LEO: I’m joining you.

GRACE: For what?

LEO: Small talk…you know, a little back-and-forth. I just went and now you go.


LEO: Is it my turn already? You know, heart pumps are tricky. Your turn.

GRACE: Okay, I get it. You’re fun. But I’m– I’m just not dating. I’ve got a lot– a lot on my plate right now, a lot I need to focus on.

LEO: Okay, I get it. No date. Well, at least let me have a look at your gash.

GRACE: That is the rudest thing–!

LEO: On your head. From the lamppost.

GRACE: I knew.

KAREN: What was that?

LEO: I was just taking a mini quiche.

KAREN: I know what you were doing! You were checking out that hussy, yeah. Well, let me tell you something, boy. Now that you’re married, the only mini quiches you should be paying attention to are Grace’s.

LEO: You’re a little bit scary, aren’t you?

KAREN: Listen to me, mister. If I hear that you have hurt my Gracie in any way, I will hurt you, yeah. I have people. I’m not gonna say who. But I do.