VIXX: Make Me Choose

Put a number in my ask and make me choose:

1. Hyde Era or Love Equation Era

2. Mamma Cha or Daddy Leo

3. Voodoo Choreography or Chained Up Choreography

4. Rrrrraveeeh or No Rrrrrraveeeh

5. Blond Hyuk or Brunett Hyuk

6. Actor!Ken or Musical!Ken

7. Leo + Babies or Leo + Animals

8. Vixx TV season 1 or Vixx TV season 2

9. Eternity MV or Error MV

10. Vixx LR: L or R

11. Rock Your Body era or Super Hero Era

12. N giving you pretty panties or wearing pretty panties

13. Leo: Hyde hair or blonde

14: Abs: Hongbin or Ravi

15. Was it hot or not hot?

Spear Me a Minute || Jarel + Leo

I wake up and the first thing I do after leaving my room is check my group next to Dasia. Rosalie, Athelea and some people I don’t know. I immediately smile at the idea of training with Athelea again as I make my way down to training.

Getting there I pick a station, almost randomly, and end up with a spear in hand. I’m listening to the trainer as he gives me some advice when I hear footsteps behind me.