hue blushed and looks away.

“I don’t mind the scream if I get to see that.” Partheno smirked and slowly turns his back as well.

You end up did not try the kimono and leave the shop feeling embarrassed. You scolded your sister all the way until you reached the Inn where everyone will be staying. You and your sister go into the ladies outdoor bath while the gods are on the male bathroom. Your sister suddenly decides to go back to the room first, leaving you to stay on for a while. However, you are not aware that she had left a fake snake near the bath. You basically scream out loud upon seeing it. The next moment, Leon, Aigo, Lux and Krioff rushed in, and once again you are naked in front of them. You scream even louder upon seeing them and grab a towel to hide your body.

“You scream for a fake snake?” Krioff blushed and sighed.

“That scream basically wakens me up.” Aigonorus blushed and turns away from you.

“But we get a nice view.” Tauxolouve teased.

“Her sister is really a troublemaker but thanks to her, we are entertained.” Leon smirked.

That night alone in the room, you are basically scolding and yelling at your sister for her misdeed. However, she doesn’t really seem to care and continue teasing you,“ Sis, you are in trouble. All of them are in love with you. Do you need me to help you chose one for you?”

“NO! Just behave yourself from now on.” You rebuked, but can’t stop blushing at her comment. You can’t imagine what other pranks she intends to play for the remaining days in this trip. You are not even sure how to face the gods when you are back in the mansion.


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Hm Hm Hm Hm. Everyone, about face!
Hot 1, Hot 2, Hot girls here, pretty without make up like me, like you
Are you ready? From now on protect your real face, show down, show down
Those with strength, hands up, all you who don’t, shut up
Let’s go together, Hey now, we don’t wanna stop! (No, we won’t)

You’re not alone on this road
Escape from the past days, escape now

We would never stop now
We don’t stop! We don’t stop now!

Fiestar - We don't wanna stop!

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