Sleepover Saturday: Favorite Quote

That means that every bit of energy inside us, every particle, will go on to be a part of something else. Maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova ten billion years from now. And every part of us now was once a part of some other thing: a moon, a storm cloud, a mammoth. A monkey. A monkey. Thousands and thousands of other beautiful things that were just as terrified to die as we are. We gave them new life. A good one, I hope.


The Four Horsemen - AoS Style

Jemma Simmons is Famine, The Rider of the Black Horse

Lance Hunter is Death,The Rider of the Pale Horse

Bobbi Morse is War, The Rider of the Red Horse

Leo Fitz is Pestilence, The Rider of the White Horse

The Four Horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbringers of the Last Judgement.

Paradise Found – Chapter 12

“Whoever decided ‘it’s like riding a bike’ should mean something is easy was full of it,” Fitz calls nervously as he wobbles on the third pass around the bike rental parking lot.

Jemma laughs as she swoops by, pedaling in smooth circles and figure-eights around him. She knows she’s showing off, but maybe it’ll prod Fitz to try a little harder. (That tactic works in all other areas of their relationship. And she means   all other areas.)

“I presume whoever concocted that saying didn’t wreck his first bicycle trying to make it fly,” she teases.

 “E.T. was a very compelling film, alright?”

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AoS Re-Watch: Under-appreciated moments
           1x18 aka the one where we find out what jemma is really afraid of

Bonus: that other time jemma got AuthoritativeTM and it was kinda hot (featuring phil “this 
            is getting out of hand” coulson)


mack + naming the kids

bonus aka the moment we all turned into die-hard mackelena (yoyomack?) shippers: