leo friendship

Who the signs are to you:


  • Aries: the person you don’t really know well, but you’re always having a great time going out together 
  • Taurus: that weirdo at work you just can’t get along with without any apparent reason 
  • Gemini: that from-time-to-time sex partner 
  • Cancer: your little sister you always have to protect from everyone 
  • Leo: shopping buddy 
  • Virgo: that one bitchy, arrogant chick you couldn’t stand at the first sight
  • Libra: future wife/husband 
  • Scorpio: that one ex you’ll always feel attracted to, even though it will never work out 
  • Sagittarius: crush 
  • Capricorn: that weird nerdy neighbour that looks quite lovely but you never spoke a word to them 
  • Aquarius: that one person that gets everything you want so much
  • Pisces: just a random useless person


  • Aries: an annoying guy at work who gets all the credits you deserve
  • Taurus: your first love you’ll never forget
  • Gemini: that two-faced bitch you’re a little jealous of
  • Cancer: that person you’re not really best friends with but to whom you can always turn when you feel down
  • Leo: that hot guy you secretly crave
  • Virgo: a childhood friend that helped you become who you are now
  • Libra: your boss
  • Scorpio: your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Sagittarius: crazy, odd creep that entertains you when you’re sad
  • Capricorn: bff!
  • Aquarius: your loving grandmother
  • Pisces: that one pervert you know who always makes you laugh 


  • Aries: a huge crush you can’t get over no matter what you do
  • Taurus: high school desk neighbour
  • Gemini: the person you laugh the most with
  • Cancer: your one & only real love
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: that one annoying person that always sees through you not buying your lies like others do
  • Libra: that girl intriguing all the time
  • Scorpio: that bitch with a few kilogrammes makeup on you just can’t stand
  • Sagittarius: best travel partner you’ll ever have
  • Capricorn: your older brother
  • Aquarius: the person you know has a crush on, but you can’t relate, even though you’re enjoying this fact
  • Pisces: the one who does all your homework 


  • Aries: you wish you had their confidence
  • Taurus: childhood neighbour
  • Gemini: your job partner who does all the work
  • Cancer: your opposite gender best friend, the prove that girl & boy can be just friends
  • Leo: they’re so beautiful, I wish I had a little of their beauty
  • Virgo: that person that tries to make you believe in how amazing you are
  • Libra: that weird person who never talks but you somehow still hang out with them
  • Scorpio: that one person who talks so sarcastically that you can’t understand if they’re being serious or not
  • Sagittarius: that annoying bitch bullying you all the time
  • Capricorn: that one person you will always like even though it doesn’t work out between you
  • Aquarius: how can you be so arrogant?
  • Pisces: best friend 


  • Aries: slaying together!
  • Taurus: that one friend you’re trying to make more social, ‘cause they’re actually pretty cool, but they just prefer to Netflix & chill at home
  • Gemini: that one sarcastic but charming guy you like, but they keep making fun of your attitude
  • Cancer: your spiritually obsessed uncle
  • Leo: your wingman who always steals your girls in the end
  • Virgo: that silent friend who gets crazy as hell when drunk
  • Libra: your personal clown, basically entertaining you through life
  • Scorpio: the only person that knows how to handle your ego, but you can’t trust them, ‘cause they have some kind of power over you
  • Sagittarius: cooking partner
  • Capricorn: your older, smarter sister, but you’re always beating her in being popular & hot
  • Aquarius: the only person you will fall in love with for real
  • Pisces: your boss who’s way too easy to manipulate


  • Aries: that one guy who gets all the girls you like because they’re hot & charming, but you’re just a shy potato 
  • Taurus: an actual friend
  • Gemini: that one person you feel kind of alike with but you still just don’t like them 
  • Cancer: your boo
  • Leo: that girl you thought was your best friend but she has like 5 other best friends and so you feel somehow friendship wise heartbroken
  • Virgo: that fling you had on a holiday but it was so good you won’t ever forget them
  • Libra: I wish I was as creative & adorable as they are
  • Scorpio: your wife who’s gonna leave you in the end ‘cause she will realise how different you are after 10 years of marriage
  • Sagittarius: that hot girl you totally have a crush on but she’s out of your league, ‘cause well, you’re still a potato
  • Capricorn: the only friend who actually knows how to deal with your weirdnesses and phobias
  • Aquarius: your psychologist 
  • Pisces: a girl you get perfectly along with, but can’t really understand why, because you’re so different


  • Aries: partner in crime
  • Taurus: your beauty idol you always try to copy
  • Gemini: only you can understand both of their faces
  • Cancer: that lovely person having so much bad luck that you always feel sorry for them
  • Leo: that flowers obsessed relative
  • Virgo: your neighbour 
  • Libra: that one boring person that always asks you to go out. You know it’s gonna be boring but can’t say no, 'cause they are actually really nice
  • Scorpio: that person you’re inhumanly attracted to 
  • Sagittarius: fiancé(e) that’s gonna leave you at the altar 
  • Capricorn: fiancé(e) that’s gonna marry you
  • Aquarius: long lost half sister who turns out to be really cool 
  • Pisces: the shoulder to cry on from time to time


  • Aries: a huge crush who doesn’t really like you back but you keep trying, even though you know it’s gonna hurt
  • Taurus: your favourite singer
  • Gemini: the best person to have late night conversations with
  • Cancer: a lovely family member you will always support
  • Leo: that bitch needing attention all the time but you’re too busy being self-absorbed
  • Virgo: the sign that 90% of your crushes are
  • Libra: your best freaking sex partner ever 
  • Scorpio: childhood love that never really faded
  • Sagittarius: that one cheater boyfriend you somehow forgive over and over again 
  • Capricorn: your daughter you can act like best friends with
  • Aquarius: unexplainably undesirable person 
  • Pisces: best friend you never dare getting in a romantic relationship with because you know you’ll hurt them


  • Aries: your modelling partner 
  • Taurus: that stubborn little shit always trying to ruin your life
  • Gemini: you don’t know it yet but they’re the love of your life 
  • Cancer: that person with an amazing taste in music so you can’t stop admiring it
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: your favourite actor  
  • Libra: your make up artist
  • Scorpio: your witch neighbour, you don’t believe she actually is one but she scares you anyway somehow
  • Sagittarius: best travel buddy 
  • Capricorn: that gloomy person, you never what they are actually thinking 
  • Aquarius: on/off relationship 
  • Pisces: that one person always trying to joke but has an awful sense of humour


  • Aries: your female friend that is amazingly beautiful & kind but just doesn’t believe it and all you do is trying to build up a little confidence in her
  • Taurus: your gay best friend
  • Gemini: lovely & interesting person to spend time with without any real trust
  • Cancer: that one adorable human being you will always wonder about like: how can you be so lovely & innocent?
  • Leo: that one bitch always trying to ruin your life, making drama around you now and then
  • Virgo: that person you get along with perfectly, you understand each other without words, you absolutely love them, but you’ll always stay friends because there’s a lack of physical attraction 
  • Libra: they want you.
  • Scorpio: a fling
  • Sagittarius: that person you like somehow but it never comes to a real relationship, they seem not to notice you the right way
  • Aquarius: that annoying relative always judging you
  • Pisces: that one fake ass ex you’ll never forgive yourself dating


  • Aries: a friend that always manages to cheer you up
  • Taurus: that lovely person you always wanted to get to know, but you have no idea how to start a conversation
  • Gemini: just… bae
  • Cancer: head up, your crown is falling. Oh wait, which crown?
  • Leo: your most beautiful friend. she’s the only one allowed to be more beautiful than you are
  • Virgo: your long-lost child
  • Libra: that one friend that lives on the other side of the world but you stay friends no matter what
  • Scorpio: a person that life always puts as an interference to you, so you end up hating them
  • Sagittarius: that one relative you never meet ‘cause they’re always travelling
  • Capricorn: that one friend that seems completely heartless to you
  • Aquarius: a bitch you’re always competing with 
  • Pisces: you fell in love with their kindness


  • Aries: wait… who? 
  • Taurus: that one person who protects you in difficult situations every time
  • Gemini: they seem so lovely why can’t they stop bullying me?
  • Cancer: cry buddy
  • Leo: that person with a huge heart, it isn’t obvious at first sight but you can trust them with anything
  • Virgo: future husband you will finally feel secure with 
  • Libra: they are so beautiful you can’t help falling in love with them 
  • Scorpio: gossip girl friend 
  • Sagittarius: stupid high school buddy 
  • Capricorn: your long-term love that you can’t forget 
  • Aquarius: that married guy you can’t stop wanting
  • Pisces: bestie
What your Zodiac Sign wants in a relationship:

Aries: passion and the chase(a.k.a not taking each other for granted)
Taurus: Solidarity and Intimacy
Gemini: Fun and Games
Cancer: comfortability and friendship.
Leo: Loyalty and excitement
Virgo: Understanding and teamwork
Libra: Needing each other and fun
Scorpio: Desire and openness
Sagittarius: adventure and intellectual connection
Capricorn: the Power Couple
Aquarius: understanding and solidarity
Pisces: Passion and excitement

The signs and meaningful friendships/relationships:

Aries you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with  ☆Sagittarius

Taurus you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with  ☆Virgo

Gemini you have your most meaningful friendships and relationship with  ☆Aquarius

