Aries: “The floods have passed. You won.you stand victorious now, gold medal around your neck. You have conquered and won every required.  Let the flames come roaring home. Let them carry your spirit, because I know you’re tired. Let joy fill you again. The time for war cries have passed, it is now time to sing. Let the flames drape you in warmth and illuminate world. Let them restore all that has been laid to waste. It is the healing era.”

Taurus: “You’ve been at war against change for so long, ironclad in your stubbornness. If only you could see that this time is going to bestow your wings upon you. Preparing for you to take flight; from a caterpillar cemented to the ground, into a stunning butterfly. You just have to be willing to take the leap and enter your chrysalis first. This is no easy feat since there is no instant gratification here. You must put in the effort and persevere. You can do it.”

Gemini: “Time to grow quiet and reflect. You’ve wallowed in naïveté, and played in a childish mindset for too long, my dear. Being loud, screaming and laughing, jumping up and down until the ceilings rattle with joy. It’s time to silently ponder and deliberate carefully; especially in regards to what fate has in mind for you. It may not always be easy, the road may be rough. But hold on. Have faith that it all changes with time.”

Cancer: “I know sometimes the change looks scary, but it’s time to let it come. You already wore the crown and your reign was glorious. Let someone else take the stage, and pass the baton. You aren’t stepping down, just stepping aside. You don’t always have to be the image of sheer perfection. Let yourself fall every once in awhile. Being held up on a pedestal has to get exhausting every once in awhile.”

Leo: “This is it, your shining moment. All eyes on you, watching you light up the room like the sun. Take the risk, step up to the plate and give it your best shot. Aim your arrow and point it true. You cannot miss. Be sure of your steps because you’re heading in the perfect direction for you. We are all cheering you on. Can’t you hear us? We want nothing but the best for you right now.”

Virgo: “The world applauds you for all that you’ve done, but the time has finally come. Lock the door, lay down, close your eyes and breathe. Feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders.  You do not have to carry the burden of everyone’s sins anymore. You are not responsible for kissing every single scraped knee better, and mending each broken heart. Allow yourself to focus on what you need. You can’t expect to save anyone if you yourself are drowning, my dear.”

Libra: “I know the storm is raging. The thorns sprouting from your blooming roses deprive your buds of the little sunlight they initially had. You’re feeling just as suffocated and trapped right now. Everything around you is a whirlwind of chaos, but don’t let that break you. Stand stronger than the storm pounding against you. Learn to make yourself big, even in the smallest of places.. Purchase some weed cutters; treat yourself to a solution, even if it’s temporary. Have faith in knowing that the storm will pass and the sun will radiate once more.”

Scorpio: “Heed my warning you stubborn child. Listen to me, I’ve been here before. This isn’t criticism or condemnation. It is just firm advice from someone who only wants to see the best in you. Who only wants to watch you succeed. By allowing the red haze of fury to cloud your mind, you surrender your better judgement. Every time you drink the poison you lose another piece of yourself to make room. The pressure builds inside you like a volcano and when you erupt; your pride, and joy will be your only casualties. You’re strong enough to let this shit go so, do it.”

Sagittarius: “Your words drip like venom from your fangs, digging under others skin. I know you think it shouldn’t hurt, but god does it ever. And yet, here you are, a beacon of optimism with a grin plastered on your face. What a beguiling cluster of traits you are. I can’t figure you out, and I suppose I’m not meant to. But if we could find some kind of peace that doesn’t give me anymore scars or leave you any more upset, I would call that a victory.”

Capricorn: “You’ve locked yourself in a tower for so long. Thinking that the only way to stop missing the sun’s warm glow is to never feel it in the first place. Open yourself up again. I know it terrifies you inside. But just because it gets rather cold some nights doesn’t mean the heat isn’t worth it. You can’t survive on your own forever. Eventually you’ll need to reach out. Just know I’m here waiting. Hand outstretched, waiting for your firm grasp.”

