My thoughts on the new yoi characters

Ji Guang-Hong

Before: cute but maybe a bit suspicious

After: precious cinnamon roll along with phichit

Leo de la Iglesia

Before: I LOVE HIM

After: I LOVE HIM (even more)

Georgi Popovich

Before: probably some evil dude with weird ass hair

After: bitter, hilarious nerd with weird ass hair. pls save him

Christophe Giacometti

Before: pretty handsome dude who seems like a kind and gentle person

After: wat th e f ukc



  • Thursday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Friday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Saturday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Sunday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Monday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Tuesday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Wednesday: I AM NOT READY.
Road Trip AU

-It’s all Viktor’s idea

-After the Grand Prix finals, he invites the skaters Yuuri competed against on a road trip

-Somehow, they all agree (Yuuri is sure he threatened them in one way or another)

-They rent a minibus

-Seung Gil decides to be the driver for the most part, since he’s probably the most responsible one

-Leo is the dj

-They decide to travel through Europe, visiting as many countries as they can

-It’s decided they’ll be on the road for two weeks, because that’s the most time they can afford to lose

-Michele is constantly yelling at all the boys to stay away from Sala, but Sala and Mila find it very amusing

-Minami is always talking. It was cute at first, but please shut up

-Emil always sneaks candy into bus, one way or another

-Yuri tries to sleep through most of the journey, but is always woken up by everyone else because they’re so loud godDAMMIT

-Phichit is pretty much the unofficial photographer

-Everyone has to keep Christophe from groping random people, like ‘no Christophe, that’s illegal’

-It’s always the worst and the best when they go out drinking

-Georgi won’t shut up about Anya

-Viktor and Yuuri end up in a compromising position

-Guang Hong, Minami and Yuri can’t drink (underage) so they’re stuck taking care of the drunk ones

-Surprisingly, JJ has an extremely low alcohol tolerance and when he gets drunk, he’s even more obnoxious

-Yuri actually punched him once

-Viktor always wants to sleep in expensive hotels, but they can’t really afford that

-So they either find a shabby hostel or sleep in the minibus

-It’s an unspoken rule to have Viktor and Yuuri sleep in a room where they can be alone

-But when the rooms are with two beds, it’s usually done like this
Viktor and Yuuri
Guang Hong and Leo
Sala and Mila 
Michele and Emil
Phichit and Minami
Yuri and Georgi
Christophe and JJ
Seung Gil usually manages to get a room for himself. If it doesn’t work, he joining Yuri and Georgi

-At one point, they stumble across an ice rink and it somehow turns into a competition

-People literally get out of the rink to give them space for all the jumps

-There’s no official winner, but no matter whom you ask, they’ll claim it was them who won

-Let’s be honest, Viktor would win

-When it’s all over, they realise they’ve somehow become really good friends

-They decide to do this again in the future, maybe visit different countries and have more time than two weeks

Having been part of fandoms that obsessively analyze each panel to validate ships and argue how canon it is, I am truly grateful for YOI, where you are just whacked in the face with pure love each episode that you can’t deny even if you watched the show with only an ass cheek. 


one of them should’ve won bronze tbh, they were better.

(if you don’t agree with me, I’m totally ok with that, please don’t hate)

How I imagine Victor Nikiforov IRL

See for yourself and prepare for hotness

he has the face and the hair 

he has the body (even though maybe a little too muscular?) 

he has a professional, serious side 

and a PDA-showing, goofy side 

and also he looks hella gay (even though he isn’t, but he gives me a similar vibe as viktor kinda) 

So, decide for yourself