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The Signs as Quotes from My Dad
  • Aries: “I like to seal deals.”
  • Taurus: “[Maya Angelou]’s probably up there in heaven kicking ass.”
  • Gemini: “I’m gonna buy Santa a drink; that’s an investment.”
  • Cancer: “What’s it called… the facial features when you’re communicating with your face?”
  • Leo: “Oh, they forgot to add the dollops of tomato sauce to my pizza. That will not happen when I’m mayor.”
  • Libra: “One of your first lessons will be about how wrong you are.”
  • Scorpio: “Get that jack-booted thug named Tigger out of the way.”
  • Sagittarius: “Instead of watching the [presidential] debate tonight, I might just stare at these cute otters.”
  • Capricorn: “Underneath that vest, he wears another vest. He is British.”
  • Aquarius: “Children… everyone you know will die.”
  • Pisces: “Look at all that malarkey spinning like there’s no tomorrow.”
When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.
—  Leo Tolstoy
Asteroid Astraea thru the Signs

You are all the signs, each one of these contains a message you can ponder over that will be good reflection for you! In general Asteroid Astraea has to do with what we need to let go of. We can interpret it sort of like the south node, but I don’t think it is as karmic.

Astraea in Aries: Your go go go attitude makes it difficult for you to buckle down to learn technicalities, or find your inner tenderness required for understanding other people.

Astraea in Taurus: You struggle to let go of stability and being obstinate in some of your ways of thinking.

Astraea in Gemini: Your mind is all over the place and you need to learn to flow from one thing to the next rather than jump from one subject or project to another. Tame your jitters.

Astraea in Cancer: You cling to memories and feelings instead of moving forward and being productive. You have the tendency to be a caretaker, to the point of enabling other people. Realize that telling someone “no” doesn’t make you less of a nice person.

Astraea in Leo: Wanting praise and glamour is holding you back from getting down to the nitty gritty and refining your abilities.

Astraea in Virgo: Your cynicism that has brewed in you from knowing that you are more diligent than others has developed into angst that you need to move past.

Astraea in Libra: Let go of your desire to please everyone and find your own authenticity.

Astraea in Scorpio: If you let go of wanting to psychoanalyze others and just let the chips fall where they may instead of clinging onto your advice that you perceive as valuable, you’ll find more inner peace.

Astraea in Sagittarius: Your desire to be daring and let out your wild exuberance is preventing you from excelling in life. You could be so ardent about a philosophy with an inability to see others’ truths.

Astraea in Capricorn: Your ambitious nature makes it difficult for you to have a balanced lifestyle. Your desire for success may lead to emptiness as you sacrifice relationships for goals that turn out to not be as fulfilling as you thought.

Astraea in Aquarius: Being so caught up in your own ideas blinds you from other perspectives.

Astraea in Pisces: Being so fluid and vague is preventing you from finding that fire in the belly to get motivated and get things done.

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~*~Each sign makes up for the downfalls of the one before~*~

I’m sure YOU have portrayed many of these virtues and mistakes at some point, as YOU ARE ALL THE SIGNS. That which exists above us lives within us!

Aries rises anew when Pisces has been run into the ground by those who have stomped on them, and all the life Pisces has seen.  Aries is fresh and eager where Pisces is the hesitant sage that feels to have seen it all. Aries is the queen of witty comebacks, they know how to put others in their place!  Aries sticks up for themselves with all their might, to the point of rightfully cutting down those who have crossed them!  Pisces the people pleaser hasn’t learned this unless they have a Mercury in Aries, for example.  Even if you’re not an Aries, you may have these traits if you have Mars in Aries.  While Pisces can be wishy washy, Aries is the bold go getter!  Aries is full of “va va voom” when Pisces is worn out.

Taurus portrays patience, unlike Aries.  Taurus understands managing money and business with a steady pace where an Aries is more like, “Let’s just get er done!”.  Aries may fall into impulse buys, where Taurus focuses on work to save up for indulgent treats.  Taurus has settled down while Aries can be too much go go go…  Taurus is usually pleasant to be around, taking longer to have a tantrum than Aries would, yet they are both aggressive.  Mars in Taurus is a subdued Mars, Sun in Taurus is someone who builds a pleasant life for themselves, however they choose to define it.

Gemini is the excited leap up from methodical Taurus; buzzing around full of movement unlike the bull who likes to lay in the pasture. The transition from being SO PHYSICAL, with the joys of affection and comfort food to savoring intellectual joys; Gemini reads an array of topics while Taurus might rather stick to pleasures of the body.  Taurus follows thru while Gemini is all over the place struggling to complete tasks because their brilliant mind always has more to add on!  Taurus may get stuck in ruts because they stick to foods and opinions they hold dear, whereas Gemini is thrilled to hear new opinions and try new activities.

Cancer shows consideration where Gemini likes to push someone’s buttons.  Cancer has the potential of stability while Gemini is jittery, to be fluid in feelings when Gemini thinks they’re oh so rational, ignoring the heart of a situation.  Cancers don’t mind being the shoulder to cry on where Gemini prefers to be the fair weather friend, keeping conversation light and in the intellect instead of coaxing the sadness of another.  Gemini Moon girls, however, love to talk about their feelings.  Cancer nurtures when Gemini just wants to chat away.

