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THS como canciones K-POP 1/4 

Solo son bocetos que voy acumulando cuando practicoooooo~ ¡Algún día los terminare! (Lease en 1000 años, por que sigo acumulando)

Si les gusta, puedo seguir (Tengo las demás canciones que escogí para ellos) aun que solo sean bocetos así de feos ;7;/


  1. Aries: Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet.
  2. Tauro: Catallena - Orange Caramel.
  3. Geminis: My CopyCat - Orange Caramel.
  4. Cancer: Heart Attack. 

Xander: You may call me Daddy  (◡‿◡)

Noctis:  (. ゚ー゚) ???

Leo: ( ಠ_ಠ )

Just a quick doodle about Xander wanting to adopt Noctis after Leo telling his whole depressing story lol

Rewatching the live stream with the English voices of the chocobros + Max Mittelman is my biggest pleasure ^^ I just can imagine Leo and Noctis being awesome bros ;_; 

the signs as minor characters in spongebob
  • Aries: the hash slinging slasher
  • Taurus: mr. seaweed monster man
  • Gemini: "BIG!MEATY!CLAWS!" guy
  • Cancer: that fish that always shouts "MY LEG!"
  • Leo: squilliam fancyson
  • Virgo: the asshole that hid the pickles underneath his tongue to destroy spongebob's career
  • Libra: smitty werben jagerman jensen (he was #1)
  • Scorpio: the health inspector
  • Sagittarius: the guy that chases spongebob & patrick while trying to buy all their chocolate
  • Capricorn: old man jenkins
  • Aquarius: flatts the flounder
  • Pisces: the fish news reporter
the signs and microwaves
  • aries: leaves and comes back just as it finishes and stops it as it beeps
  • taurus: hits stop before its even finished
  • gemini: watches it the entire time. lets it beep the entire time.
  • cancer: watches it cook the entire time and stops it as it beeps
  • leo: opens the microwave before it finishes without hitting stop or closing the microwave
  • virgo: hits stop 4 times before its finished to make sure
  • libra: leaves the room and forgets about it entirely. never comes back.
  • scorpio: waits for it to finish beeping the first time and then hits stop, waits for it to cool, and then gets the food
  • sagittarius: doesnt even hit stop. just opens the microwave as it finishes
  • capricorn: watches it cook and lets it beep once
  • aquarius: paces around until its done and hits stop during the first beep
  • pisces: leaves the room and the microwave beeps until they come back
the signs with their children
  • Aries: "ah yes..6 months..the perfect age to start boxing classes"
  • Taurus: [uses a baby-carrier on their teenager]
  • Gemini: "listen buddy, i don't care what you did at preschool imma bout to tell you about MY day."
  • Cancer: rushes their kid to the hospital after a stubbed toe
  • Leo: is prepared to physically fight their child's bullies
  • Virgo: [pulls out a calculus textbook] "story time."
  • Libra: the mom in "stacy's mom"
  • Scorpio: "a lullaby? alright baby....bitches aint shit and they aint sayin nothin..a hundred mutha fuckas..."
  • Sagittarius: [newborn vomits on them] "what the...i did not raise you to be like this"
  • Capricorn: "beautiful baby right? well. not as beautiful as me but..you know, we can't all be so blessed."
  • Aquarius: [burns their kids hw] "you dont need this..its all up to the system....listen, there's a rebellion coming"
  • Pisces: [sees their baby sleeping] "what an asshole..why tf cant that be me?"
the pontifex and the pea(s).

The Bro Squad™ (or three of them at least) pull a prank on the Pontifex and his girlfriend. It goes about as well as you think it will. Because @cindersart​ wanted some bros and shenanigans <3

‘What do you mean, Frank chickened out? Like—literally or?’

'No, I mean, he didn’t want to do this with us. Which makes him a chicken in the grand metaphorical sense.’

Nico, bored already, makes an impatient noise. He was enjoying a perfectly peaceful walk with a friend before Percy and Leo had so unceremoniously hauled him away. Whether or not Solace had been worried for the duo or Nico, it was unclear. It may have just been alarm at being suddenly left behind in the garden of Bacchus on his first trip to New Rome. With a little twinge of regret at how he’d been grabbed and yanked off in the middle of a very engaging conversation, Nico begins to question why they’re here at all. Percy and Leo resume their gabbling in hushed tones, both with glaring slap marks on their shoulders and arms from where Nico had shaken off their grip.

Point one for the boy with the bony hands and an ever increasing dislike of being manhandled.

'Why would he just back out?’

'He has common sense,’ Nico offers. He doesn’t blame Frank in the slightest. They get a few days in New Rome every month or so, and this is their plan for the trip? 'Or maybe he has important Praetor business. I have a meeting with the senate later, too. He might be preparing for it.’

Leo shakes his head, pouting, and hands Nico a grease stained note. He recognizes the writing. It reads:
“Please excuse Frank from your usual fuckery today, he has a strong case of the Moral Objections that can’t be cured. Or as Hazel diagnosed it: an allergy to Leo’s ideas. Signed, Praetor Ramírez-Arellano.”

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the signs & lying
  • Aries: Contemplates how the truth can benefit themselves & their goals before they make up their mind about lying.
  • Taurus: Will only lie to keep the people they care about safe and happy. Although it might not be the best thing to do, they will always have good intentions.
  • Gemini: Will spit whatever they have to just to keep things interesting. Can either be the best liar due to their adaptability or the worst due to the fact they can't stop rambling.
  • Cancer: Despite popular belief, probably the best liars out there. They need you to think that they are fine so that they can protect themselves. Can take any insult without showing emotion but will be disheartened inside.
  • Leo: Doesn't really lie but is always leaving out details to make themselves seem stronger in the eyes of people they think are important.
  • Virgo: Lies often to maintain their cool, calm and collected appearance. Doesn't want to show their anxious, vulnerable side as they see it as a weakness. Will lie about the smallest details due to their thorough nature.
  • Libra: Is too aware of the concept of pretty lies and ugly truths. They force themselves to cover up the insignificant truth in fear that they will jeopardize how people see them.
  • Scorpio: The worst liars you will ever meet, their lies are far-fetched and easy to detect. Mostly because they hate doing it themselves. However, the most insecure of them won't hesitate before scrambling to cover up their secrets.
  • Sagittarius: If anything, they need to learn to lie. The brutal truth is all they know and they won't hold back before unleashing their unfiltered opinion on you without warning.
  • Capricorn: They value honesty highly because they can't stand being lied to. But if they didn't respect the truth so much, they would be extraordinary liars.
  • Aquarius: Lying is not in their vocabulary. They're not so interested in the usual things that make people lie such as materialism, social standings and personal gain so they simply don't see the point.
  • Pisces: Lies a whole lot but not on purpose. They define their reality different from most so what they consider true might not be the same for anyone else. If they knew their lies would hurt someone, they wouldn't even think about it.