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Moon Signs and Attraction

Do you ever wonder why you seem to attract/be attracted to moon signs that are stereo-typically incompatible with your own? While the elemental classification and aspects that your moon makes no doubt plays a role in the ease of the relationship, the house that your moon falls in, your venus sign, and your mars sign all determine which moon signs will appeal to you/will be attracted to you.

Moon in the first: attracts/is attracted to Aries moons and other fire moons; to a lesser extent, Libra moons
Moon in the second: attracts/is attracted to Taurus moons and other earth moons; to a lesser extent, Scorpio moons
Moon in the third: attracts/is attracted to Gemini moons and other air moons; to a lesser extent, Sagittarius moons
Moon in the fourth: attracts/is attracted to Cancer moons and other water moons; to a lesser extent, Capricorn moons
Moon in the fifth: attracts/is attracted to Leo moons and other fire moons; to a lesser extent, Aquarius moons
Moon in the sixth: attracts/is attracted to Virgo moons and other earth moons; to a lesser extent, Pisces moons
Moon in the seventh: attracts/is attracted to Libra moons and other air moons; to a lesser extent, Aries moons
Moon in the eighth: attracts/is attracted to Scorpio moons and other water moons; to a lesser extent, Taurus moons
Moon in the ninth: attracts/is attracted to Sagittarius moons and other fire moons; to a lesser extent, Gemini moons
Moon in the tenth: attracts/is attracted to Capricorn moons and other earth moons; to a lesser extent, Cancer moons
Moon in the eleventh: attracts/is attracted to Aquarius moons and other air moons; to a lesser extent, Leo moons
Moon in the twelfth: attracts/is attracted to Pisces moons and other water moons; to a lesser extent, Virgo moons

Mars/Venus in Aries: attracts/attracted to Aries moons and other fire moons
Mars/Venus in Taurus: attracts/attracted to Taurus moons and other earth moons
Mars/Venus in Gemini: attracts/attracted to Gemini moons and other air moons
Mars/Venus in Cancer: attracts/attracted to Cancer moons and other water moons
Mars/Venus in Leo: attracts/attracted to Leo moons and other fire moons
Mars/Venus in Virgo: attracts/attracted to Virgo moons and other earth moons
Mars/Venus in Libra: attracts/attracted to Libra moons and other air moons
Mars/Venus in Scorpio: attracts/attracted to Scorpio moons and other water moons
Mars/Venus in Sagittarius: attracts/attracted to Sagittarius moons and other fire moons
Mars/Venus in Capricorn: attracts/attracted to Capricorn moons and other earth moons
Mars/Venus in Aquarius: attracts/attracted to Aquarius moons and other air moons
Mars/Venus in Pisces: attracts/attracted to Pisces moons and other water moons

Fuckboy placements

Mars/Venus dominant.
Fire/Earth dominant.
Sun sconjunction Mars.
Mars conjunction/square Uranus/Venus/Jupiter.
Fire Mars (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius). In lesser influence Taurus, Libra and Scorpio Mars.
Mars/Uranus/Jupiter in the 5th house.
Fire/Air 5th house.

Venus/Mars square/conjunction Pluto. I’ll add more placements as I find more information! Feel free to add more.
Relationship with astrology

Aries: The Aries person is self expressive but typically born without a heavy weight of self consciousness. They are not so equipped with self awareness or insight to their behavior. They don’t so much ‘watch themselves’ as convey themselves. The Aries can also be confused by the conduct of others, like the whole world is mysterious to Aries. Astrology provides the individual with authentic and personalized information that allows the individual to explore and discover themselves in a fascinating way. It also pieces together the puzzle of others

Taurus: Even the most skeptical Taurus can find an element of beauty in astrology. Whether it be through the stories, language, or the lyrical way it is expressed. The individual will like to become intimate with their own chart and divulge into details. It could be a form of relaxation and bliss for the Taurus to kick their feet up and read about the love of Venus and the values of Taurus. It can also provide a sense of peace and security in what seems like a mad world. It is one thing that has been constant and enduring over history. They will acknowledge astrology but typically continue rumbling along in life exhibiting the same conduct

Gemini: The fascinating twists, turns and elaborate learning opportunities available through astrology can be enough to engage the flighty Gemini mind for a lifetime. There is something brilliant about having more and more to learn about with every leap in knowledge, and astrology provides an infinite maze of information pockets and captivating insights. It keeps the Gemini child enthralled. It can also provide the changeable and dual sided Gemini with a sense of internal stability. They are not going mad, they are just many

