leo takes photos

Christmas in Russia w/Friends!
  • Yuuri: Viktor, have you seen my lip balm? The cold here in Russia is terrible for --
  • Viktor: If you wanted a kiss, you could just ask y'know.
  • Yuuri: W-what-- No- That's no--
  • Yurio: You guys are disgusting, get a room or get out.
  • Pichit, Leo & Guang Hong: *taking photos and videos*
signs skating
  • Aries: freaks out when their shoe tears due to tricks
  • Taurus: sits on the skateboard and eats tacos instead of actually skating
  • Gemini: falls spastically off the board
  • Cancer: cries because they can never land an ollie
  • Leo: takes photos of the skateboard but doesnt even try skating properly
  • Virgo: just cruises around bc they can
  • Libra: skates more than they should and screams with joy everytime they land a trick.
  • Scorpio: nails every single trick possible
  • sagittarius: skates for 2mins *im done bye*
  • Capricorn: switches on cool music and skates for the atmosphere
  • Aquarius: finds impossible ways to sit on the skateboard and move at the same time.
  • Pisces: falls on their ass and still looks indie somehow
The signs protesting against donald trump
  • aries: The one that openly boos donald trump during his rallies and screams YOU SUCK
  • taurus: throwing cabbages at donald trump like they do in game of thrones
  • gemini: Gets everyone on tumblr to petition against his birth so he can be aborted (or have his birth certificate burned)
  • cancer: makes memes of donald trump to ruin his reputation
  • leo: takes unflattering photos of trump during his appearances and posts them all over the internet
  • virgo: holds a peaceful protest with thousands of people sitting in his driveway so he cant get out of his house
  • libra: makes up stupid rumors of him that go viral even though everyone knows its not true
  • scorpio: shits on donald trumps head
  • sagittarius: Throws bottles of piss at donald trump
  • capricorn: literally walks up to trump and screams at him until it lowers his self esteem
  • aquarius: mastermind behind all of this
  • pisces: pisses in bottles for sagittarius
Signs at the beach

Aries: playing beach volleyball
Taurus: burying someone in sand
Gemini: having a picnic
Cancer: taking photos
Leo: working on their tan
Virgo: reading a magazine
Libra: swimming in the ocean
Scorpio: wearing their new bathing suit
Sagittarius: playing volleyball with Aries
Capricorn: surfing
Aquarius: looking for seashells
Pisces: making a sandcastle