leo prime

  • Kraang-Prime: I can summon my armies and take this world by force.
  • Leo: Well, yeah, you could. Yeah, you could do that, of course you could. But why? Look at these people: these human beings. Consider their potential. From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun. There is more to see than can ever be seen. More to do than - no, hold on… Sorry, that’s the ‘Lion King’. But the point still stands.
Zodiac Cabinet

aries: minister for defense
taurus: finance minister
gemini: communications minister
cancer: social services minister
leo: prime minister
virgo: minister for health
libra: minister for justice
scorpio: science minister
sagittarius: foreign affairs minister
capricorn: minister for employment
aquarius: environment minister
pisces: arts minister

the signs as pig fuckers:
  • aries: david cameron
  • taurus: david cameron
  • gemini: david william donald cameron
  • cancer: the british prime minister
  • leo: david cameron
  • virgo: the member of parliament for witney since 2001
  • libra: dave to his mates
  • scorpio: leader of the conservative party
  • saggitarius: the youngest prime minister since lord liverpool
  • capricorn: the adult male occupant of number 10, downing street, london, SW1A 2AA
  • aquarius: david cameron, alumnus of eton college and PPE graduate of brasenose college, oxford (MA, first class)
  • pisces: the prime minister, david cameron
Signs as aliens 👽👾👽

Aries: Cocoon (The coneheads)
Taurus: alien (A.L.I.E.N)
Gemini: Marvin the Martian (Looney toons)
Cancer: Na'vi (avatar)
Leo: Optimus Prime (Transformers)
Virgo: Roger (American Dad)
Libra: Little Green men (Toy story)
Scorpio: Paul (Paul)
Sagittarius: Spock (Star trek)
Capricorn: Yoda (star wars)
Aquarius: E.T ( E.T)
Pisces: Worm guys (M.I.B)
Some of you may not think of these as aliens but if you look it up they are considered it :)