leo vibal


A Streetlight Manifesto poster featuring the three original albums (I count Keasbey Nights as somewhat of a cover album), elements from each album, all seven of the current lineup, and one quote at the bottom from the song, “1234, 1234”.

I am currently thinking about whether or not I should sell this or give the design out for people to print out. If I do decide to sell this, it may be on Etsy or Redbubble. One of the two. IF, and that’s a big “if”, the RISC store decides to let me sell this on their site, then it shall be so, but I HIGHLY doubt they would let me do that.

Anyways, be sure to take a look at it! A VERY big “Thank you” to those that contributed in making lovely suggestions to improve this!

And, as always, thank you, Streetlight Manifesto.