Designated Hitter vs. Al-Qaeda
  • Walter: It's a no brainer. There is nothing more anti-American than the designated hitter.
  • Leo: Al-Qaeda is more anti-American than anything!
  • Walter: This country was founded on a celebration of our individual freedoms. But the designated hitter puts the team's collective success over that of the individual. Can't bat? Oh don't worry! We'll just let somebody else do that part of your job for you so we can all win together! There's another name for that, Leo: COMMUNISM.
  • Leo: You can't get any more anti-American than actually trying to destroy America.
  • Walter: Al-Qaeda is doomed to failure. They're hiding in caves. Designated hitters walk amongst us as heroes. It's subversive!
Can we talk about Michael Clarke Duncan for a second?

I don’t even normally watch The Finder. I’ve just turned my television on early because I was waiting for Fringe to start.

Now, suddenly, I’m rooted to the couch. I’ve feel like I’ve just been treated to a public exhibition of master-level Acting, …with a capital everything.

It’s not even a remarkably well-written scene. Duncan’s character, Leo Knox, is having his tarot cards read. I always roll my eyes a bit anytime tarot cards are involved. I can’t help it, it’s the skeptic in me, …but Duncan takes the scene and turns it into something more. Suddenly, I’m watching a man who’s undergoing some kind of spiritual crisis. He looks like he’s about to cry; he looks like he’s about to do something rash. You’re pulling on my heartstrings, man.

Why am I not watching this man on my television every night of the week? Why don’t I own the Season Seven box set of The Continuing Heartfelt Adventures of Leo Knox: Extraordinary Human Being?

Thank you, Mr. Michael Clarke Duncan. It was a privilege watching you work your craft tonight. Wow.


So everything was all cool today. I Tumblr-ed, Pintrest-ed, Facebook-ed, and Netflix-ed. I even did some homework. 

The I stumbled across a news article about an actor dying. Then I found out it was THIS actor.

External image

Michael Clarke Duncan.

I will admit that I am not super well versed in his career, but from what I did see of him he was awesome. As an actor and as a person. I mean you would watch something he was in and love it and then you would see something behind the scenes and you’d see he was a cool guy.

So this is how I’m feeling right now.

I think that about sums it up.

nocticola  asked:

Leo Knox and Walter Sherman


  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching- Walter has a thing for bad soap operas, and Leo likes documentaries, which makes for weird suggestions. Leo has control, but he lets Walter think he does. (Walter knows what’s going on.)
  • who snores- Both of them.
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to get to go off- Walter did this to Leo before, but Leo eventually got him to switch it back, because he sort of did need someone to bail him out of jail, and it wasn’t good to have that person mad at him.
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given the chance- Walter. Definitely.
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other- Walter would, if he had a piano. He does all sorts of other things like that.
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal- Walter would get distracted sometimes while cooking. He’s not a bad cook, but it something else gets his attention, then say goodbye to whatever he was making.
The signs as Black Butler characters

Aries: Joker, Grell Sutcliff, Baldroy

Taurus: Agni, Jumbo, Tanaka

Gemini: Lau, The triplets (Thompson, Timber, Canterbury), Vincent Phantomhive

Cancer: Beast, Soma Asman Kadar, Hannah Annafellows

Leo: Ronald Knox, Dagger, Elizabeth Midford

Virgo: Sebastian Michaelis, Angela Blanc, Charles Phipps

Libra: Doll, Aleister Chamber, Drocell

Scorpio: Alois Trancy, Undertaker, Madam Red

Sagittarius: Ciel Phantomhive, Charles Gray, Ash

Capricorn: Claude Faustus, William T. Spears, Francis Midford

Aquarius: Mey-Rin, Snake, Doctor

Pisces: Finnian, Paula, Gregory Violet