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People I Will Defend and Love Until Death

• Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man)
• Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man)
• Draco Malfoy
• Nico Di Angelo
• Leo Valdez
• Merlin
• Dean Winchester
• Sam Winchester
• Newt (from The Maze Runner)

Feel free to add others

The Signs As Characters From Supernatural

Aries: Lucifer

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Taurus: Charlie Bradbury

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Gemini: Dean Winchester

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Cancer: Chuck Shurley

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Leo: Jo Harvelle

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Virgo: Ash

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Libra: Ellen Harvelle

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Scorpio: Crowley

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Sagittarius: Bobby Singer

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Capricorn: Sam Winchester

Aquarius: Castiel

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Pisces: Rowena

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Wanted to practice with some new software/effects/techniques/editing and this was the end product.

There are imperfections especially with size and the smoothness of the transitions.

Being the first one I attempted, Zig seems to be the worse. Sean and Jake didn’t turn out as well as the others either. Also looping, I need to practice on it repeating much more smoothly.

Aside from that, please enjoy some smiling men of Choices.

©All images belong to pixelberry.

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What if the bros crush was high key crushing on them but they try and act cool about it. Then one day they see the bros and say "sup hot stuff- I mean, good looking- ah, what I meant to say is you look sexy. I should shut up. I'm gonna hide in the corner of shame, don't look at me." And this happened in front of all the brothers. How would they react? Thanks!


He doesn’t hear the words you say, but instead hears them in a different way.  You love him too.

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“No, hey! Wait, come back!”


You totally caught him off guard.  He doesn’t even know what to say.

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“Well, yeah, even I think I’m hot but – wait what’d you say…?”

He literally cannot shut up for the next five hours.

“Hey guys, they think I’m hot!!”