Cancer you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with  ☆Scorpio

Leo you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with  ☆Aries

Virgo you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with ☆Capricorn

Libra you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with  ☆Gemini

Scorpio you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with ☆Pisces

Sagittarius you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with ☆Leo

Capricorn you have your most meaningful friendships an relationships with  ☆Taurus

Aquarius you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with  ☆Libra

Pisces you have your most meaningful friendships and relationships with  ☆Cancer

Cute personality traits of the signs

Aries: amazing friendship skills

Taurus: creative mindset

Gemini: passion for day-dreaming

Cancer: empowers others

Leo: sooo loyal

Virgo: amazing compliment-giver

Libra: positive vibes

Scorpio: wise, truth-seeker

Sagittarius: wants to take care of you

Capricorn: comforting

Aquarius: honest and has got your back

Pisces: wonderful sense of humor

Why The Signs Aren't Texting Back
  • Aries: You said something they didn't like
  • Taurus: They're napping
  • Gemini: You're not worthy of a text
  • Cancer: Their bedtime is at 9
  • Leo: You aren't interesting enough, sorry
  • Virgo: You're being annoying
  • Libra: They're watching TV
  • Scorpio: They misplaced their phone
  • Sagittarius: They forgot to
  • Capricorn: They're doing something more important
  • Aquarius: Their phone is off
  • Pisces: Too busy doing something unproductive, but don't worry, they'll come back and let you know what
  • How to make an Aries friend: Give them their space, be enthusiastic and optimistic. Engage in friendly competitions with them and be generous.
  • How to make an Aries enemy: Compete with them over everything and BEAT them. Be aloof and shut them down. Boss them around and pressure them.
  • How to make a Taurus friend: Follow their advice and be a realist. Talk to them about their interests, be understanding. Don't cause drama.
  • How to make a Taurus enemy: Impose your will on them and restrict them. Turn their life into a roller coaster and constantly change your mind. Betray them deeply.
  • How to make a Gemini friend: Be intelligent and sociable. Prepare for friendly banter and talk about different things.
  • How to make a Gemini enemy: Make the assumption that their flexibility is fakeness. Expose their exterior confidence as a facade and let the world know how broken they are inside. It takes a lot to get under their skin - drop their biggest secret.
  • How to make a Cancer friend: You'll need to indulge in their sappy side and listen to them. Let them take care of you but understand when they need taking care of as well. Get along well with their friends and family.
  • How to make a Cancer enemy: Hurt one of their family members of closest friends. Destroy their ego and insist no one will ever love them because of their emotional instability.
  • How to make a Leo friend: Pay lots of attention to them - but know when to give space. Be very flattering - but only if you truly mean it. Show them that you listen to them and remember things they say.
  • How to make a Leo enemy: Crush their trust. They are extremely generous but when they found out they've been taken advantage of, that's the worst thing you can do to them. Constantly insult them regarding their insecurities.
  • How to make a Virgo friend: Don't be petty, you've got to be direct. Don't test their patience. Understand when they need to be alone.
  • How to make a Virgo enemy: Cause chaos in their life. Nitpick at their flaws and cause them to snap in public.
  • How to make a Libra friend: Be extremely friendly and optimistic. Being popular and attractive really helps. Have a good sense of humor and remind them of things they need to do - they often forget.
  • How to make a Libra enemy: Spread a rumor about them that can destroy their social life. They need to be around others, and cutting off their friendships will anger them to no end.
  • How to make a Scorpio friend: Don't be loud and obnoxious. Be honest and direct, be prepared to talk about things you don't normally discuss. Be somewhat of a mystery, they'll enjoy figuring you out.
  • How to make a Scorpio enemy: Humiliate them in public. Reveal their weaknesses. Fight them and prove them wrong.
  • How to make a Sagittarius friend: Have an honest heart and an open mind. Be ready for adventuring and doing the wildest things. Travel the world with them.
  • How to make a Sagittarius enemy: Cut their freedom off, control their actions and words. Lack of freedom is the only thing that truly angers Sagittarius.
  • How to make a Capricorn friend: Be hardworking but not competitive. Share similar values - they're usually conservative. Give them their space but don't make them chase you. Spend time really getting to know them.
  • How to make a Capricorn enemy: Sabotage their work, make them miss a very important opportunity. Or, beat them at something and destroy their dreams and continue to rub it in their face.
  • How to make an Aquarius friend: Be wild yet proper, friendly yet an enigma. They love talking, so always have discussions with them and explore the world with them.
  • How to make an Aquarius enemy: Prove them wrong. They're incredibly confident and cocky and this is the one thing they will remember and hold a grudge about forever.
  • How to make a Pisces friend: Listen to them, participate in their favorite activities. Don't judge them, let them take you in and overwhelm you, but don't run.
  • How to make a Pisces enemy: You wouldn't want to, their hearts are bigger than the ocean and their souls have the same depth and warmth as the seas. If you really must, force them to face reality. Bring up their past. Make them face the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Pisces + ☆Taurus: They know each others deepest insecurities and can understand each others sense of humor.

