برشلونة وليجانيس 5-1 في 17-9-2016

تابعوا معنا مبارياتكم المفضلة في مقر الرابطة في أنستا كافيه وأستمتعوا بشاشة العرض البروجكتر العملاقة والأجواء المثيرة
⬇️⬇️الراعي الرسمي للحساب⬇️⬇️
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Messi makes defender tackle someone else (Argentina vs Bolivia)

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Aguero and Mascherano speak about Messi:

Aguero: “When all these rumours about Messi potentially retiring from the national team emerged, I asked him straight up whether he was no longer coming over. He told me that people were making things up again.I  replied by telling him that we would continue to meet with Argentina then and he nearly s*** himself laughing. Messi is calm and relaxed. He will continue to show up for the national team and play for Argentina. He always does his utmost for the team. Leo is always in the spotlights and people forget all the good things he has done. I’m not talking about just now, but they have been saying things about him that are not true for a while.“

Mascherano: “Our style of play is based a lot on the characteristics of the players. Barcelona are molded in such a way so that Leo can have the freedom to start in one place but finish in another. And the entire team adapts to his movement.”

Mascherano: “If Leo starts outside we play our regular 4-3-3 but if Leo during the match or a moment begins to go inside, we have our players who gives our team depth and if that depth is lost when Leo goes inside, sometimes our players such as Dani Alves or Ivan Rakitic adjust, or we have two players on the other side players who are very sharp, like Jordi Alba and Neymar, adjust. At the end, everyone has to accommodate him and it is difficult to find players who can do that.”

Mascherano: “When you have a player like Leo we have to adjust to his movements. The movements have to be according to how he moves. You can’t put him in one box in one place, he would keep giving you things but you would lose so many others. Our movement has to be based on where he goes. Our intelligence is in knowing how to occupy the spaces in important moments and take advantage of that. Even more so than how is Leo as a player we have to give him the tools so we can see the best version. At the end Leo is a player who has become a complete player but if you can use him in the last 30 meters that is where you will take most advantage of him. Because he makes a huge difference at the last 30 metres.”

Mascherano: “The rest, at the end football is knowing your players, knowing that when your teammate has the ball, to where you should move. There are a lot of players here who know how to take out an advantage with respect to where there teammates are. I would say there are a lot of ways to do this. I am still a player so I don’t want to get into it, but there is a lot of margin for learning.”