leo's little empire

signs + tv shows
  • aries: empire. you know how to win a power battle and you're always a hard worker. you're passionate and aren't afraid to take risks. you'd fit right in on empire.
  • taurus: arrow. you're stubborn. you're a master of all things physical and mental. maybe not so much of the emotional stuff..you like to keep your feelings buried deep down inside. you'd be perfect on arrow.
  • gemini: parks and recreation. you're social, versatile, and quick witted. you go with your mind more than your gut. you'd be an asset to pawnee.
  • cancer: the fosters. you're not one to hide your emotions. you crave stability. you love your friends & family and you always follow your instincts. living with the fosters might be a dream come true.
  • leo: glee. as a leo you love the spotlight. you're generous, loving, dramatic, and very confident! you'd be perfect for glee.
  • virgo: criminal minds. you're very organized and you love to solve problems and plan ahead. you're loyal and make a great a friend. you're good at keeping secrets, too. you're meant to be on criminal minds.
  • libra: nashville. music is incredibly important to you. you're also extremely social and enjoy surrounding yourself with beauty. equality is something you strive for and nashville would be a good fit for you.
  • scorpio: pretty little liars. you like things big and bold. you're passionate and always up for a good debate. you also have the ability to overcome anything, all of these would be good for you in the pll world.
  • sagittarius: modern family. witty and full of energy, you're constantly reinventing yourself. though you may roam far and wide, you always come home. you'd fit in perfectly on this show!
  • capricorn: big bang theory. you're intelligent, ambitious, and attentive to detail. you can be a little tough on yourself. you always keep your emotions hidden, you're more into the analytical parts of life, not so big on the tears. you'd fit right in.
  • aquarius: new girl. you're unconventional and probably have a pretty eclectic group of friends. you often fight for justice. you're intelligent and social and you enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. new girl is perfect for you!
  • pisces: veronica mars. you're creative and selfless and you love hanging out in the background. you're an incredibly devoted friend, too. you'd fit right into veronica's world.
The signs as popular TV shows.
  • Aries: The Flash
  • Taurus: Game of Thrones
  • Gemini: RuPaul's Drag Race
  • Cancer: The Big Bang Theory
  • Leo: Empire
  • Virgo: 2 Broke Girls
  • Libra: Pretty Little Liars
  • Scorpio: Scream Queens
  • Sagittarius: Breaking Bad
  • Capricorn: Criminal Minds
  • Aquarius: Teen Wolf
  • Pisces: Hart of Dixie