Scorpio + ☆Virgo: They give each other tough love because they know that they’re both destined for greatness.

Aries + ☆Libra: They would never let a petty argument get in the way of their friendship.

Gemini + ☆Cancer: They both know the good and the bad about each other and share mutual desires.

Sagittarius + ☆Aquarius: They have conversations that are impossible for other people to understand.

Leo + ☆Capricorn: They know the importance of each others little preferences and have some of the best shopping trips.

The 11th House

The 11th house rules over friendship! It talks about how you value friendship and what type of friends you might like or attract.

Aries in the 11th house: Likes being in a big group of friends and is attracted to friends who are entertaining and energetic. 

Taurus in the 11th house: Wants lifelong friends and is attracted to pals who are reliable and trustworthy.

Gemini in the 11th house: Has a LOT of friends, might jump from group to group, craves mental stimulation and variety in friendship.

Cancer in the 11th house: Prefers a small group of friends and might consider them family, looks for friends who are giving and loyal.

Leo in the 11th house: Has many acquaintances and a big group of friends, likes friends who are easygoing, has their back, and are creative.

Virgo in the 11th house: Has a few close friends and prefers to be in the company of intelligent and confident people. 

Libra in the 11th house: Has a talent for making friends, has a connection to dating friends, and looks to befriend people of all kinds.

Scorpio in the 11th house: Is picky about who they befriend and is attracted to powerful people, those who share their views, and are artistic.

Sagittarius in the 11th house: Tends to have more casual friendships and likes those who are conversationalist and individualist.

Capricorn in the 11th house: Has a few good/close friends and likes to befriend influential people but gets close to those who are dependable.

Aquarius in the 11th house: Will befriend anyone who is interesting or different. Their friendships tend to be casual and light. They don’t have many close friends.

Pisces in the 11th house: Has many close friends and is attracted to friends that are helpful, accepting, and charitable. 


“Leo and I just hung on to each other for dear life. We had cigarettes hidden in the pockets of our costumes and the two of us literally were having conversations like ‘What would happen if we died?’ and I’d say things like ‘Leo, I love you, I really do love you so much. You are a very important person to me and I’d have your babies. I would, I’d have your babies, really, it’s fine.’”

signs and why they can't fall asleep

aries: can i honestly just kill him tomorrow yeah ill do that wait hm
taurus: ughhhh, freaking homework and stresssss
gemini: lalallala, im not even tired literally fuck this
cancer: i have to go to school tomorrow for that big test.. omg fucking SLEEp
leo: *laughs at own jokes*
virgo: i hate her so much what a fucking bitch fuck
libra: shes so beautiful goddammit stop smiling sleep cmonnn
sagittarius: how will i explain this tomorrow
capricorn: *plans out future goals*
aquarius: *creates theories about dark matter*
pisces: i hope shes okay..

Phichit and Leo making friends with Otabek

In episode 12, Leo cheers for Otabek in his free skate (how cute is that)

and Phichit imagines Otabek as one of the skaters he performs with during his ice show (ahhhhh)

They must be somewhat close at least, so just think about Phichit and Leo together last season, trying to get Otabek to open up to them (Guang Hong doesn’t seem as close to him though, plus he debuted this season):

- Phichit and Leo try asking Otabek out for a meal, naturally Otabek rejects (just like he did with JJ)

- But they meet at the same cafe and the two of them casually sidle up to the same table as Otabek, acting all friendly (”oh fancy seeing you here”)

- Otabek feels uncomfortable but doesn’t object, resigning himself to staring at his food

- Phichit and Leo try to strike up conversation with Otabek, who’s mostly polite; he answers in slight nods and occasional mumbling without actually looking at them

- But their smiles and laughter are just so infectious

- Then Leo starts talking about attempting his driving test soon after the competition season

- Otabek finds himself starting to talk about how he’s planning to get a motorcycle as soon as he’s of driving age and he’s just suddenly at ease

- So at ease he even lets Phichit take a selfie with him and post it on Instagram

- And before Otabek begins his program the next day he hears Phichit and Leo cheering for him and just his heart melts a little

BONUS: Otabek mumbling words of encouragement as he watches Phichit and Leo’s programs really intently

Maybe this can’t match up to Otayuri (after all did you see that smile Otabek had on his face when Yuri finished his free skate he looked so proud ahhhh) but hey it’s a nice fuzzy little thought I just had