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The signs as the Zoldyck siblings

Illumi: Leo, Scorpio, Virgo

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Milluki: Taurus, Capricorn

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Killua: Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer

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Alluka: Pisces, Aquarius

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Kalluto: Libra, Aries

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Leo probably just pushed Xander into the water to win, because he cant swim

leo sparta kicked xander actually, but xander didn’t even budge so to make his brother feel better he jumped into the water voluntarily. it was just waist length, “you did good, brother.” xander said, standing in the water holding on to his lilith floatie. leo groaned, “please get out of the water.” 

“i can’t, i’m drowning.”

“haha, very funny.”

after that xander bought him ice cream as a congratulatory gift for winning. leo is proud of himself. xander feels old.