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So proud of my baby boy. Brought tears to my eyes :’)


Together for a Dream: Messi meets boys affected by cancer.

Thanks to the support of the Leo Messi Foundation and the Natalí Dafne Flexer Foundation, we were able to take three boys affected by cancer for a wonderful weekend in Barcelona, where they would get to meet Messi.

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***Meet the child who wins Leo in terms of shyness 



Hola, aqui te dejo unas fotos del evento del cual hablo Anto… lo inauguraron ayer, alli estuvo Patty su mama. 

Ademas quería comentarte algunas cosas, tanto Leo y Anto apoyan a esta fundación, Leo con camisetas y balones autografiados para sortear o rifar y donar ese dinero a las victimas de accidentes de transito y Anto cuando esta en Rosario suele dar charlas en escuelas y colegios sobre la importancia de prevención vial… (aparte de que ambos hacen donaciones) 

También aclarar xq algunas minas dicen q Anto es una ¨vividora¨ y eso no es verdad ella lidera muchos proyectos en la Fundación de Leo, por ejemplo, talleres de artes para jóvenes de escasos recursos, otro programa de becas de excelencia académica entre otros. 

Y ya que estoy aquí de paso aclaro que los supermercados Único no son exclusivo de los Roccuzzo, ellos tiene 2 propietarios mas, si bien los Roccuzzo son gente de clase media-alta no son ricos ni millonarios como Leo, como algunas personas dicen, son muy trabajadores eso si!! 

Ademas segun se Leo & Anto empezaron su noviazgo a mediados del 2.005 despues de la muerte de Ursula (ella ya habia terminado su relación con el otro chico con quien estuvo cerca de un año)….bueno se que hice un testamento pero fue en buena onda, quería despejar algunas dudas XD.

 Pd: Me encanta tu blog !

Patricia Blanco (Antonela’s Mom) at the opening of the photography exhibition “10 años sumando compromisos” hosted by Compromiso Vial (May 21, Rosario)

Anon (c_rosado09) also sent a few bits of info that I’m translating very quickly here:

Both Leo and Antonela constantly support Compromiso Vial. Leo has given autographed jerseys and balls that have been auctioned and the money is donated to victims of traffic accidents. When Antonela goes to Rosario she also speaks at schools about how important safety on the streets is. And both of them give money directly to the organization.

Since many people have recently said that Antonela should do something with the fame~ and power~ she has, Anon says that besides the talks she gives at schools, she’s actually in charge of some projects at Leo’s Foundation: art workshops for young people with low-income, a scholarship program for academic excellence, etc.

Anon also clarifies that the Unico supermarkets are not exclusive property of the Roccuzzos (there are two other parts involved completely unrelated to the family) and while Antonela’s family is considered upper.class they’re not millionaires like Leo. They are really hard-working people tho.

And finally, Leo and Antonela started their romantic relationship in the middle of 2005 after Ursula’s death (Antonela had already ended his previous relationship with another boy, it lasted about a year).

And that’s it!

Muchas gracias Anon!!!! :D Por las fotos y la info y el mensaje del final y todas las demas colaboraciones! ♥♥♥

right, so i’m doing my french homework and it was to find 10 facts about a sports person of our choice. so i decided to do Lionel Messi, because i effing love him ok, and i found out that he had a growth deficiency when he was younger so to help kids like him he’s set up a charity organisation to help vunerable children with conditions like his or similar to that. HOW EFFING CUTE IS THAT. YOU SEE THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME LOVE HIM. ALL OTHER FOOTBALLERS ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES BUT NO MESSI IS AMAZING OMG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Leo Messi and Neymar JR, along with a group of youngstars, were the main starts of a photo session for the leatest edition of the REVISTA BARÇA. The magazine focuses on the work of the FC Barcelona Foundation which includes partnerships with both the Leo Messi Foundation and the Instituto Projecto Neymar Jr.  The photographic session with the young Barça fans is another example of the commitment of the professional sportsmen at the FC Barcelona and the Club itself to social projects of the nature.


Leo Messi met Chloe Martinez and Nacho Bolaño, two children with intellectal disabilities in Special Education School Taiga Barcelona. Special Olympics Catalunya and the Leo Messi Foundation are working for children with intellectual disabilities who through sport can improve their quality of life.

The meeting took place a few weeks ago at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper FC Barcelona in Sant Joan Despi and after the training . For the two children was a very special moment as they could greet and take pictures with their idol.

Leo Messi foundation donates AR$4,500,000 to UNICEF campaign 

Messi participated in an event in Argentina over the weekend called “A sun for the kids,” in which he donated $4,500,000 to.

Messi, who couldn’t make the event but recorded a video that was shown on the screens of Argentina’s Luna Park, said, “It’s a pleasure to be with you all through this video, collaborating with the people of UNICEF.”