Celebs who share your Sun/Moon Combination: Pisces

Pisces Sun, Aries Moon: Rihanna, Steve Jobs, Ansel Elgort, Eva Longoria, Daniel Craig, Chuck Norris, Gabriel García Márquez
Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon: Billy Crystal, Thomas Jane, Jerry Lewis
Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon: Jessica Biel, Lauren Graham, Olivia Wilde
Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon: Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore, Emily Blunt
Pisces Sun, Leo Moon: Chris Martin, Eva Mendes, Dakota Fanning
Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon: Crystal Melbourne (that’s just me), Lou Reed, Jack Kerouac, Kat Von D, Johnny Knoxville
Pisces Sun, Libra Moon: Lupita Nyong'o, Justin Bieber, James Van Der Beek
Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon: Laura Prepon, Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Levine, Johnny Cash, John Steinbeck
Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon: Jensen Ackles, Hozier, Einstein, Ellen Page
Pisces Sun, Cap Moon: Anaïs Nin, G.Washington, Jennifer L.Hewitt, Bon Jovi
Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon: Bruce Willis, Carrie Underwood, Sasha Grey
Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon: Kesha, Cindy Crawford, Rachel Weisz, James Blunt, Helen Fielding, Jhene Aiko

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Starlight, Starbright - Steve Rogers x Reader x Leo Fitz

Starlight, Starbright - (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Words - 2323

Warnings - More Angst, but then again, what did you expect? And 3 Endings! Wooo!

AN - This is the continuation to How I Wish & First Star I See Tonight. It does make sense, if you just want to read this one, but it is part 3 of a series. 

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‘Steve Rogers & Sharon Carter - All The Gossip!’

'Mr and Mrs America Insider!’

'The Happily Ever After?’

These, were the headlines, which had been haunting you, for the past four months. Everyday, you would open up your phone, revealing a different Photoshoot, or a snippet of information about the 'Wedding of the Century.’

After that night, that cold, dreaded night, which you had put to the back of your mind, you decided the best option possible, was to move on. You had left that evening, bidding him goodbye. You remembered, as he began to rush down the corridor after you, calling for you, until his voice was hoarse, and he sighed, walking back to who you presumed to be Sharon.

The Hotel you stayed at that night, was rough, if a little messy. You had carelessly dumped your items, and sent your Pre-Resignation letter to Agent Coulson of SHIELD, before going down to the closest bar. There, was a man whom looked too much like your Captain to be real. He was tall, blonde, and there was a warm, fire element of him. You of course, recognized him as Johnny Storm, part of 'The Fantastic Four.’ He had smirked when you both made eye contact, shuffling over towards you, his winning smile.

“So, what’s a beautiful lady like you doing here alone?” He selflessly flirted. You grinned.

“A fella left me standing. Didn’t have anywhere else to go.” You reply, your flirtation rising. Johnny lifts himself from his seat, resting his hands on your waist. His lips came closer to your ears, and you could feel the warm breath trailing onto them.

“Well, I think you should be in my hotel room, don’t you?”

That evening of your life, was filled with kisses, moans, and a lot of alcohol. His hotel room was far nicer than the one you had gone to. Maybe that was the reason, that after it was all over, and he pulled your naked body into his arms, that you stayed. Maybe it was that, or the fact that he was so much like the man you had lost, and any sort of comfort would be good right now.

You can never be too sure as to what would happen if you had stayed. At almost 10am, you heard the Room Service Phone ringing loudly. Breakfast maybe? Noise complainants? Instead of waking up the sleeping form of the man next to you. Hesitantly, your arm left the warm duvet, reaching out, and hooking the phone off the latch, pressing the 'Answer’ button.

“Hello?” You mumble. There is a pause, before you hear a voice. Recognizable, of course.

“Y/N Y/L/N, What on earth makes you think I’m accepting your resignation from SHIELD?”

Coulson. Crap.

“Ehh…Good morning Agent Coulson?” You try, to which you hear a sigh. You return the action, before continuing. “I can’t go back to The Avengers, you know I can’t.” She feels her eyes brimming a little. “If I go back, I’ll never get over it.” The Agent waited a moment, before trying to reason.

