leo geo


It’s always sorta interesting to compare the differences between the American and Japanese game manuals, in the few cases where I own both versions. While most of the graphic design elements are similar, it’s fun to see the varying ways the layout, typography and images are presented.

In this case with the first Star Force/Ryuusei games, the full art for Geo’s friends gets a complete focus, where as they are just cropped headshots in the original Japanese version. Even more interesting when you consider those four art pieces never even made it into the OCW, so the US manual is just one of the few ways to see those pics in their full glory.

Yet when it comes to the Star Force forms, it’s reversed. The Japanese edition focused on the full-body transformation art, and to me, visually appears to focus on the gameplay and powers better. Yet the American manual crops the art, and only shows screencaps from the form of the title you’ve bought, as opposed to all three versions like the Japanese manual does. Makes the Japanese graphic work feel more compelling, while the American one seems a bit bland in comparison.

They seemed to condense info quite a bit for us English gamers, as the Japanese manual is about 9 pages longer than the American version. Cutting screencaps seemed to play a big part in that. What was a full 2-page spread about Transer menus, with corresponding images for each menu option in Japan, ends up being crunched to one image with mostly text on the bottom half of page 15 on the English version. Which takes up that space that could have showcased the other 2 Star Force forms.

Scanned from: Mega Man Star Force Pegasus & Ryuusei no Rockman Leo instruction manuals, Circa 2006