Aquarius:  "Time to look forward to a new sunrise. Grab your jacket and let’s go! You have so much to show the world and so much to accomplish. The church bells are ringing for you. Your time has come. They are calling you, coaxing you into glory. Do not be scared, this is the blank page you have been craving for. You just have to take the risk and jump. To push your fears aside, leave them behind. They won’t do you any favors.“

Pisces: “Use your innate strength as fuel for your inner flames and utilize them. You are a goddess and you own that shit! Time to start acting like it. Make these flames dry your tears, make them dance for you beneath the spotlight. Use them as a shield, or a deadly weapon. Make them your tool to carve art onto every inch of your world. Whatever you do, just make it yours. Because, Honey if you can tame the roaring flames within you- you can tame anything”

—  This Week In Astrology (Co-Written by @babygirlastro )
Normal Horoscope:

Aires: The night has a thousand eyes, be very careful not to poke any of them. What did the night ever do to you?

Taurus: Be on the lookout for something that looks like its made of driftwood and light. He trades bad memories for fast food cupons.

Gemini: If you come across a library of forbidden knowledge tended by the dead dont try to check anything out. You can only get a card if you’re a legal citizen of an afterlife plane and it would be very embarrassing if you weren’t.

Cancer: Not every day will be one of triumph. You will fail, you will be lost, you will be scared. Fertilizer is made from plants whose time has passed.

Leo: You must be brave enough to produce terrible things. The key is discipline, fuck standards.

Virgo: The internet has made it possible to be scared to talk to girls that are thousands of miles away. 

Libra: Make sure to empty your dream catcher into a wastebasket every couple days. Otherwise you might attract things that try to eat the dreams suck there.

Scorpio: If you’re gonna break rules, for the love of god do it with some style.

Ophiuchus: Hiding under the covers actually works with some things. It is technically a threshold and so some things do actually have to be invited.

Sagittarius: “two birds one stone” Is a misleading proverb. Meteorites hit pretty hard.

Capricorn: Most armor is not resistant to funk based weaponry. 

Aquarius: Harvest from the rich and give to the poor. They wont need the blood for much longer anyway.

Pisces: Make up your own constellations, pray to your own gods, command unknown forces of your own divination. Steal from everything. This is real magic.

What the signs are unsure about:


Aries: Whether or not they spend enough time with their family

Taurus: Whether or not people like them

Gemini: If the people they care aboht will stay

Cancer: If the people they love love them back

Leo: Relationships

Virgo: Whether or not people will accept them

Libra: Their pets health

Scorpio: If their loved ones know how much they care

Sagittarius: What to do with their life

Capricorn: The state of the economy

Aqaurius: Their sanity

Pisces: Whether or not theyre doing enough

the signs as songs from ‘lust for life’

aries: summer bummer ‘is this love or lust or some game on repeat?’

taurus: 13 beaches ‘it hurts to love you, but I still love you’

gemini: white mustang ‘caught up in my dreams and forgetting’

cancer: love ‘look you kids with your vintage music’

leo: lust for life ‘in these stolen moments the world is mine’

virgo: cherry ‘it’s like heaven taking the place of something evil and lettin’ it burn off from the rush’

libra: tomorrow never came ‘'cause I adored you, I just wanted things to be the same’

scorpio: heroin ‘my hopes that you come back again to tell me everything’s okay’

sagittarius: get free ‘finally, I’m crossing the threshold from the ordinary world’

capricorn: beautiful people beautiful problems ‘my heart is soft, my past is rough’

aquarius: when the world was at war we kept dancing ‘if we hold on to hope we’ll have a happy ending’

pisces: in my feelings ‘sobbin’ in my cup of coffee, ‘cause I fell for another loser’

How zodiac signs are acting when they fall in love (girls version)

Aries: She’ll be like a tiger => passionate and full of energy. She will try to speak with u and to be around u! She’ll want to make a bond before she’s gonna tell her “secrets”

Taurus: Petty girl…she will try ~from the shadows~ to lure the boy she likes but…she will suffer a lot because she is not so straightforward as others! So sweet and kind when she’s in love!