“I’m not asking you to go back to The Avengers. I’m asking you to come and work for myself, with my agents.” He explained. An almost silent, and trailed 'Ohh…’ left your lips, as you sat up properly now, your legs hanging over the edge of the bed. It was only then you realized you were toggled in Johnny’s shirt from the night before.

“Okay, so how do we do this?” You ask, oblivious to the man beside you, who was now stirring.

“The Café across from the Hotel. Meet me there at 10:30.” His tone is now serious. This is a real thing. He won’t accept your resignation, so you have to chop and change.

Before you can think, you murmur, “Okay.” Before pressing the button, which disconnected the call. Running a hand through your hair, your feet carried you into the en-suite bathroom, trying to see how your appearance was effecting you. Make-up was almost gone, a little still remaining, and your hair could be fixed, when your hands made a temporary brush.

Suddenly, a pair of lips were on your cheek. You gasped, seeing Johnny’s reflection in the mirror. “You’ve got to go?” He asks, to which you nod. It’s then, you look down, realizing your sudden attire.

“Oh god! Here, take your shirt-”

“No, no, it’s fine. It…It suits you better anyway.” He says, smiling. You giggle, lacing your hands behind his neck, and pulling him closer to your face, as his hands find your sides.

“Remember me, yeah?” He says, kissing your neck. You nod.


You had amazingly, gotten through that morning. After using Johnny’s shirt, and a pair of leggings you had worn last night, along with the black boots, you felt more confident. Hair now tamed, and makeup almost all gone. Your feet had lead you through Reception, where you could of sworn you nearly bumped into Sue Storm, maybe looking for her brother?

You daren’t tell her.

The Café across from the Hotel was small, quaint, individual. Phil Coulson was a man for being notoriously early, so to see him, sitting in a window seat, his hands rested on the table, looking down into a cup of coffee, was not a surprising sight.

What was, is the fact he wasn’t alone. Across from him, sat a young man. He was pale, wish dark blonde curls, and currently wearing a shirt and black tie, completed with a navy blue cardigan. From what you can see, he’s talking to Coulson, taking swigs of his hot drink every so often. Sighing, you enter through the door, walking to where the two men were.

“Ah, Y/N.” Coulson spoke, a smile now on his face. He put his arm out, which you shook, before he motioned to the man he was sitting across from. “This is Leo Fitz, one of my agents.” He explains, to which you nod. The young man sticks his arm out, which you shake.

“Hey, I’m Fitz.” He repeats, obviously a little shy. You nod, before sitting down among the two boys.

“So, why now? Coulson asks. "Why does it matter-”

“You know perfectly well why, Phil, don’t give me that.” You interject, before pausing for a moment. “How are the others?”

Coulson sighs. “Well, Natasha is heartbroken. Which for me, is a little strange. Tony, Clint, Thor, Sam…they’re all wondering where you’ve gone.”

“And Steve?“

"He’s saying all the right things, keeping his mind on his wedding, but there’s something missing from him, some sort of…feeling.” He trails off. You nod.

“That’s why he’s got Sharon.”

For the next few minutes, Phil explains your new duties at SHIELD. You’re to go and work with his group of agents, residing mainly in a secret location. You nod, taking it all in. There’s a few new names mentioned, as well as 'May,’ who Phil has mentioned one too many times.

“So, will you do it?” He eventually asks, to which you say yes. Coulson grins, before standing up. “I’m afraid I have to run. Fitz? You can show her out, can’t you?”

“Umm…yup!” He replies to his boss. Both you and Fitz stand up, making your way towards the entrance of the Coffee Shop. Being the gentleman he is, he opens the door, letting you out first, before he steps out, close behind you.

“So, you and Mr America…you were a thing?” He asks, before realizing what he had said. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“No, it’s fine.” You say, turning to Fitz. “I liked him, and I tried to tell him, and he aorta…just stamped on my feelings.” You explain. Leo sighed.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, you didn’t control him.” You say, before looking down the street, past the Hotel you had stayed in, and towards the one you should be at. “I’m gonna have to go get my stuff.” You say. “If I’m going, I might as well start now.” Fitz nods, still following you back to the Hotel.

