Crazy, Random Theories for the AoS Characters

Fitz is Leonid: Leonid (from the comics) is said to age slower but what if instead of not ageing, every time he died he would be reborn as a baby. Fitz’s mother found him at the start of his new life and he’d attached a letter to himself with his name, Leo. But she thought it was short for Leopold, not Leonid, so that’s what she called him. He has all the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of his past lives deep inside of him (and it’s part of the reason he picks up engineering so fast) but he doesn’t remember it and only after he almost dies does some of it come out. He has access to just a bit of it now but he still doesn’t know. His special biology is also what allows him to resist Maveth, the strength of heart of all his past lives combined makes him nearly incorruptible.

Jemma is psychic: She has the ability to predict the future as well as read other’s intentions/ emotions. This is the reason she understands how terrible Maveth is just by having come in contact with it. It’s also why she knows that it “had great power but lost it” and why she is so quick to trust Will (she understands he isn’t a threat). It’s also why she was so easy to accept Ward killed agent Koenig. Deep down, part of her knew (but, it was confusing because he’d never been hostile towards her in intentions). It is also where here “I’m getting that sinking feeling that we can’t trust anyone next to us” comment came from. It’s instinct and she doesn’t notice it and even when she does she casts it aside because she does not believe in things like “being psychic”. She IS able to read Andrew, but his intentions towards her are genuinely friendly so she doesn’t see his darker intentions for others. Like Ward though, deep down she kind of knows. That’s why she isn’t really thrown that her friend is a monster, she accepts it and feels sorry for May. Only when she accepts her powers will she be able to make important distinctions like that. Interestingly, Fitz is the only one she DOESN’T have a psychic link with. All his past lives overlap to create a sort of white noise, obscuring his thoughts and emotions from her. Their ‘psychic link’ is based on years of friendship and mutual understanding. 

Bobbi is a Hell beast: Hunter calling Bobbi a Hell Beast is meant to sound like a spiteful joke- but it isn’t. Cursed to destroy in the name of her master, Bobbi fell in love with a prince and his true love’s kiss broke the curse. Now free, she is determined to use her strength to protect the innocent and keep peace in the world. When she was a Hell Beast, she fed on moonlight. Now she likes lot’s of things. 

Hunter was a prince but he ran away: Hunter was that prince she fell in love with. A rebellious runaway, she was ordered to destroy him while he was vulnerable and alone, by a rival kingdom. Instead of killing him though, they fell in love and he broke her curse. Now he still doesn’t want to go back to his kingdom, he doesn’t want to be king or proper or any of that and he’s terrified of the day someone discovers who he really is. That’s why he likes to disguise himself as an American and wear stetsons. 

May is the reincarnation of Mulan: In another life, May disguised herself as a man and saved China with the help of a mini talking dragon, a not-lucky-cricket and a horse. In this life she is far less light than she was in the past life, a lot of that has to do with what happened with the girl, but she still holds onto some of the same attributes. She still believes in doing the right thing and protecting the people she cares about (even if they think they don’t need her help). She still has a big heart and a soft spot tiny creatures (*cough*, Daisy and Fitzsimmons) And she’s as swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon. With all the strength of a raging fire. Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Mack is half alien: Bet you didn’t see this one coming? That’s what he was hoping for. He doesn’t want anyone to know, so he distances himself from alien stuff. “Eww, gross, not something from another planet. Get that AWAY from me.” His father was part of a race of giant aliens and he left him and his mother when he was a boy, leaving behind a bunch of alien gadgets that terrorized them until Mack learned how to disassemble them, hence his journey into mechanics. His mother was a huge fan of fine cars and he rebuilt the car she’d had as a teenager for her birthday one year.

Coulson will forever have the Triple Dent Gum song stuck in his head: Due to a freak accident while inserting memories of Tahiti, where the doctors accidentally inserted the Triple Dent Gum song as well, it has never stopped playing for him. He suffers bravely without complaint.

Lincoln is a Pikachu: Once Lincoln was but a peaceful, simple, happy Pikachu. But an angry Ninetails lay a curse on him when he accidentally stepped on one of her tails. Now his is human and sure it’s nice to have opposable thumbs and get the ladies, but life was much easier as Pokemon. 

Daisy is Inhuman: Daisy is part of a mysterious group of people called Inhumans. Long ago, the Kree experimented on humans, introducing new genes into the population which, upon activation by the Terrigen Mist, give their possessor superhuman abilities. Her ability is to create vibrations. She inherited this ability from her mother, also an Inhuman, who was the leader of a whole group of Inhumans. Unfortunately, her mother wanted Inhumans to rise up above humans. … wait a minute……

Thanks to @agl03 for helping me out with these :D

Six-ish Sentence Sunday

My current Fitsimmons WIP just hit the 20k mark! So, to celebrate, here’s a new snippet from chapter 3:

Fitz followed her gaze, and sure enough, there she was, sitting front and center in the first row. He didn’t know how he could have missed her before. She too was clearly younger, a certain softness to the lines of her face showing her youth, but it was unmistakably her. “So…this really isn’t a nightmare?” he asked. “None of this is, uh, Garrett?”

She shook her head. “No.” Then she smiled again. “Unless you think being stuck in Professor Vaughn’s lecture for eternity is a nightmare.”

He couldn’t help but smile a little in return. “Well,” he said, tilting his head toward her, “that is a possibility.”

This was a hurtful and beautiful way for Marvel to kick off the new season. All I could talk about everywhere I went was how sad Fitzsimmons was and how Fitz confessing his love for Jemma made me cry both happy and sad tears at the same time. I really hope in season 3b they can go back to a place similar to the happy times in season 1, yet with more romance *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*.


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