Leo is determined when Cancer exhibits “sideways behavior”.  The crab does what they *feel* like doing, even procrastinating, when Leo’s pride motivates him to get things done.  Both these signs are insecure, but Leo has great skills of presentation and performance.  Leos are often go getters unless they have planets in Cancer to hold them back.  Both signs are very heartfelt and creative, Cancer creates from their emotions, while Leo creates from passion.  Since Leos care about the impressions they set, they won’t whine like a Cancer, but they sure take a stab to the ego pretty hard!  Leos strive to improve their work performance and creative pursuits, to prove themselves after they’ve been put down.

Virgo presents themselves modestly when Leo loves to toot their own horn.  Virgos clean up the mess left from a Leo’s party, feeling the satisfaction of purifying what has been tainted.  I’ve known many health conscious Virgos who are called “particular” by those who eat out of the passion of the moment like a Leo.  Ruled by Mercury, Virgos willingly learn the negative effects of MSG and avoid it, while others perceive that as fussy, it is a Virtue for Virgo.  The Mercurial intellect is more focused in Virgo than Mercury in Gemini, taking note of crucial details better than any other sign.  Virgo represents the bees and butterflies which pollinate the earth, providing the organic produce we harvest, while the Lion is the carnivore that takes the lives, Virgo nourishes for the lives in the entire food chain.  Lions wouldn’t survive if not for insects; step by step, building up, Virgo provides what is needed to the entire world.  This is a metaphor for how Virgo humans do the dirty work, the tough jobs that keep the world running. Think mechanics, nurses, data entry, secretaries, and computer programming that requires technical knowledge that Virgo handles best.

Libra is the breath of fresh air from the agonizing details, having an appreciation for harmony instead of criticism.  Virgo had grown so cynical from the serious work he had to do, Libra expresses Liberty, socializing sweetly.  Both Libra and Virgo are intellectual but Libra is better at seeing the big picture, gaining insight from different kinds of people instead of being zoned in.  Libra is the diplomat, considerate while Virgo can be condescending.  Virgo may do what feels right to them, but in a way that comes off as snooty to others, while Libra lives based on what pleases others.  They use their charm and congeniality to get what they want.

Scorpio treads into the darkness that Libra fears.  Scorpios prefer a few close friends, Libra gravitates towards groups, being miz popularity instead of the intense love and true friendship that Scorpio exhibits.  Scorpio wonders, “How can Libra be the shallow socialite with so many friends who never talk about deep stuff?”  Scorpio feels everything to the core of their soul where Libra looks at the surface of topics and situations.  Scorpio perceives the motivations, complexes, and underlying mechanisms of the minds of others when Libra would rather get along with everyone, give them the benefit of the doubt.  Scorpio clings onto the people and aspirations, deeply determined because they are so emotionally invested, even to the point of being overly attached, which leads us to…

Sagittarius knows when it is time to drop something or someone that isn’t working out.  Her wild, mutable flame doesn’t get stuck in ruts as all the fixed signs might.  Instead of being chained to toxic thought patterns like Scorpio, Sagittarius runs free, eager to expand their horizons with different cultures, not just sticking to what they know.  Sagittarius gets joy out of life that the others wouldn’t jump for because of being attached to comfort, like trying that exotic curry or daringly spreading wasabi on their sushi!  Want to go scuba diving?  Let’s go!

Capricorn mindfully weighs the “what ifs” before moving forward.  Want to go scuba diving?  “What if there are sting rays?”  Will you have a slice of the cake I baked, “No, I’m watching my sugar amounts.”  While the fire signs go for the gusto, Capricorn says, stop, lets think about this first.  Sagittarius excitedly says, “Yes!” without concern for consequences.  Capricorn instinctively realizes what could go wrong in given scenarios, and they have innate wisdom and sensibility that others perceive as a wet blanket.  Capricorn likes to go one step at a time, to thoroughly learn a subject where Sagittarius treats knowledge with enthusiasm, not necessarily fully focusing on crucial facts.  Capricorn values competency before putting themselves out there.

Aquarius has flashes of brilliance, they don’t need to take things one step at a time!  Their knowledge whirls rapidly into innovative achievement.  Being ruled by both Saturn (traditional ruler) and Uranus (modern ruler), they can exhibit the focused determination of Saturn and the wild freedom loving Uranus.  Aquarius is the revolutionary, rebelling from the confines of a controlling world.  They wish to go their own way instead of climb the career ladder.

Pisces has learned to be at peace instead of rebel.  Pisces can be seen as the culmination of all signs, having grown wise and weary from the lessons of all of them.  The ocean from which we all originated and will return to.  Pisces represents the collective, the spirit world, where all souls blend together; whereas Aquarius can be so individualist to the point of separatist. Aquarius can be unaware of their effect on others, Pisces cares, adapting to the needs and wants of others.  When Aquarius can be emotionally detached in order to make way for their intellect, Pisces is all about free flowing feelings, streams of music inspired by their sensitivity. 

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By three methods we may learn wisdom:

First, by reflection, which is noblest: aries, cancer, leo, pisces

Second, by imitation, which is easiest: gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius

And third by experience, which is the bitterest: taurus, virgo, scorpio, capricorn