Cancer: Astrology reunites Cancer with the feelings of belonging and welcoming they so sorely long. It gives them a language to filter their psychic and intuitive activity through and provides a sense of solace and protection in a frenzied world. It can feel like coming home for Cancer, and opens up internal worlds they never knew existed. When the Cancer person can sympathise with the birth chart they no longer feel abandoned and afraid

Leo: The Leo reads astrology to see what it says about Leo. They are thunderously proud when astrologers remark on their positive points but also deeply hurt and sensitive to criticism. Astrology reunites Leo with the royalty that resides within. It can contribute to their grandiosity, the feeling that they truly rule with purpose. Astrology can also intimidate the lesser Leo who fears a force greater than him. It provides a permission slip for the Leo to express the spectacular self that bounces inside, the individual no longer has to be ashamed

Virgo: Virgos typically internalize astrological knowledge and ensure the circulating information is correct. The individual will prefer to analyze every detail of their chart and apply learned information to their own chart and experiences. Virgos will be critical of astrology they feel misrepresents their nature. There can be a tremendous focus, a great ability to examine the internal tapestry and patterns that others can overlook in haste. I’ve noticed Virgos are highly receptive to astrology but fearful in revealing they indulge in what others perceive as fallacy

Libra: Libra’s natural interest in psychology and interpersonal conduct is satiated through astrology. There is a tremendous need to understand other people and through this process come to understand themselves. Astrology provides clear insights on their own complexes and generates manuals concerning others. The individual will like to ensure the information read is free from bias and righteous. They will not appreciate what is unsavory or written with prejudice. Libra’s may feel disconnected from their own charts, as if they are just imitations. But it also provides that sense of insight they crave. That which drives others could be more fascinating

Scorpio: Scorpios are deeply responsive to astrology. It provides a language their powerful inner experiences. It can also intimidate the lesser Scorpio who fears being exposed or vulnerable. Astrology stirs the waves of sorcery in the individual and transports them to they pockets of the unconscious they seek to voyage through. The controversy, depth, and contention surrounding astrology can tempt the Scorpio. What is hidden, concealed, and filled with tokens from history, psychology, and unconscious dwellings is seductive. The depth psychology and penetration into human nature that the Scorpio craves can be generated through astrology. Scorpios may be especially gifted at intuiting the algorithms and patterns of astrology that people and the universe exhibit

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius is always searching for a way to become intimate with the laws of the universe. Although the individual seeks ‘God’, in personal and worldly ways, there is the need to apply tangible and logical blueprints to their experience of the Source. Astrology provides the manuscript, history, and spiritual language the individual is searching for to apply to his earthly experiences. It is the rainbow bridge that fuses two worlds. Astrology also engages the higher mind, and this is a place the Sagittarius longs to spend time exploring through. There are myriads and mazes of wisdom waiting in astrology that satiate the Sagittarian’s curiosity and need to accumulate knowledge

Capricorn: Capricorn represents mastery in all forms. This spans tasks on earth to profound mystical experiences. On top of the mountain, the individual is quite close to the stars. Something in the Capricorn person craves true intimacy and awareness of the surrounding world and the mechanics that weave reality. For Capricorns, astrology can bridge the gap between the spirit and the material through language, analysis, and history. It is a topic the individual will approach with caution but engage deeply once its worth is realised. The individual seeks to apply astrological information to everyday experiences and building evidence

Aquarius: Aquarius is the ruler of astrology and something in the Aquarian chemistry longs to be reunited with the star stuff they are made up of. There is a tremendous receptiveness to astrological material and galactic curiosity that is remedied by the intricate design. Astrology is a world of delight for Aquarius that allows them to dwell on the fringes of controversy but also return them to lost parts of themselves. It writes a permission slip that allows the shyer Aquarian to break from the shell and express their lightning individuality. Aquarius is often proud of their astrological make up and spend a lot of time thinking about astrology, it’s validity and its humanitarian potential

Pisces: Astrology is a refresher course for Pisces. It reminds them of the magic that exists where they came from and where they will eventually return to. There is an inborn intimacy with the wisdom transcribed through astrology and the individual can attain a sense of peace and rest when they are reminded this is all apart of the grand design. Confusing complexes in the individual can be put to sleep. The individual can daydream about astrology and watch it revealed in everyday life. They will express a tiny nod and smile, a sense of knowing that their true self is reflected from the light of heaven, it couldn’t be any other way