Gemini: These pretty girls will try EVERYTHING so that they’ll know your problems and your true self. They will be so energetic and sweet around you, they’ll be like kids fascinated by love!

Cancer: This international “cry baby” when she is in love she will be so tough and indecisive 🤷‍♀️! She’ll stare at her crush and dream about him but she’ll never make the first move

Leo: Familist and overly jealous. They want peace and quiet but when they fall in love they are like crocodiles! Really strong and independent but sometimes sweet

Virgo: Shy as fuck and so intimate! When they fall in love they want to possess that boy! Cute but aggressive if you make them suffer, rarely talking about love

Libra: Talkative and sweet. Wants to spend every second with their crush and they might call them in the middle of the night to say “I miss you”. Bitchy if their crush is a fuckboy at the end

Scorpio: So moody! They can’t make a decision! They’ll like someone but if they see that person being untrustworthy they will step aside….they find someone to love so slowly

Sagittarius: FUNNY AND IDEALISTIC! So much fun! She’ll tell jokes around him to make him laugh , or she’ll invite him at a movie in the woods! Such a romantic ass! …but she’ll be a slut if you don’t respect her!

Capricorn: Romantic and jealous, dude! They’ll want to monopolies their crush and they are like ~sex addicted~ ! She’ll take u at a coffee shop then at a sex club!

Aquarius: They love with all their heart but if they’ll find you boring after 6-7 months of relationship please don’t cry if they break up with u! They want amusement and new stuff when they fall in love…stupid but true

Pisces: Shy and cute when they fall in love but so cold till they open up to u! Strange little babies but what can u do? Jealous as fuck but won’t say a word, maybe they’ll stab u while u sleep

aries, leo, and sagittarius, (fire signs) are moving bonfire ceremonies. they have throttling vision that makes the horizon transparent and illuminate into infinity, like the iris of the eye is wider with burning embers around them. waves of cosmic fire stream through them and send tingles into their fingertips

Venus los creó...
ARIES: En una hermosa erupción de volcán iluminando el cielo en tonos rojos anaranjados, exactamente en la hora de la puesta de sol.
TAURO: En el florecimiento de una hermosa enredadera en medio de una tierra silvestre, cubierta de luciérnagas y la fauna contemplando su nacimiento.
GÉMINIS: En el inicio de un gran arcoiris resplandeciente captando la atención de cada alma a su paso.
CÁNCER: En una noche de luna llena bajo la oscuridad de un bosque iluminado por las hadas y el canto de los buhos.
LEO: En la hora que los rayos del sol cubrieron la selva despertando el rugido de la belleza de los leones.
VIRGO: En la caída de un hermoso y perfecto copo de nieve sobre los pinos acompañado de los aullidos de una manada de lobos.
LIBRA: En el nacimiento de una mariposa rosada dejando su capullo para encantar al mundo con su belleza.
ESCORPIO: En una mañana de eclipse solar oscureciendo los lugares más misteriosos y ocultos de la tierra.
SAGITARIO: En el momento que una tonelada de dientes de león desprenden su pólen al aire en medio del bosque.
CAPRICORNIO: En la caída de una nítida hoja de maple sobre un puente de madera con un río y arbustos de bayas rojas a su alrededor.
ACUARIO: En el momento que una perla hermosa y reluciente sale de la boca de una ostra en la profundidad de un océano color turquesa.
PISCIS: En una esponjosa nube en forma de corazón sobre un campo lleno de tulipanes multicolores.


it seems like leo is always seeking validation. it’s because she’s never allowed to keep hold of it. she is a figure of honour, pride, and joyful creativity. she could stand in the mirror and see a glowing success story, only for a moment before a cowardly lion reflected back at her

What the Signs Should Do When They’re Bored

**Use Sun and Moon

Aries: Learn to play a new sport or instrument. Go running. Get up and dance. Do some physical activity. Blast your favorite songs. 

Taurus: Bake something. Learn to cook a new dish. Read a book. Write a poem. Paint. 

Gemini: Write something. Write a story. Write a song. Write your thoughts. Clean your room. Take a walk.

Cancer: Go swimming. Go to the park. Feed some ducks. Write in a journal.

Leo: Sunbathe. Watch the clouds. Color. Paint. Draw. Read a news article.

Virgo: Read a book. Go to a thrift shop or a bookstore. Go to a coffeeshop and people watch. 

Libra: Do your make up. Do your hair. Get dressed up for no reason. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Scorpio: Research something that interests you. Make some art. Look at the sky—the sunset, the clouds, the stars, the moon.

Sagittarius: Garden. Take a walk through a forest or a city and look at what’s around you. Call a friend.

Capricorn: Sew or knit or cross stitch—learn if you don’t know how. Read a book. Clean something. Destroy something.

Aquarius: Go to an eclectic little shop or bookstore. Drive without a destination. Listen to the radio. Stargaze. 

Pisces: Take a relaxing bath. Snuggle up with a book. Take a nap. Go to a record store. Blast throwback music. 

Los signos como dioses nórdicos

Aries: Loki; dios astuto, es concebido como el espíritu del fuego con todo lo potencialmente beneficioso o dañino que este puede ser.

Tauro: Odín; rey de los dioses, mayormente conocido por ser el dios de la sabiduría, la guerra y la muerte, y en menor medida, el dios de la magia, la poesía, la profecía, la victoria y la caza.

Géminis:Heimdal; poseía una vista aguda, un fino oído y podía estar sin dormir varios días, por eso se le designó guardián de la morada de los dioses.

Cáncer: Vali; era representado y venerado como un arquero, el portador de luz, el despertador de sentimientos tiernos y el patrono de todos los amantes.   

Leo: Thor; dios del trueno, tenía influencia en el clima, las cosechas, la protección, la justicia, los viajes y las batallas.  

Virgo: Blader; hijo de Odín, era el dios favorito, poseía rasgos de gran belleza, era considerado el más sabio y elocuente de los dioses.

Libra: Var, diosa que oye los pactos de fidelidad entre las mujeres y los hombres; se venga luego de que éstos no los cumplen.

Escorpio:  Viðarr; conocido como el dios silencioso, su intención no era herir, sólo hacer venganza y/o justicia.

Sagitario:Tyr; dios del cielo, la guerra y la justicia, el más valiente de los dioses, el que podía decidir el resultado de las batallas.

Capricornio: Bragi; dios de la poesía, era enorme su sabiduría y elocuencia, hábil con las palabras.

Acuario: Forseti; dios representante de la justicia, resolvía las diferencias entre los dioses y los hombres, escuchando pacientemente.

Piscis: Eir; la diosa de la sanación y la salud, ella conocía las propiedades medicinales de las hierbas y era capaz de la resurrección.


pd1: sé que iba a hacer de dioses griegos, pero esta me pareció más original
pd2: no tiene nada que ver con mi reciente obsesión con vikings
pd3: en la pd2 estoy mintiendo😂♥

The signs as some of my fave songs atm

Aries: Studio Killers - Jenny

Taurus: Nightcore - It has begun

Gemini: Slocband - Ra Ra Rasputin

Cancer: GOT7 - Stop stop it

Leo: Caravan Palace - Lone digger

Virgo: CAZZETTE ft. AronChupa - She wants me dead

Libra: Virtual Riot - Idols (EDM Mashup)

Scorpio: Nightcore - Heathens/Sucker for pain

Sagittarius: Allie X - Paper love

Capricorn: BTS - Just one day

Aquarius: Cash Cash ft. Bebe Rexha - Take me home (Acoustic)

Pisces: Daughtry - Wicked game (Cover)