leo homestuck

future careers of the signs
  • aries: maid
  • taurus: animal whisperer
  • gemini: pilot
  • cancer: face of a rebellion/religious icon
  • leo: author/illustrator
  • virgo: ex-babysitter turned outspoken public figure
  • libra: dragon-riding lawyer
  • scorpio: psychic pirate
  • sagittarius: robotics engineer with an archery habit 
  • capricorn: leader of clown-worshiping law enforcers 
  • aquarius: fancy pirate who exclusively murders parents
  • pisces: tyrannical sea-witch empress of an entire planet, also betty crocker
The signs as Homestuck Ships

Aries: Dave x John

Taurs:  Kanaya x Rose

Gemini: Nepeta x Equius

Cancer: Eridan x Sollux

Leo: Calliope x Roxy

Virgo: Dave x Karkat

Libra: Dirk x Jake

Scorpio: Mituna x Latula

Sagittarius: John x Karkat

Capricorn: Meulin x Kurloz

Aquarius: Gamzee x Tavros

Pieces:  Cronus x Kankri

The signs + obscure colors
  • Aries: burgundy
  • Taurus: bronze
  • Gemini: dijon mustard
  • Cancer: gray. just gray.
  • Leo: olive
  • Virgo: jade
  • Libra: teal
  • Scorpio: cerulean
  • Sagittarius: indigo
  • Capricorn: dark magenta
  • Aquarius: violet
  • Pisces: fuchsia
the signs as homestuck characters

aries: the edgy sunglasses kid

taurus: that one character everyone thinks is a whiny child but it turns out to be true

gemini: nerd

cancer: ANGERY 

leo: that one character everyone thinks is a whiny child but in reality is super fuckin badass

virgo: Not Everything Typed Like This Is A Song Title By Fall Out Boy

libra: every character you hate with a fiery passion, but only the ones that are not ones from homestuck

scorpio: define “McBitch” 

sagittarius: imagine an early 2000s horse movie except instead of a plucky 14 year old Sally Anne or whoever it’s the fuckin sweaty fedora guy and it’s x rated

capricorn: Stephen King’s “It” (2017)

aquarius: ?????????????????? whats a homestuck

pisces: guy fieri