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You can’t possibly understand.

So, on Tuesday there are the two new episodes of Medici:Masters of Florence, and you can’t possibly understand what happens on Twitter on every Tuesday night. These

are just a few of the images they made. So, the next time there’s a series such as Medici produced in Italy, just show these to us as a reminder of what happened with this one, so that we may never make the same mistake again.

Speaking names in the Professor Layton games

 It was worth doing more research on this! :) 

  • origins/ related words
  • possible further associations
  • interpretations/ personal comments 


  • angel
  • She’s mild and meek and the most desired girl, nearly idealized from Randall’s point of view


  • hag = live fence, rihhi = mighty/ rich, Heinrich = keeper of the realm
  • Henry keeps Angela and Monte d’Or safe until Randall’s return. Also he’s the richest and most influential man in town.


  • or = gold, le = the, de/ d’ = of, dorer = to gild. Ledore = the golden one
  • adore
  • Friendship is the real treasure, not the Azran gold that Henry found.


  • wolf/ shield
  • Randale = riot
  • Not much to find here, unless you are German and think of riots when you hear that name.


  • hruod = glory, lant = land, Roland/ Orlando = famous all over the country
  • „No risk no glory“. A whole town was built for him.


  •  ascot = ascot (duh!) 
  •  Randall likes to wear ascot-like things around his neck.


  • Raymond = guardian/ warden 
  • Raymond watches over Descole. He might even have been his warden, especially if you take Sycamore’s original Level 5 name into account.


  • foster care = something like adoption but a little less 
  • He might have named himself Simon Foster when he became Raymond’s foster child. Or he was foster dad to himself. Poor little boy.


  • des = prefix that negates whatever follows, col = collar
  • désolé = I’m sorry/ disconsolate, heartbroken
  • Descole calls himself a husk and claims his former self to be dead. All he has to live for now is revenge. What other prefix would such a man choose than the negative “des”. The meaning of “désolé” puts the focus rather on his tragic fate and sorrow before he tried to kill all pain by creating the persona of Descole. Maybe he’s even sorry he put his family to such a risk by challenging Targent. Nice extra that a word for collar can also be found in the name, since Descole wears a very special “collar”. “Jean” then only matches the French last name, it’s one of the most common names there, appropriate for someone who has seized to exist. Or maybe he liked a reference to Jeanne d’Arc, the rebel? Jean Valjean? 


  • ermana/ irmin = mighty, superior, universal. Emmeline/ Amaline/ Amalindis = brave shield holder
  • almost the same meaning as her last name


  • alta = tall, superior. Altava = ancient Roman-Berber city in present-day Algeria
  • Emmy is a tall woman and superior to anyone who challenges her. May it be in wit or muscles. But especially the ladder.


  • dawn, northern light
  • aura, warship “Aurora” in “Stargate” which is supposed to get to “Atlantis”
  • Aurora is found way up North and her waking up is like another dawn. Also she has a very luminous aura, quite magical and sensitive.


  • ewe (mother sheep)
  • Old Testament: Jacob’s favourite wife who died early. She had two sons. The elder brother protected the younger one.
  • Rachel Bronev’s part in the story is the beloved mother and wife. She dies too young. Her elder son, at a young age at least, protects the younger one.


  • lion
  • Well, look at his mane ^^


  • bronevoy = ironclad/ armoured
  • Leon Bronev is ironclad both physically and emotionally. World’s worst dad.


  • flower
  • She was held dear but isolated and now she’s ready to blossom. Also both versions of her mother, Viola and Dahlia, are called like flowers.


  • rein = pure, hold = meek
  • Flora has a very innocent appearance, even when she sneaks into expensive trains and kidnaps pets.


  • clarus = bright, shiny
  • For Layton she’ll always be the brightest memory and while dying for the second time, she’s shining.


  • Foley = pirate, folly = folly, crazy
  • Okay, she was involved in reckless experiments. But maybe Level 5 just liked the sound of the name here. 

Mr. Robot S02E04 - Elliot’s Dream Dinner Party, featuring Ray + the Wellicks; Trenton + Leon; Lloyd + Bill Harper; Angela, Darlene, & Qwerty.


It’s one thing to question your mind, it’s another to question your eyes and ears but then again isn’t it all the same? Our sense just mediocre inputs for our brain, sure we rely on them, trust they accurately portray the real world around us but what if the haunting truth is that they can’t. That what we perceive isn’t the real world at all, but just our mind’s best guess. That all we really have is a garbled reality, a fuzzy picture we will never really make out.


Mr. Robot eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme

Control can sometimes be an illusion…but sometimes, you need illusion to gain control. Fantasy’s an easy way to give meaning to the world, to cloak our harsh reality in escapist comfort.


I know we’re missing some, like Baron Reinhold/Lady Violet (Viola), and I know Luke/Arianna are still kids… But whatever, they’re cute. 

Happy early Valentines Day Layton Fans!


Summary: Angela always works too late. Genji makes sure she gets some sleep.

Word count: 1027


Even when she was in the midst of a full-one revolution, the paperwork still managed to catch up with her. Stacks upon stacks of requisitions, test results, medical files and plain old bills cluttered her usually immaculate desk. 

Angela was used to going without sleep, though. Her professors had once remarked it was as important a talent for any doctor or physician as having steady hands and neat handwriting. But she was getting a little older, and pulling an all-nighter wasn’t as easy as it had been years before; a coffee-assist was usually not enough to keep her awake until everything was done. The ambience of the safehouse they were staying in only added to her problems.

The soft whirring of the ventillation fans; the pitter-patter of gentle rain outside; the quiet hum of her computer all combined to form a perfect lullaby. In the pool of light cast by her desk lamp, Angela found her eyes struggling to stay open. She kept having to re-read the same sentence. In amongst the soothing sounds, his footsteps made very little impression on the peaceful atmosphere that surrounded her office.

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