“I was just wondering…” His voice gets a little shy again. “What you were doing for Lunch?” He questions.

“Not sure.” You murmur, looking both ways, about the cross the road. “Why? Are you offering?” You look to him, seeing his cheeks a little reddened, nodding. You smile to him. “Alright.” You say, now smiling yourself.

And so one lunch together had turned into two, and the next week he asked if you fancied going for dinner and a movie. By the end of the month, he was walking you to your room on The Bus, and had kissed you, before saying goodnight.

Now, four months later, you were too happy to wake up in his arms, nestling your face into his neck, when he would say it was morning. He could only coax you out with kisses, which of course you didn’t mind. It was very sweet.

However, today was a little different. You were sat on the edge of your bed, looking at the date on the clock.

20th August.

Steve and Sharon’s Wedding.

You had been invited, of course. The Invitation had arrived at The Bus a little more than Two Months ago, and when you opened it, your heart broke all over again. Leo had been quick to take you into his arms, murmuring it was okay, and that he loved you, more than Steve ever could. This made you feel better.

It wasn’t long before your boyfriend realized that the warmth of you in his arms was gone, and he sat up, seeing you hanging over the edge of the bed. Hanging on his cupboard, he saw the suit, and your dress, which you were to wear to the Wedding. He sighed, sitting up, and placing his legs around you, so you were tucked into his chest.

“You okay, Beautiful?” He asked, kissing your cheek. You nod. “You know.” He says. “We don’t have to go, if you don’t want to.” You turn around to face him, and his blue eyes, and for a moment, it’s just you and him, in your own little world. You could stay here with him today, cuddled up, and watching movies, endless kisses and bad jokes.

Then you remember Steve Rogers, and how much he still means to you, after all of this time.

“No, we need to…I need to.” You explain, hiding in his neck again. Fitz’s hands find your back, rubbing soothing circles, in some sort of comfort. “Okay.” He says, casually.

The next few hours are spent getting ready, starting with a shower, which ends up turning into a Water War, and it’s only Coulson’s banging on the door, and shouting if you ruin the bathroom, you have to clean the entire ship, that makes the pair of you stop. He gets out, drying his hair, and brushing it through, whilst you padded into the bedroom, beginning to get ready. You brush and curl your hair, pinning and plaiting a part of it. After make-up, your dress is placed on, making you seem beautiful enough to be the bride herself.

Just not the Bride to marry Steve Rogers.

At that moment, Fitz comes back into the room, asking about some missing hair gel, but soon cuts himself off, seeing you.

“What?” You question, a little nervous of the outcome.

“Nothing, you just look…Stunning.” He says, walking forward, and kissing your cheek. “God, you look like a movie star, and here I am, standing in my dressing gown.”

You giggle, tapping his cheek gently, before kissing his lips. “Then stop complimenting me, and go and get dressed up, so I can compliment you.” You say, resting your hands on his shoulders.

“Of course.”

Eventually, Leo’s ready, looking very attractive indeed. His suit is dark, but his tie is the same colour as your dress, making you seem like the ideal couple. He leads you to the car, after Simmons and May take so many photos of the pair of you looking adorable. For the journey, he’s driving, both of you listening to music, and singing along, so nerves are less.

It’s only when you reach the destination, they settle back in.

The place is grand; an older style building, which has been kept so well, it looks new. pale pink and baby blue flowers decorate the entrance to the car park, as you see the designated spot for the wedding area. Fitz nods towards it, beginning to park the car. However, he ends up driving around the area twice, moaning about the lack of spaces. You laugh along, but it just gives you more time to admire; the beautiful fountain, the arch, covered in pink and blue flowers, aesthetically pleasing. The only thing which dosen’t fit in, is the man sitting on the stairs, with his head in his hands.

Steve Rogers. You know for a fact. Your distracted by him, in a suit which makes him look perfect, and a style which is so Sharon Carter, it’s almost written.

