The Permanent Rain Press at the 2017 Leo Awards. (Watch in HD)

Our 2017 Leo Awards Red Carpet coverage featuring interviews with Taylor Hickson, Osric Chau, Sara Canning, the cast of Freeform’s Beyond, and more! Segments include nominated and upcoming projects, and on-the-spot trivia on ice cream and the Spice Girls. 

Leo Sun- General confident and stable persona. Has a strong presence. Ego is close to the surface. Has a warm and positive vibe. Confidence radiates from an exterior performance, knowledge, or skills. They build up their confidence via praise, awards, etc.

Leo Moon- In tune with the ego’s needs, has a passionate side, is fixed with their thoughts and instincts, emotionally magnetic, and is prideful. Confidence stems from past empowerment and self-discovery, confidence is likely nurtured by others, and they might have a more subtle confidence.

Leo Rising- Confident and entertaining mask. 

my ucl quarterfinal predictions

Atleti v Leicester: both teams attempt to park the bus so forcefully that they all refuse to touch the ball for an entire 90 minutes, waiting for a counterattack hat never occurs, after which diego simeone turns so red with fury that vardy thinks he’s being shown a red card and heads right for the locker room where he weeps for forgiveness in front of a framed portrait of ranieri. the match ends when jan oblak realizes it’s up to him and singlehandedly drags atleti through to the semis.

RM v Bayern: carlo ancelotti’s eyebrow creeps steadily upward as he watches both sides be alternatively weirdly sloppy and brilliant for the whole match. toni kroos forgets he’s supposed to be playing for real madrid and sergio ramos is forced to wait sadly by the opposing goal for a cross that never comes. because of this he forgets to defend at all. the match ends when both teams shower the ref in so much money that he can’t tell who to call it for and takes everything and leaves. meanwhile james rodriguez sits forgotten on the bench.

Barcelona v Juve: dani alves posts something before the game with the caption #goodcrazyinthehouse causing every barcelona fan to mourn the fact that they don’t have a functional back line anymore since selling him, or a functional midfield since busquets has been benched again for being annoying. juventus meanwhile remains solid and concedes nothing. the match ends when Leo Messi is awarded 7 free kicks in a row and scores 4 to win 

BVB v Monaco: both teams field every single offensive player on their squad in an attempt to outscore the other side. the score ends up 15-15 but they both have to forfeit after larger more elite teams come and sign all of their promising young players and both sides are left with no one. then marco reus returns from injury but while walking out onto the field he strains his calf and is sidelined for another 3 months

the signs as iconic taylor swift moments
  • aries: vmas 2009
  • taurus: "i'm not going home with any men tonight"
  • gemini: anything that happened in the taylor swift era good times
  • cancer: all too well at the grammys
  • leo: grammy awards 2010
  • virgo: snl monologue
  • libra: taylor squared
  • scorpio: blank space
  • sagittarius: thug story
  • capricorn: billboard awards 2013
  • aquarius: getting meredith
  • pisces: being named most charitable celebrity of 2012, 2013 and 2014