Reaction to Mr.Robot Episode 3x07 (or Listen to my rambles about it at least) SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY

(Seriously. It’s Spoliers galore up in here)

  • Leon talking about Fraiser and Knight Rider to a mortified Trenton and Mobley-sorry- Frederick and Tonya- killed me. The mood whiplash was perfect and the theme song was the cherry on top.
  • (Also, Joey Bada$$ as Leon was such perfect casting??? Like I’m still not over how great of character Leon is and how well Joey handles the role)
  • Elliot struggling to stop Mr Robot from taking control was so painful to watch. It seemed like something out of a horror movie. My boy does not deserve this :(
  • (Honestly, this episode may be the saddest of the season. So much bad shit happened I don’t even know where to start)
  • Mr Robot talking to Krista was so edgelord-y but so in character lol It reminded me of season one
  • Tyrell profiling who committed the attacks had me so stressed I actually thought he was going to blame Elliot for everything.
  • Then in the interrogation room where he was trying to get find out where his wife and kid were made my heart break :(
  • I felt like I was about to cry when Santiago told him the truth. He looked so shattered and in denial. Seeing everything slowly dawn on him was absolutely heartbreaking. I just want him to be happy 😩
  • (Santiago in that scene too cemented him as one of my least favorite characters of this show. The 1 in 5 line was too dark even for this show.)
  • Speaking of heartbreaking, HOLY HELL WAS THAT SCENE WITH ANGELA AND DARLENE DEPRESSING. Seeing her rewind that tv over and over again made me want to tear my heart out. She was so much like a child in that scene too, sitting so close the tv, leaning on her knee, so convinced in the make believe world she had set up for herself. It was so so sad. She looked so broken too
  • Angela needs so much help and care and I feel so bad for her :(
  • The teasing of Mobley and Trenton’s death throughout the episode was so frustrating. I knew that were going to die and yet every time they were on screen they made me believe they were going to be okay.
  • Their time on screen was so good too? They had such great comedic moments with Leon and I wanted to see more of them together on wacky misadventures with the dark army or some shit.
  • Whiterose completely destroying Price because of the fact she had to ask twice is a type of pettiness I aspire to achieve one day
  • Irving in this episode speaking to Mr Robot about the rich people was such a well done scene for his character. He has such character interactions with all of the characters.
  • The dark army scene with Trenton and Mobley in the garage with the FBI around them was so stress inducing. The fact that they were going to die was so obvious but San Esmail made it seem like a twist is such masterful writing and directing
  • The scapegoat was so surprising to tho. I actually believed he was going to blame Elliot.
  • The ending scene with Dom looking at the wall she had built up was so so so well done. All her work was completely discredited because of obvious lies and mistruths I felt so bad for her

Moral of the story: nothing can ever go right in this show and everything you love dies

anonymous asked:

How'd you find out what's the kick's name Leon uses in RE4?!

Oh my sweet summer child…

I used to practice Taekwondo so I recognized the kick. It used to be my fav one! Tho the faithful day at my school olympics happened when i tried out a >>>Mouton Chiriqui

This is the Faithful kick (faithful as in.. The kick i trusted the most to land. Faithful Kick is not its name) :

Is a HEAD LEVEL kick

Leon is lucky he is tall

Now I want a rewind too

Whiterose set up Price to fall because he made her ask twice. I was OK with that.

Whiterose orchestrated Tyrell Wellick’s acquittal to kill and scapegoat Trenton and Mobley. I’M NOT OK with that.

And it started so well. Trenton and Mobley were alive. Leon didn’t kill them. He was just send to babysit them like he did with Elliot. They ended up as his captive audience and since he finished Seinfeld and didn’t like Frasier it’s time for his current obsession - Knight Rider (Leon loves Knight Rider). And even though Leon killed Mobley’s friend and took them to dessert to bury him it was kind of cute. From their escape attempt thwarted by Trenton’s inability to drive (she could you a self driving car like Kitt right then) to Leon’s complete lack of concern about any of their escape plans.

But then he delivered them to Whiterose’s right hand man and it got dark quick. Dark Army made Trenton and Mobley scapegoats for all the attacks attributed to fsociety. And framed them for planning more. The perfect scapegoats who fit the narrative they set up with Wellick and that other guy FBI captured. The perfect scapegoats the public is going to buy because Muslim, brown are easy to fit in the terrorist stereotype. And Dom is the only one who knows this all stinks but even she feels Whiterose is just going to get away with this.

I know fandom is obsessed with Wellick but I’d rather have him dead than  squirming his way out of the crimes he did commit and those he only knew of at the cos of so many  other lives. I suppose he is a perfect embodiment of those partying people Irving has shown to Mr Robot. No matter what happens, not matter the dead toll he gets away with what he has done.

Not that he didn’t get screwed in his deal with Dark Army but compared to what he actually did and to other people he got off easy. Irving didn’t tell him so he would go with the plan and point finger at Sunil Markesh and Shama Biswas but Joanna’s death wasn’t part of any plan. Tyrell doesn’t get a perfect life back because of Joanna overestimating her control of the situation she created. And their son is a bargaining chip for the same reason. But no matter how sad that makes Tyrell it’s nothing compared to the lives his freedom cost. So I’d rather have him lying in the puddle of blood.

I understood when Whiterose punished Philip Price with orchestrating those attacks on physical files and killing all those people to take him out at E Corp CEO. He wasted her time and stopped following orders and that meant she needed a new puppet. E Corp is set to recover with E Coin but Price has to fall. Whiterose said plan is everything and timing is sacred. He failed and for his hubris thousands paid with their lives. All this because of Angela (maybe theories are right and she is his daughter). Even though cruel and awful this made sense. Whiterose kind of destroying thousand of lives to get a point through, messed up sense but still.

However, why does it matter if Wellick is or isn’t blamed for 5/9 (and rest)? Even if she plans to install him as CEO of E Corp I’m sure there are others she could pick instead (and how useful he’d be now when Joanna is gone and his family is mess). Why was she so bent on this whole Iran connection to fsociety?

And the woman in the centre of that Price Whiterose tug of war? Angela knows she was lied to, placated with promises of everyone being safe so she would follow the plan. And now the death toll is too much to bear. The only way out of guilt is deeper into the faith Whiterose sold her. It can all be rewind. Everyone can be OK again. Just follow the plan because that’s the only way to fix this. Otherwise she’d have to except responsibility for what has just happened. And Darlene can only watch her friend fall apart.

The funny thing is that all Whiterose promised might be a lie. Whiterose implied it with the way she said she took care of Angela. She told Angela what she needed to hear to stop her from interfering with Whiterose’s plant. Plant Whiterose is now moving to Congo so soon she won’t need any of these people.

Mr Robot finally realised that. He thought he was running the show but now he has learnt he was just a pawn like all those other people.

Everyone is fucked and the rich are partying anyway.

Everybody knows the fight is fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes…