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Seriously, this is the tiniest thing.

Like, a very small concern. A minuscule nitpick.

But folks, it’s Len, not Leo.

Here’s why:

Bones is a man of the deep south. I grew up in Arkansas. I can say it. People with southern accents are lazy speakers.

Put down the pitchforks, and hear me out.

We don’t like to enunciate. We don’t like syllables. 

I’ll give you an example.


Ladies and gentlemen, when I was first exposed to the term, “y’all’d’ve,” I did not understand. 

In fact, I’m not ashamed. I had to google it.

I immediately laughed so hard.

Because where I’m from, we don’t say, “Y’all’d’ve.”

It’s, “Y’all’da.”

As in, “Y’all woulda.”

There’s no V sound. 

In fact, the idea of a V sound at the end of “you all would have” was so foreign to me that I did not even recognize it was a thing. 

Which brings me back to “Len.”

Ask anybody south of the Mason Dixon to say, “Leonard.”

I’d bet good money that, phonetically, what comes out is “Len-ard.” 


Leonard is two syllables (as I pronounce it - I’m sure some will disagree). Leo is two syllables. Len is the phonetic diminutive of Leonard (as the McCoy family likely pronounces it). Len is only one syllable. 

Lazy speakers, remember? 

In other words, what’s the point of a nickname that’s not any easier to spit out?

For the record, I absolutely love the name Leo. I think it’s adorable. It’s quirky and masculine. It’s a great name, and a great nickname. It’s just not Leonard McCoy’s.

I’ll admit, I have a little bit (little bit) easier time imagining Leo as a nickname for AOS Bones. That’s probably because I find it impossible to divorce De from the image of the quintessential “southern boy.” Not sure if it’s the cadence of his speech, or the way he says nuclear as “nucular,” or if it’s just because he’s the original, but De is Bones, Bones is Len

Like I said, it’s the tiniest of nitpicks. I love a Leo fic as much as I love a Len fic. 

But to me, he’s Len. 

Make Me Wanna.

Pairing: Bones x reader 

Titled: ‘Make Me Wanna.’ 

A/N: This was a request I received from @bkwrm523 so I hope this was what you were looking for. 

Warnings: Fluff, Bones feels. 

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Bones made you do a lot of things. There were a lot of things you wished you could do things that Bones made you want to do to him. Let’s not go into that shall we? You were worked directly underneath him as first nurse and he was your immediate supervisor. 

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Property of James T. Kirk. Do not read

Nicknames for Leonard H. McCoy;

Tall and dark
Kitty kat
Honey bunny
Corn cob
Moon pie
Doom an’ Gloom



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Imagine: The reader is afraid of needles but Bones has to give them shots ~requested by anon

Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Leonard “Bones” McCoy x reader

Words: 699

It really was fun writing it and I hope you have fun while reading

Y/N= your name

Y/L/N= your last name

Y/N/N= your nickname


It was just an ordinary week. A few away missions, helping out here and there and supporting Nyota when it came to her relationship with Spock. That was until friday, where your yearly checkup took place. It all went well but at the end Dr. McCoy said the words you always hated.

„I need to give you shots“
With that you began shivering and sweating. Your fear for needles was enormous.

„Well, I-I don’t think I need them“ you stuttered, your hand nervously sliding over your thighs.

Bones sighed.

„It’ll be okay, Y/N“
Bones turned around and walked towards a small white cupboard. He rummaged around in search for the syringe and the vaccine. He wasn’t looking and so you hopped down of the cot and sneaked out of the room.

When you were just around the corner you heard the doctor shouting.

„Dammit Y/L/N“

You smiled and hurried to get away from the med bay.

Some red and blue shirts looking at you strangely when you made your way towards the elevator.

Hastily you pressed the button, jumping from one leg to the other, while you waited.  

You’re always looking behind you, making sure McCoy wasn’t in sight.

With a „ding“ the elevator doors opened and you got inside.

Just when the doors closed again you could see Leonard running towards you and he really looked pissed.

He shouldn’t have been so surpised by your actions, yet he was. He alway knew you hated needles and took every chance to avoid going to the doctors. A year ago you broke two of your fingers and didn’t go to him for four days.

A gasp of relieve left your slightly parted lips.

Two floors among the med bay you got out of the elevator. You looked around you, a strand of hair stroking out of your face. You decided to pay your good friend Scotty a visit. Afte a few moments you found him working on a control board. You cleared your throat and Scotty looked up, surprised.    „Aye laddie, how’s it going? How was your checkup?“
Embarrased you laughed scratching the back of your head.

„It all went well“

„Well, I- um I maybe ran out and now I’m on the run from Bones. But enough of me, how is Jaylah doing?“ Changing the subject quickly. Scotty chuckled.

„She’s doing fantastic. Academy is quite easy she says“ he proudly told you.

You smiled.

„That’s great. Tell her my regards“
„On the list, Y/N/N. Besides you really should go back to the doc“

„Nah, I think about it. I have to go now, bye“ with that you made yor way out.

For the next few hours you tried avoiding Leonard, hiding in lumber rooms or behind some corners when you saw him. When he walked past your hiding spot you waited a few minutes. You really thought you were safe and that he walked away but when you opened the door, there he stood. Hands on his hips and an disappointed and angered look on his face.

Quickly you tried closing the door to the lumber room again but Leonard stopped the ddor with his foot and looked at you enraged.

„Damn, Y/N. I’m searching for like five hours“

Before you could say a thing he lifted you up and threw you over his shoulder.

„Hey, let me down. Let me down“ you screamed.

„Nu-hu“ he made and shook his head.

„Leonard Horatio McCoy. I demand you to let me down“

He didn’t make a sound, walking straight towards the med bay.

With your fists you pounded onto his back, squirming underneath his grip.

At the med bay he sat you down onto a cot, holding your hands with one of his. In his other hand was the syringe, ready to give you the shots you needed.

Your eyes watered up, tears falling out of your eyes and you quitely sobbing. A briefly prick on your arm and it was already over.

„See, was it that bad?“ Leonard asked.

Sniffling you shook your head.

But your fear for neeldes wasn’t of the past, yet.

The signs as Riverdale Characters
  • Aries: Veronica Lodge
  • Taurus: Kevin Keller
  • Gemini: Polly Cooper
  • Cancer: Betty Cooper
  • Leo: Josie McCoy
  • Virgo: Fred Andrews
  • Libra: Cheryl Blossom
  • Scorpio: Hermione Lodge
  • Sagittarius: Reggie Mantle
  • Capricorn: Valerie Brown
  • Aquarius: Jughead Jones
  • Pieces: Archie Andrews
Through Better And Worse.

Titled: ‘Through Better And Worse.’ 

Pairing: Bones x reader

A/N: This was a dialogue prompt I received from @fandomheadrush and I hope you enjoy this! 

Prompt: “You’re a psychopath.” “I’d prefer creative.” 

Warnings: Language, bones feels, and fluff. 

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You and Bones knew each other better than anyone else on the Enterprise. You knew what triggered each other, your fears, and weaknesses. You and Bones were made for each other. You and Bones were meant to be together. It was honestly thanks to the Star Fleet that you and Bones were able to become acquainted.  

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The Signs as "Riverdale"/Archie Characters

Aries: Veronica Lodge
Taurus: Polly Cooper
Gemini: Betty Cooper
Cancer: Josie McCoy
Leo: Kevin Keller
Virgo: Jason Blossom
Libra: Valerie Brown
Scorpio: Cheryl Blossom
Sagittarius: Archie Andrews
Capricorn: Reggie Mantle
Aquarius: Hermione Lodge
Pisces: Jughead Jones


AU!Skyeward | Team Bus + Raina (Raina’s Chronicles: I, II, III, IV)  [request: @rochesterborn ​‘s request ] + X-Men

Team Bus is sent to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to discuss a possible a alliance between SHIELD and the X-Men.

The signs as Riverdale characters
  • Aries: Reggie Mantle
  • Taurus: Veronica Lodge
  • Gemini: Cheryl Blossom
  • Cancer: Hermione Lodge
  • Leo: Josie McCoy
  • Virgo: Betty Cooper
  • Libra: Archie Andrews
  • Scorpio: Alice Cooper
  • Sagittarius: Valerie Brown
  • Capricorn: Kevin Keller
  • Aquarius: Jughead Jones
  • Pisces: Ethel Muggs

Jim Kirk saved the Enterprise when he wasn’t even supposed to be there but Bones was the one who got him on the ship in the first place

Jim Kirk sacrificed his life for the Enterprise but Bones broke his hippocratic oath and brought Jim back from the dead

So don’t you dare tell me that Leonard Horatio McCoy is not important, because he’s always been one step behind Jim Kirk and he would never give up on him

Jim Kirk is the hero who saves everyone. But Bones is the man that saves the hero when no one else can

Imagine: Bones finding out that you suffer from kidney stones, the hard way.

Pairing: Bones x reader

A/N: This was written for my girl @castielohcastiel and those stupid kidney stones and I thought she deserved a fic! 

Warnings: kidney stones pain, fluff, protective!bones, bones feels, language

Tags will be down below! 

From the moment you woke up for your shift and you felt that uncomfortable feeling in your back and side, you knew there could only be one possible conclusion. Damn kidney stones. You threw head back on your pillow wishing in the back of your mind that it was your day off today, so the pain could go away on its own and you would pass a kidney stone. 

You had to get up eventually or you would be late to work which is not what you wanted by any stretch of the imagination. You quickly threw on your uniform and skipped out on breakfast and headed straight down to the Med Bay. You hoped it would be a quiet and peaceful day, and that you could hide from everyone in your office. 

Though, it was just the opposite when you got down in the Med Bay, it was crazy busy with only more patients coming in by the passing minute. You let out a deep sigh and got to a station and started accepting patients. After things slow down everyone in the Med Bay was able to meet up and catch their breath. 

Your pain did not subside at all, you actually thought it was progressively getting worse. Leonard was able to see you for the first time, and he didn’t think you looked too hot. You were slightly bent over and you were holding onto your side.  He came up behind you and asked if you could talk in his office. You nodded your head yes and you followed him in there and he closed the door behind you and you asked if there was a problem. 

He proceeded to ask you if you were alright and added quickly that there wasn’t any problem it’s just that he doesn’t like how you’re looking. He thought you looked paler than usual. He was going all doctor on you. He even asked you when you’re last menstrual cycle last was, thinking it could be that.  

Before you could say anything your legs fell beneath you and you almost fell to the floor. Luckily Bones caught you in time and made you sit down. “If you say you are fine so help me Y/N. There is obviously something wrong with you so get talking.” Bones said kneeling down in front of where you sat. 

You let out a sigh and you pointed to your right side. “I think I am passing a kidney stone.” You muttered as another spasm of pain was seeping through your lower back and into your side, causing you to moan and groan. Bones raised an eye brow and asked that it was definitely kidney stones? 

You nodded your head yes and added that you suffered them since you were a teenager. Bones shook his head annoyed and then he stood up. “My God woman! I thought we got rid of kidney stones decades ago!” Bones exclaimed frustrated knowing there was not he could do for you when it came to that. 

“Well, one thing is for damn sure. You are not lifting another finger until you pass that damn stone.” Bones said, pacing his office back and forth, and he brought his hand up to his lips, when he’s nervous or stressed. “I would feel better if you had you down here with me, so I can ensure you’re resting.” Bones said rubbing the tips of his fingertips together. 

You let out a little groan in pain, you were completely leaned over in your seat. “Let’s find you a bed.” Bones said shooting his head down at you.You shook your head at first. Bones raised one eyebrow and then you pointed at a the nearby trash can laying around. Bones handed that to you, and you gagged once and then started to throw up. 

Bones held any hair that was in your face and rubbed circles in your back and told you to get it all up. You stopped after a little while and Bones asked if you were good and you gave him a half reassuring nod. 

 Bones helped you up and the pain must have been too much for you because you were hit with another dizzy spell and nearly fainted into Leonard’s arms. “Dammit!” Bones cursed to himself sweeping his hands underneath his legs. He carried you out of his office and right over to the closet bed. 

 Bones laid you down on the bed and quickly went to work and quickly stuck a hypo in your before you could full react. You started to sit up a little bit and Bones handed you a glass of water and coaxed you to drink some. You handed the glass back to him and you started to lay down when you felt the affects of the hypo. 

 But before you went out you thanked Bones for taking care of you. “This is the least I can do. I just wish I didn’t find out this way, darling.” Bones said after checking your levels and sending Kirk a quick message, clearing you from all types of duties for the day. 

“I really appreciate all that you do for me, Leo.” You said trying to suppress a yawn. “Get some rest, Y/N. You’re gonna need it.” Bones stroking strands of your hair behind of ear. “Okay. I love you, Lee.” You mumbled, shutting your eyes. “Love you too, cupcake.” Leonard said leaning in and pecking a kiss on your forehead. 

The End! 

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Prompt: “would you ever write a fic where you had to take care of an injured/sick Bones?” -Anon

Word Count: 2,932

Author’s Note: Sorry this one took a little longer than expected. I’ve had this idea running around for a long time and I got a little carried away with it. I really hope you enjoy it!

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Bones walked to the opening of the cave, wondering if this was how men walking up the stairs to the gallows felt. Hendorff and Sulu are parentheticals, heads bent toward each other and feet inches apart as the wind from outside assaults their backs. 

“The Captain is in no condition-

"Can’t just leave-”

“Maybe if we just walked to the beam out point and see if-”

“Gentlemen,” he clears his throat. 

“Doc,” Sulu rubs a hand down his face and steps away from the security officer. “How’s the captain?”

“I think Hendorff is right. It’ll be daylight in a few hours and I think you two can make it to the beam out point in the timeframe Spock set.”

He sees the vein in stockier man’s head pulse and he makes a note to check the man’s blood pressure when-he almost laughs, did he already forget what he chose to do? M'Benga will probably check his and Sulu’s blood pressure when they return to the ship. Without us. 

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Recovery - (Leonard “Bones” McCoy/Reader)

Prompt “Get the fuck back to sleep, Y/N.”

Originally posted by geekgalaxydesigns

You shifted in the hospital bed uncomfortably. You’d been there for days and was getting stir crazy. You sat up looking around making sure no one was there before swinging your feet off the bed. You were starving and if you were quick enough you could get to the cafeteria before anyone noticed you were gone.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” You froze turning slowly looking over to your boyfriend and physician, Dr. McCoy.

“Leo… heeyy…” You smiled at him.

“You need to be in bed resting.” He stated walking over to you, “Your wounds…”

“I feel…better…” You whined, “And those beds are awful…”

“Y/N…” He stopped in front of you as you continued.

“And the food is shit and I just…” You looked at him pouting, “I’m hungry…starving…I can’t eat rice pilaf again.”

“Bed…now.” He pointed back to your room.

“Leo!” You whined again slouching a little, “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

He sighed looking up at the ceiling, “You are not cleared…to leave and I can’t give you the clearance since we’re not on the Enterprise anymore…”

“…Can you sneak me in a caramel mocha fission smoothie?”  You stared at him hopeful.

He laughed a little before pulling a drink out from behind his back, “One step ahead of you.”

Your eyes lit up excited, “You undoubtedly the best man in my life.”

“I hope that I’m the only man in your life.” He smirked a little as you took the cup.

“Well of course.” You smiled at him leaning up kissing his cheek.

“Now…” He said in a stern voice as he drew you close to him with his arm, “Back to bed.”

You started to pout, “But…”

“No buts…” He said becoming serious, “You’re health his important…and you need to…”

“Fine…” You sighed taking his hand, “But only if you lay down with me.”

“Fine.” He agreed walking with you back into your room. He propped himself up on the bed first and let you crawl in curling up next to him. Secretly this is what he wanted anyways. You’d been in here for what seemed like forever and he missed you.

You smiled hugging him tightly, “Are you going to sleep here?”

“Maybe.” He smirked, “I could be convinced.”

You smirked kissing his chin. He started to protest, “I’m not that hurt.”

He sighed smirking, “Go back to fucking sleep, Y/N.”

“Hey…” You were cut off from complaining as he smothered you with a kiss. Ah yes…this recovery option was much better.

the signs as riverdale characters
  • aries: ethel muggs
  • taurus: betty cooper
  • pisces: jughead jones
  • gemini: cheryl blossom
  • cancer: moose mason
  • leo: josie mccoy
  • virgo: polly cooper
  • libra: archie andrews
  • scorpio: reggie mantle
  • sagittarius: veronica lodge
  • capricorn: kevin keller
  • aquarius: valerie brown
I Can See It In Your Eyes.

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Pairing: Bones x reader 

Titled: ‘I Can See It In Your Eyes’ 

A/N: This was also a request from @girl-next-door-writes ! I hope you like this! 

Warnings: Jealousy, Angst, Fluff 

Tagging:  @aprofoundbondwithdean @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @imaginestartrek @ladyxdezi @bgarrow1013 @unsinkthetitanic @stargirlhorse @mysupernaturalfics @ivvitm1109 @blacktithe7 @sincerelysaraahh @mysteriouslyme81 @my-amazing-nerdyness @stargirlhorse @uss-lesbian

You know that moment when you feel all else fails and you put yourself down and think that you’ll never get together with your crush. That’s exactly how Bones felt every time he saw you. You could be a distance away, and he could see in his sights  through one of the windows in the Med Bay walking down the hallway, talking to somebody else, and he would stare at you love in his eyes thinking of you as the most beautiful woman in the universe. 

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