Leo notices your distraction, and the lessen laughter from your jokes, and looks out the window, following your eye glance. It takes him a moment, but he soon recognizes Steve, and the expression on his face falters.

“What’s up with Mr. America?” He asks, to which you don’t reply. He raises an eyebrow, moving the car to park.

“I’m not sure.” You eventually respond. “But I’m going to go and find out.” You say. Before Fitz can respond, you open the passenger door, unbuckling your seatbelt, before walking towards the solider, rested on the steps, with his head in his hands.

Before you even say a word to him, every memory comes flooding back. From the moment you first met him, to the movie nights you shared, even the arguments had. Everything was clasped into one moment. However, the memories dispersed, as one word escaped from your mouth.


And now, it’s time for you to decide! I have written three alternate endings, on how this story could end. They are:

~Happily Ever After~

~Fitz Is The Word~


Have fun! I hope to see you all soon! <3

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The signs as Muse B-Sides
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> Glorious<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Jimmy Kane<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Eternally Missed<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Bedroom Acoustics<p/><b>Leo:</b> Piano Thing<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Do We Need This<p/><b>Libra:</b> Popcorn<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Easily<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Pink Ego Box<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Spiral Static<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> The Groove<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Shine<p/></p><p/></p>
Talking about Mikey and Leo/Mikey love

So for today’s blog/rant, I’ve decided to talk about Mikey- more specifically, the Mikey as portrayed in the current Nickelodeon series that launched in 2012;

Why? Well, because of the introduction of the new character Shinigami, who is a new love interest for the pizza loving turtle. For some reason, fans who believe the turtles are heterosexual enjoy going out of their way to bash and flame tcest fans every chance they get, and they feel self-righteous in pointing out mild examples from the show to justify their tirades. Well, I don’t go out of my way to troll and annoy non-tcest fans, but I WILL point out counter evidence and reasoning to support that the turtles are NOT straight. Because if you are going to make a claim and get up on a soap box, you have to also be willing to hear counter claims that are just as plausible.

My claim is that Michelangelo from the 2012 series is bisexual.

Keep in mind that they are teens who are not only just discovering who they are, but they have lived 15 years in isolation- which means they will have more difficulty than most sorting out their feelings than those who have already hit certain emotional and developmental milestones due to growing up surrounded by peers.  

I also want to define bisexual and how it is different than pansexual. Bisexual means that an individual is sexually and emotionally attracted to both males and females. Pansexual means an individual is sexually and emotionally attracted to certain personalities regardless of gender- this is not the same as bisexual, in bisexuals you like men for their masculinity and women for their femininity. Pansexuality has nothing to do with physical traits. Mikey is not pansexual because we see him showing an interest in several different people all with very different personalities. Pansexual would mean he has a personality preference, for example, if he liked skater types than anyone who was not into the skateboarding culture would have zero appeal to him- nerds, goths, jocks, they would do nothing for him.

I will also later claim that not only would Mikey be open to tcest, but his preferred partner would be Leonardo.

Let’s start off by listing the characters that I believe Mikey has expressed more than platonic interest in: Chris Bradford, LeatherHead, Leonardo, Renet, and Shinigami.    My, he certainly is a “Playah,” isn’t he?

Both Chris Bradford and LeatherHead establish the traits that I believe Michelangelo finds attractive in males; Older than him, larger than him, strong, and show him positive attention on a regular basis.

(Yes, Chris Bradford was leading him on, but until he turned on Mikey, he pretended to be nothing but friendly, warm, generous and an active listener with only nice things to say to Mikey, however false.)

If you recall the earlier episodes, the amount of obsession and idolization Mikey displays when talking about Chris Bradford exceeds even that of Donnie gushing over April. Mikey is also the only one insistent on befriending LH and is very cuddly with him. None of the other turtles are nearly as trusting and would have been extremely hesitant to approach Chris Bradford and suspicious of his motives and friendly nature- and, well, you SAW how they reacted to LH.

