so I’ve come upon the 3rd revised draft of riverdale’s pilot, and there’s a lot of things different from what we actually saw in the episode that aired, here’s the changes:

  1. the song playing at the beginning of the episode at the twin’s car is actually “sweet child o’ mine” by taken by tree’s cover (instead of “tell me” by johnny jewel feat. saoirse ronan)
  2. jason has a line, he’s the one asking if his sister is scare “are you scared cher-cher?
  3. polly’s the one watching from the riverbank with her parents (betty’s in los angeles) while people searches for jason’s body and she also delivers a line “jason blossom burns in hell
  4. kevin mentions that his father often calls him “homo
  5. betty and archie’s date is longer
  6. there’s a light hint in betty/archie by archie’s part
  7. archie and jughead waves at each other at pop’s
  8. archie tells betty that “for three days, everyone in town met by the river, waiting for jason to… surface. and everyday he didn’t, less and less people would show up
  9. the writer (ras) compare’s archie and veronica looking at each other with claire danes and leo dicaprio in “romeo + juliet
  10. there’s a scene where cheryl’s crying in her room and penelope seems concerned with her, but we soon discover that cheryl’s actually practicing for her speech at school
  11. it’s mentioned that polly turned her room into a cave and that she never comes out of it rather then being sent away
  12. fred and mary, archie’s parents, are still living together (it’s not implied that they’re not a couple anymore)
  13. melody is described as a platinum blonde
  14. valerie has a crush on archie since the moment he crushes the pussycats rehearsal
  15. veronica describes archie as “boy-toy to distract me, till the spring collections are released
  16. kevin says to veronica that betty/archie are “endgame
  17. veronica was going to sit with cheryl and her minions at luch-time, but changed her mind once she saw archie with betty
  18. all the conversation at the lunch-table is between betty and veronica (kevin isn’t there)
  19. cheryl’s minions are nancy woods and ginger lopez
  20. there’s a twilight reference when veronica asks betty if bella has already asked edward to the dance
  21. cheryls mentions that her dad did business with veronica’s father, and that he asked her to take veronica under her wing
  22. veronica mentions that she’s being in therapy since she’s six years old
  23. there’s a really strange scene where betty and veronica are going home and they are close to a train track, and when the train’s coming it seems like betty wants to step into it but instead she screams her lungs out while a very scared veronica watches, then she explains to veronica that it helps with stress
  24. there’s a proof that the beronica kiss was purely for shock value [you can see it here]
  25. veronica says that she talks to her father once a week, at weekends and that she’s in good terms with him
  26. cheryl, jason and polly are 2 years ahead of the core four (jason and polly dated while they were in freshman years and betty was in seventh-grade), making cheryl and polly seniors at the start of the series
  27. cheryl’s invites veronica to the kiki at her house after the dance after she welcomes veronica to the cheerleading squad
  28. there’s a the hunger games reference where veronica says that betty’s like katniss
  29. while betty and veronica are in the lockroom changing, betty asks veronica why she defended her and cheryl comes to give them their uniforms
  30. hermione says she’s been slapped after trying to find job in riverdale
  31. in a conversation between hermione and smithers, the later says that hiram made a number of enemies in riverdale, and that the town isn’t as forgiving as it once was. hermione then comments on how smithers doesn’t hate them, and he reveals that hiram always took care of him and his family, even helping him buy his own apartment at pembrooke
  32. betty comes home to find her mother and sister fighting, and once alice and polly notices betty’s wearing the river vixen’s uniform they both get mad at her for joining the cheerleading squad
  33. veronica comments that she knows anna wintour [it’s not that big deal for the plot, but I thought it was cool since in my fanfic veronica also knows anna]
  34. the guy kevin hits off in the dance is actually devin davis, a new kid who just moved from england, instead of moose
  35. archie blackmails mrs. grundy into tutoring him
  36. there’s a scene where alice and hermione shares a booth at pop’s while drinking milkshakes and alice reveals that just like hermione she once left riverdale because of college, but chose to come back to raise her daughter and she also offers to help hermione find a job
  37. the song the pussycats play at the dance is actually one of jason’s favorite songs (instead of the one his parents were listening while conceiving the twins) called “mad world” by tears for fears
  38. betty refers to archie and herself as kim and kanye (aka power couple) of riverdale while confessing her feelings for him
  39. in the flashback scene of archie and mrs. grundy at the sweetwater river is shown that after they heard the gun shot they also heard cheryl’s scream
  40. a drunk reggie start a fight with archie at the dance, because archie made the varsity team and reggie didn’t
  41. we find that there’s uber in riverdale when cheryl says that she’s called one to take them to her kiki and after the kiki, veronica also takes one to her house
  42. betty says that the blossom’s own half of riverdale
  43. there’s a creepy scene at cheryl’s party when betty wants to go to the bathroom and archie goes with her but they get lost and end up in jason’s room where betty finds photos of him and polly together before penelope comes to kick them out and cheryl also appears to calm her mother and show her guests where’s the bathroom
  44. cheryl mentions rainbow party [idk I just tought it was really weird and dark for her to mention that, I’m glad they didn’t use that line]
  45. while playing seven minutes in heaven the bottle pointed to betty but cheryl bumped into the table so it’d point to veronica
  46. jughead is deaf, he wears a hearing-aid, but he’s quite good with communicating verbally
  47. there’s a scene with alice and hal after she comes home from pop’s where she shows that she’s not at all interested in being friends with hermione, but instead wants to get closer to her so she can publish an article in the register since she can no longer publish about the blossom’s. she even acuses hermione of trying to steal hal from her back in high school and breaking his heart
  48. betty comes home after cheryl’s kiki heartbroken because of archie and veronica and goes to her sister for comfort, but polly ignores her
  49. betty’s actually the one waiting for archie at his porch instead of the other way around
  50. kevin and devin are the ones that find jason’s body at sweetwater river and jason’s body is described as half his face was eaten by fish

so, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I’d loved so much more this version than what we actually got, I mean…. hermione and alice sharing a booth at pop’s while drinking milkshakes is the best you can get