leon buck

list of movies you should watch right now in no particular order



-They Call Me Trinity

-A Bridge Too Far

-Apocalypse Now Redux

-The Godfather I and II

-Four For Texas


-The Searchers

-The Green Berets

-Once Upon a Time In The West

-The Professionals

-Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

-Duck, You Sucker!

-My Name Is Nobody


-Dirty Harry

-Mad Max series

-The Manchurian Candidate (original)

-Top Secret!

-Uncle Buck

-Animal House

-The Detective (with Frank Sinatra)

-Cross of Iron

-The Wild Bunch

-Ocean’s 11 (original)

-Treasure of the Sierra Madre

-The Sand Pebbles

-The Great Escape

-The Longest Day


-The Thing (original)

-Pulp Fiction

-Leon: The Professional

-True Grit

♡ Characters request ♡

Hello those that are reading this! if you’re looking for a rp group that extremely active and are very welcoming come to @ropeliferpg I just joined today and feel extremely welcome and am amazed so far of the characters portrayals. There are some faces I wanna see here though such as ZSJ, Marty scurll, Adam cole, the young bucks, Mandy Leon, Deoanna, ruby riot, Bea priestly, Marti Bell and many more open characters ! ! !

Leon's singin' after Betty and Kate leave the bar

Leon Sings the Blues: They Flyin’, They Lost

(Leon POV- Inspiration: Robert Johnson’s, Me and the Davil Blues)

Why that girl running away like that, it’ll only make things worse.  Watchin’ them over the weeks, it’s been like watching water go from a cool still pool to a hard rollin’ boil.  Them two, they got something and they just don’t know it yet.  These things, they delicate.  One wrong word, one off sigh, it could ruin things for them two pretty birds.  I wish there was something I could do, they both got it hard today, and they both got it bad.  Aint no ‘mount a’ talkin’ gon make anythin’ any clearer than it already is.  But theys lost, they still don’t see what’s right in front athem. 

Them birds, they flyin’ out to the dark cold ocean, tryin’ to hang on to them old anchors they used to know so well, the ones that almost dragged them down underground, to the bottom of that deep blue burning sea, that sea that swallows up the best of us with no mercy.  T’aint no forgiveness,  just the taste a’ that burnin’ bittah salt, and from down there, that sea gets inside us, so much it’s like chokin’ sometimes just ta breath.  That water, it pulls us down.  If we aint lucky, that water so much as drowns us, and no one ever see it comin’. 

See, they flyin’ to the ones they used to run from before all this jazz and dancin’.  They just flyin’ the wrong way, that’s all, they lost.  They flyin’ back, they flyin’ towards the darkness, ‘stead of flyin’ up there, up to them bright shinin’ stars, where the light’s so bright aint no one gon drown.  Everything floats up there, cause things is easy when they seen for what they truly are. 

And they was on their way, them birds.  That’s where they belong, they just don’t know it yet, ‘cause love is hard sometimes when you aint got the right mind to ‘cept it, it comes in arrows ‘stead of kisses, feels like knives ‘stead of feathers…  It’s not hard math, it’s just a tender feelin’ that’s all.  And believe you me, they feelin’ that feelin’, they just don’t know what it is.  That feelin’ can be sweet pain when it’s new and it’s fresh, they’ll get it sooner or later, just hopin’ they not too late.  They thinkin’ like Robert Johnson, they thinkin’ they be walkin’ side-by-side with the devil.  But that aint true, cause the devil aint play no part in love.  Aint no devil knockin’ upon their door, cause Love that thing that come from above.  There aint no messin’ with love cause love is equal to goodness, aint no harm can ever come o’ love…

It’s gon be a bumpy ride for them two songbirds, taint nothin’ I can do but drink here with you and sing us all these songs o’ sorrow, and pray for that day when them birds fly together! 

So raise ya glass with me today, and here’s hopin’ they land on their feet! 

Floatin’s nice an all, but not many reach those stars…  They just so far above us , seems like a joke an’ all to even try…