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So Storias,

After 4 years History have decided to part ways and leave their company Fave/Leon Entertainment. Reasoning was due to individual schedules and military enlistment. Its such a shame Leon/Fave Ent fail to manage artists under their own company properly, its especially sad as I started out as a History/Song Kyungil fan account. 

But I guess we bid a great, farewell to History and I thank them for their hard work and lovely music that rose my spirits. I still love them all and wish them the best of luck! 

Fighting History! Fighting Storia!


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Hm Hm Hm Hm. Everyone, about face!
Hot 1, Hot 2, Hot girls here, pretty without make up like me, like you
Are you ready? From now on protect your real face, show down, show down
Those with strength, hands up, all you who don’t, shut up
Let’s go together, Hey now, we don’t wanna stop! (No, we won’t)

You’re not alone on this road
Escape from the past days, escape now

We would never stop now
We don’t stop! We don’t stop now!

Fiestar - We don't wanna stop!

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