leon damas

Le fotografie sono belle. Tutti in posa, ordinati, eleganti.
Ma la vita non è una fotografia. È un disegno.
Prende forma poco a poco. Con schizzi e cancellature.
E solo alla fine, quando lo guardiamo tutto insieme, capiamo che ogni tratto, anche quello più doloroso, ha dato forma alla nostra felicità.
—  La Dama Velata

This show took my heart and put it in a blender, so I simply had to make an edit. Enjoy one of the best italian tv period dramas of the latest years. 

“A lady dressed in black, her dark hair pulled back, her face hidden behind a veil, observes a gentleman weeping before his wife’s tomb. She has never seen anyone cry so desperately. Yet, is this really a heartfelt demonstration of despair? Did he truly love his wife or was he deceiving in his ways? Does he cry tears of regret or contrition? “

Alya Cesaire in Miraculous Lady Bug

Okay, so according to the Lady Bug Wiki, Alya and her family are pretty much all named after Jazz and RnB musicians and singers. Which is really cool. 

But I kind of have a theory that their last name may be a reference to Aime Cesaire.

Who is this you may ask, well…

Aime Cesaire was one of the founders of the Negritude Movement in France. He, along with Leopold Sedar Senghor, and Leon Damas created a movement (which was also inspired by the Harlem Renaissance) to create an Afrocentric body of work and literature to explore what it meant to be a Black person living in a White world. They used the French language (a language that many colonized African countries had to used) to take hold onto and explore their African identities. 

There was even an essay entitled “Black Orpheus” which explained the movement (of course, it was Eurocentric and said that it did a disservice to unity because race was “over” and people should be focused more on inequalities of class.)

I love that Alya and her family make references to Black musicians, but I also love (if my theory is true, of course) that their surname pays homage to a great literary figure, one that a lot of non-French people may not be aware of.