My take on Yuuri and Victor’s Wedding
  • Chris is the best man and gives a very embarassing and overly sexual speech;
  • Phichit and Yurio are the bridesmaids;
  • Yakov cries incontrolably the whole cerimony; Georgi tries not to, but fails;
  • Makkachin will cary the rings to the altar;
  • JJ’s invitation gets lost in his mail and he thinks he was not invited, so he tries to crash the wedding;
  • Yuuri and his dad get wasted; dad becomes friends with Chris;
  • Leo and Guang-Hong make out in the coat closet;
  • Yurio catches the bouquet on complete accident; blushes profusely;
  • Dance off rematch, Yurio wins, brags about it, nobody cares
  • Virgo: *driving mini-van* Alright gang, we're almost to Six Flags!
  • Sagittarius: YAAAAASSSSS
  • Taurus: Okay, don't forget about the buddy system. Fire signs must have an Earth sign buddy at ALL times.
  • Aries: That's so lame
  • Sagittarius: I CALL TAURUS
  • Sagittarius: haHAhAhAHaHAaha Aries you're stuck with good ole Grandpa HahAHAHhaHaHAHAha
  • Aries: nOOOoooOOoOO
  • Virgo: It's not all bad bud, i mapped the park down from most seasonal appropriate to least and i packed us some juice packs in my fanny pack!
  • Aries: WHY ME
  • Capricorn: Finally, we're here.
  • *everyone gets out of van*
  • Virgo: Y'all fuckers are on your own now! *drives off in mini van*
  • Everyone: What
Can we talk Yuri! on Ice? Part 1

Can we talk about how Yuuri’s sister and Minako were in tears because they were so excited to sit with the skaters? 

Or just super supportive big sister Mari and Yuuri fangirl Minako?

Or about how Kenjirou was the leader of the Yuuri Katsuki at home cheer squad?

Or about Yurio getting into a dance off against Yuuri? 

Or just the dance off between Yurio and Yuuri?

Or about how Leo and Guang-Hong were going to watch the GPF while on the phone together?

Aries: Sometimes forgiveness is easy. Living with the consequences will always be the hard part.

Taurus: Learn to stop regretting your choices, or start making new ones. Because this misery doesn’t suit you.

Gemini: You’re worth more then that. Start holding people to the standards you hold yourself.

Cancer: Learn to enjoy the winter, they can’t take away the snow from you too.

Leo:  Some bruises just weren’t meant to heal. Learn to work around them.

Virgo: going back to old habits will never solve any problems, just quicken your walk to a shallow grave.

Libra: stop clinging to the people who are trying to destroy you. They aren’t worth it.

Scorpio: Never stop looking over your shoulder, you can never be too careful these days.

Sagittarius: welcome home. Now to settle down and have a drink with old ghosts.

Capricorn: recovery is never going to be pretty. Learn to love your scars.

Aquarius: You’ve won the war, why the fuck are you still trying to fight?

Pisces: Do you miss who you use to be some days when you look in the mirror?

—  This week’s horoscope

Interesting: the first time Chris, Yuuri and Victor meet in the anime, the banquet is mentioned. And it seems like Leo got his wish in a way…

Because Phichit is so going to send Leo and Guang-Hong all the photos from last year’s banquet, even though those are most likely not the kind of photos Leo wanted.

The Signs and Their Corresponding Chakras

Root Chakra (Basic Instinct, Survival): Aries, Capricorn

Sacral Chakra (Sexuality, Desire): Taurus

Solar Plexus (Sense of Self, Personal Power): Leo, Virgo

Heart Chakra (Self Love, Unconditional love): Libra, Cancer

Throat Chakra (Self confidence, Communication): Gemini

Third Eye Chakra (Intuition, Spirituality): Scorpio, Sagittarius

Crown Chakra (Transcendence): Aquarius, Pisces