Now, I’m sure many will cry out and say that this is grasping at straws as the intent was to show that Mikey is far more naïve and trusting than his bros, the optimist who sees the good in people and longs to have lots of friends.  I will agree that is true. However, please note that Mikey was not nearly as excited about April or Karai, he showed almost no interest in Casey Jones, was weirded out at first by The Pulverizer (despite Timothy’s enthusiasm to meet the turtles) and is nowhere near as cuddly with Napoleon or Mondo Gecko as he is with LH. Now tell me, as a turtle who so desperately wants to be friends with everyone he meets, why does he not show the same level of enthusiasm and physical contact with all of them?  It seems more likely to me that both Chris Bradford and LH have certain qualities that Mikey finds more appealing.

Renet and Shinigami- those two are as different as night and day; One is a perky airhead who fawns over how awesome the Turtle Warriors of legend are- the other, a confident goth girl who finds the turtles amusing at best and is more mocking of their skills.  Both are so different, and yet both caught Mikey’s attention in the classic “love at first sight” (which isn’t love at all btw). So what is it about these girls that caught his eye?  They have some shared physical traits; both appear to be older than him (though technically Renet hasn’t been born yet) and both wear very outlandish costumes that include capes and weird head-gear.  That’s it.

There have been multiple examples throughout the show of how much Mikey adores costumes, if you truly need me to list them all than that shows you haven’t been following the series at all.  Turflytle, Elf Mikey, Savage Mikey, that alien monster mask he wore when asking his bros if they’d seen his iguana in the top hat, and the time he mentioned to April and Donnie that he LOVES Tiaras. Mikey adores costumes and dressing up, the more strange the better!  Shinigami is a witch wearing heavy make-up, a comically giant witch hat, and a cape that looks like bat-wings.  Renet has a long flowing cape, a weird futuristic helmet thing, and clocks all over her body suit- they are both oddly dressed and that appeals to the random weirdness that lives in Mikey’s heart.

Now is the point where the anti-tcesters will point their fingers and go “ah HA!” as if they’ve beaten me in my own game, and say that Mikey openly flirted with Renet and Shinigami the way you would expect a boy to try to play “smooth” and “cool” towards a girl he liked.  Yes, he did. Because they are girls. This may come as a shock to many of you, but there are many differences in how one flirts with females vs. how one flirts with males. The same pick-up lines that you would use on a girl would get you nowhere with a guy.  Bisexuals often have different flirting games depending on the gender of their targeted partner. They also often vary in the “role” they play in the relationship.

As a bisexual, Mikey would try to portray himself as the smooth talking cool guy that makes her laugh when flirting with chicks because he would be the “male” in the relationship, the one who takes charge and sweeps her off her feet with his awesomeness. But for guys he would adopt a different role; he would be the cute cuddly one who cooks awesome meals and is essentially the “submissive” or “uke” of the relationship, who every now and then has a wild kinky streak and likes to be more of a power bottom just to keep his lover on his toes, but as long as it’s fun the role of who is the sub and who is the dom isn’t that important to him.  Why would he be so different? Because of the psychology of gender roles- typically, girls appreciate a man who is confident, who can take charge of a situation and can take care of her, who will make her feel pretty and who will be strong and bold for her- not to say that all women are damsels in distress who are waiting for prince charming, they can want to be equal partners too, but I don’t think any woman looks at a potential mate and wants to see a child that they need to take care of, (unless she’s a creepy pedophile).  Many guys have been raised to have a sense of masculine pride, that they need to be the one who takes charge and takes care of business, who has a sense of control and “be the man” if you will. The types of men that Mikey show an attraction to are of the more Masculine variety who would see themselves in a more dominant role in the bedroom, who would want to play the protector.  Mikey would play a much different role in a relationship with a guy than he would in a relationship with a gal, and being that he is such an easy going turtle who can go with the flow, he has no problem adapting accordingly.

Finally, getting to the tcest aspect of this drabble, I would like to address why I think Mikey would prefer Leo over Raph or Donnie.  

