leon chapel

Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat [French. 1833-1922]
Intérieur de la Chapelle Sixtine c.1875-1880

This exceptional Interior of the Sistine Chapel was probably painted in the 1870s.

This virtually deserted and almost touristy view of this Vatican high place (which is hardly suggested) is quickly painted in a limited range of colors, only animated by the presence of a female figure sitting at Foreground, near the left margin, face turned in front. This woman, probably Mrs. Kann, with whom the painter traveled in Italy, adjusts her face to hand in order to better distinguish the decor, or perhaps the painter, who is busy burying this singular moment.

With this painting Bonnat offers us the profane version of Good Friday at the Sistine Chapel which he painted in 1860, drawing inspiration from the painting of Ingres of 1814, Pope Pius VII in the Sistine Chapel.