leo my bby

Whatever you do don’t imagine little Leo crying because his mom just died and he thinks he killed her and he’s just finding out about his fire powers and vowing never to use them and then his aunt calls him the devil and gets his entire family to hate him so he’s sent to several terrible foster homes and then spends years on the run and doesn’t make his first friends until he’s 15 but later finds out that was all fake memories and this is around the time he starts using comedy to cope and then he’s sent on two deadly quests and then he dies and comes back to life not even knowing how much time has passed since he’s died Leo Valdez has had a very hard life I am crying no one touch me

Why Are The Signs So...

According to top google searches…

Aries: mean, annoying, secretive

Taurus: slow, rude, emotional

Gemini: crazy, hated, confusing

Cancer: moody, annoying, clingy

Leo: jealous, confident, selfish

Virgo: confusing, cold, selfish

Libra: mean, difficult, charming

Scorpio: intense, secretive, mean

Sagittarius: attractive, mean, crazy

Capricorns: misunderstood, controlling, quiet

Aquarius: distant, cold, cool 

Pisces: sad, moody, jealous


Some doodles that happened for the past few weeks.

1) this was a draft for Louis’ birthday. Apparently, it never happened because I got lazy. Leo was supposed to play the guitar.

2) feels after remembering a bunch of terrible things that happened to my bby Leo. This happened. *imagines Leo in my arms, me crying tears of blood* 😂😂

3) pardon me for reposting this, I just like how innocent Byron looked here.

4) MC and Leo’s wedding… lookit Leo teary-eyed as he offers his hand to me… I think i have posted this before

Incredibly, all of these happened while I was studying.

Piper's Hair Headcannons

•She had loads of hair when she was younger

•It was wavy/curly and untamable for a while

•When she got older it got wavy/straight

•She dyed her hair blue when she was

•She kept her hair in braids all the time

•She cut it short, about chin length, when she was thirteen because she was bullied for her braids

•She re dyed her hair purple

•She let her hair grow out to about shoulder length, but never let it grow longer than that

•She finally dyed her hair back to its normal brown color pre-wilderness school

•Her hair grew out to about mid back during the giant war period

•Drew and her become best friends eventually and Piper’s hair is her obsession

•Drew dyes Piper’s hair pink as a joke but Piper secretly loves it

• Piper lets the pink fade and adds hues of purple

•Piper learns to just really love her hair and starts keeping it in braids all the time again.

The Signs Reacting To Leo Winning The Oscar
  • Aries: *Breaks a table* ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME
  • Taurus: *kissing the television and laughing crazily*
  • Gemini: YASSSSSS *jumping on the couch*
  • Cancer: I'M SO PROUDDDDDDDDD *wringing their hands as they start to cry*
  • Leo: *starting to twerk* mY BABY DID IT FOR THE LEOSSSS
  • Virgo: *walks into the room* fiNALLY *walks back out*
  • Libra: *prepares a speech as to why they're so proud of Leo*
  • Scorpio: I knew he had it this year.... I could FEEL it
  • Sagittarius: *fetching celebratory shots*
  • Capricorn: *writing it down in a journal because it's a historical moment*
  • Aquarius: SHUT UP EVERYONE *hanging onto every word of his speech*
  • Pisces: He won the award AND he's talking about the environment? I neED A MINUTE *starts crying*
How Capricorn see The Signs

Aries: ur wild..I admire all ur energy tho
Taurus: U seem all stoic and grounded but I can make you fall for me within 2 seconds k….
Gemini: U can b rlly 2 faced but I like intellectual convos w you
Cancer: ur nice I’ll let u cry on my shoulder
Leo: chill bby chill…
Virgo: I like planning shit w you but try 2 b less critical k….
Libra: I feel like we’re disconnected but I admire you, and your clothes
Scorpio: sometimes u get scary but otherwise I feel like ur cool and I wanna fuck you
Saggitarius: ur rlly funny but I feel like we don’t connect
Capricorn: hot tamale shining star keep doing u
Aquarius: ur rlly weird… But clever, every once in a while we really click
Pisces: I admire ur goal setting and dreams but idk what you do w them… Still love you tho