Mikey’s interactions, responses and dialogue with Leo are much more positive and affectionate than they are with either Raph or Donnie.  Mikey pranks all of his bros, but Leo is not pranked or bothered nearly as often. Mikey seems to look up to Leo the most, has more respect for him. Mikey doesn’t question Leo’s orders like Raph or Donnie do, and Mikey responds more favorably to Leonardo’s attentions, even when they aren’t praise or affection.  Think of this, whenever Raph smacks Mikey what is the orange banded turtles reaction? He is annoyed that he was smacked, pouty, and even afraid that more hitting will follow. Do you remember the episode where Spider bites was introduced? Mikey felt something was missing with Raph gone, so as a joke, Leo smacked him, and Mikey was very happy.  Later however, Donnie spotted a spider crawling on Mikey and smacked the pest away- Mikey was very irritated at this and felt the need to retaliate even though Donnie insisted that his intention was to help not harm, Mikey still took great offense.   We have seen Mikey take great pleasure in insulting Raph and making fun of his phobia of insects. We have also seen Mikey poke fun at Donnie and even plea that Snakeweed take Donnie instead of the poor hapless Pizza deliver guy.  Mikey has never made any disparaging remarks about Leo. The most fun he has had at Leo’s expense was a water balloon, imitating him when he got to use Leo’s swords, and to draw on his face while sleeping, but even then it was his opinion that his bro looked handsome. Mikey insisted he be paired up with Leo during the hunt for Karai, yes it was because he wanted to go to the theme park, but he was also much more physical with Leo, grabbing onto him and asking if he’s been working out. Also while in Space, after Leo saved him, Mikey clung on to him like a koala and proclaimed that Leonardo was his hero- Mikey has been saved by both Raph and Donnie before, but neither of them have received such praise. Mikey also was the one to sneak out after Leo when he tried to break into Shredder’s headquarters by himself to capture a brain worm.  When Leo was showing off, both Raph and Donnie were very annoyed, but Mikey admitted that he was extremely impressed. Mikey also hurled an entire couch out of a window to avenge Leonardo’s injuries.

Leo is the nicest to Mikey, he doesn’t yell at him or hit him as much as Raph and Donnie do, and Leo even scolds Raph if Raph is being too rough with Mikey- Leo has never jumped to Donnie’s defense like he does to Mikey’s. Leo is also the most likely to humor Mikey when it comes to dressing up in costumes and can really get into character. Leo praises Mikey the most for his specific skills like throwing water balloons and shadow puppets, and remember, it was only Leo who knew how to revive Mikey after he had been knocked out by Snakeweed.  He was also the first to insist that they go rescue Mikey from the Triceratons.

Those two get along so well, and even though they are different, the differences in their personalities compliment and support one another.  Not to mention they look super adorable together.

If you don’t enjoy slash, that is fine. If you don’t enjoy tcest, that is also fine. I don’t know about you, but I come from a free country where everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can claim that my reasons stated here are circumstantial at best and the examples are weak, but the same can be said about any example YOU could give that supports the opposite, and frankly, you have far less examples to pull from.

I will also concede that this is a show marketed towards children because that’s how you make money; buy selling toys. So no relationships that are not heterosexual will not be acknowledged. But also because this is a kids show, neither will definite romantic relationships between the turtles and any females be acknowledged. You know why? Bestiality.  Parents would be outraged and demand the show cancelled if Apritello or Leorai ever became official. So all you will ever get is teasing just to appease the older fan-bases.  April will end up with Casey, it is cannon and it is appropriate and will not get any angry letters from parents.  And personally, I feel that this version of Karai is a lesbian, so she won’t end up with anybody- plus think about this, you hypocrites- you think Splinter would never approve of his non-related, adopted sons dating, but you think he would totally be okay with his blood daughter dating his turtle son? Yeah, that ain’t happening. Sorry. But if you want to draw and write fanfics about Leorai, that is your right to do so and I will not criticize you for it. Why? Because I’m not a closed minded asshole with nothing better to do than troll people on the internet.

I hope this rant has given some relief and emotional support to my fellow tcesters out there who love the idea of Leo and Mikey together and aren’t happy that the show has introduced a new female character for the sole purpose of being a love interest.


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