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signs as '80s actors

Aries: River Phoenix

Taurus: Matt Dillon

Gemini: Rob Lowe

Cancer: Andrew McCarthy

Leo: Corey Feldman

Virgo: Patrick Swayze

Libra: Johnny Depp

Scorpio: Will Wheaton

Sagittarius: Corey Haim

Capricorn: Anthony Michael Hall

Aquarius: C. Thomas Howell

Pisces: Judd Nelson

The signs as 80s actors
  • Aries: River Phoenix
  • Taurus: Patrick Swayze
  • Gemini: Emilio Estevez
  • Cancer: C. Thomas Howell
  • Leo: Ralph Macchio
  • Virgo: Corey Feldman
  • Libra: Rob Lowe
  • Scorpio: Michael J. Fox
  • Sagittarius: Charlie Sheen
  • Capricorn: Tom Cruise
  • Aquarius: Christian Slater
  • Pisces: Matt Dillon
  • The actors chosen for each sign were not chosen BECAUSE of their sign, but by different factors.
Which Big Brother 18 Houseguest Shares Your Zodiac Sign
  • Aries: Natalie, Tiffany
  • Taurus: Da`vonne, Frank, Victor
  • Gemini: James, Paul
  • Cancer: Bridgette, Nicole, Zakiyah
  • Leo:
  • Virgo:
  • Libra:
  • Scorpio: Corey, Paulie
  • Sagittarius:
  • Capricorn: Michelle
  • Aquarius:
  • Pisces: Jozea
Well Played, SON...

If you’ve ever gotten trapped into a game of “Echo” with a young kid (or any such activity that they find infinitely amusing yet tests your patience to no end), then you’re aware of just how difficult it can be to steer a kid away from “game” once they discover it.

Well it turns out, “threatening” to disown them sometimes does the trick.

Last night, my wife referred to me by name (as adults are wont to do), which caused my almost two-year-old daughter to do the same. In her case, a few mock exasperated yells and belly tickles sufficed, and life went back to normal. But Leo glommed onto the fun, and wouldn’t let it go…until this:

LEO: Hey Corey.

ME: Uh…I’m Daddy.

LEO: Nope. You’re Corey!

ME: Well then…if I’m Corey…that means I’m NOT Daddy. And if I’m NOT Daddy…that means that I don’t have to raise you anymore! What a relief! I don’t have to buy you food…or toys…and let’s not forget about COLLEGE!

LEO (Leaping into my lap): I love you DADDY!

ME: Well played.

It was a great hug…but I think it puts me back on the hook for his education. All told…a good trade.

The Signs as Iconic BB18 Moments

Aries: Michelle wearing 3 different outfits during double eviction night

Taurus: James and Natalie’s first kiss with literal confetti

Gemini: Victor throwing beads at Zakiyah and Michelle during his nomination speech

Cancer: Natalie beating Corey for HOH by 4 seconds

Leo: Corey announcing his Patriotard punishment is done as Paul is roasting Nicole

Virgo: Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette smoking Paulie’s cocky ass in the jury house

Libra: Glenn’s existence

Scorpio: Michelle calling Nicole a snake, live, for millions to hear during her speech

Sagittarius: Michelle and Bridgette’s character development from enemies to allies

Capricorn: Pussy Cauliflower crying when he went up on the block

Aquarius: Da'Vonne’s sassy hair flip and “pissed” when Tiffany put her up on the block

Pisces: Michelle falling during OTEV