PJ characters as things I've done
  • Nico:Threatened someone in a deadly calm voice, blasted Fall Out Boy in my room, tried to disappear into the shadows
  • Reyna:Fought my brother with a pillow for a shield
  • Annabeth:Been a complete smartass, stayed up reading, been a sarcastic little shit
  • Percy:Been loyal to my friends
  • Clarisse:Repeatedly punched someone
  • Leo:Took apart stuff and put it back together, made a flamethrower with Febreeze and a lighter with my brother, joked around a lot
  • Jason:Jumped off the swings to feel like I was flying
Me: You should read the Percy Jackson series Bro: I already read one Me: No, you read The Titan’s Curse Bro: Still, besides I’ve already seen the Lightning Thief movie

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ok so I may have done some httyd percy jackson drawings, featuring the lost hero trio (and pls feel free to full view them)-

Jason has a skrill: skrills are very intelligent, rare, lightning summoning dragons that are in the same class as a night fury and arguably more feared. plus theyre purple so I thought it fit Jason perfectly as a son of Jupiter

Leo with a monstrous nightmare: kinda cliche but the mn can light itself on fire, they are fairly common but proud, aggressive, and stubborn and can have a soft side and be pretty mischievous. I was torn between this and a mechanical one like festus so I just did a mix of the two, Leo fixed up an injured nightmare

Piper with a death song: Piper’s was hard to choose and in the show it seems pretty impossible to tame a death song but its my au so- the ds uses a siren like song to lure in smaller dragons to trap and eat, its very beautiful but extremely dangerous especially to other dragons, which i think suits Piper as beauty queen and charm speaker

what’ya think?

I am not entirely sure why I drew this considering I haven’t even read Heroes of Olympus but this text post by @apocalypticwalrus was too hilarious for me to pass up. Sorry if I got the character appearances wrong ;A;

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