leo characteristics


*can work with rising signs as well

ARIES: why are they always angry? aries people just care, a little too much sometimes. there is a lot of fire and passion in their sign and they have a hard time expressing their emotions which results into their anger. they just don’t know how else to project themselves. aries people are also known to be, deep down, insecure. because of this, they use anger to make them seem strong and to mask their lack of confidence or pain inside. their insecurity derives from the desire to be the best. 

TAURUS: why are they lazy/apathetic? the thing about taurus people is they like comfort. they want a comfortable life with very little problems, and would avoid conflict and issues if they can. they may seem like they don’t care about things, or may not go out of their way to aim too high only because they don’t want to have to bother with the issues that come along the way. if they are happy with how their life is, they wouldn’t want to risk losing it. being an earth sign means they are very grounded and yearn for stability, and anything that can throw them off can seem a little scary. 

GEMINI: why are they so two-faced? geminis seem to always change their mind about people. they will criticize a person to you, then the next day you see them getting along with them. it is not that geminis are fake, it’s just they have a lot of patience with people and offer many opportunities. they enjoy having fun, and if the “problems” the gemini complains about aren’t that bad, they can set that aside and enjoy their time with the person they were once talking about. if a gemini is hot and cold with you, don’t take it personally. they are easily bored and need plenty of people to entertain them in terms of friendship. 

CANCER: why are they such crybabies? it is well known that cancers are very emotional people. their emotions derive from how sentimental they are. they treasure memories and good times, but because they want it so badly they may become sad that they cannot have it, or that those times are gone. cancers can be influenced by their emotions, it just comes from being a water sign. they can be carried away by the current of events that happen in their life. small mishaps that happen to a cancer can bring them down because they want to just be content. this is what taurus wants to avoid. they have expectations for the world because of the memories they experience, and when these expectations do not match with reality, it can make a cancer emotional. 

LEO: why are they so arrogant? leos are very hard-working people. if they want something they will do what they can to have it. because of their hard work, it is justified for them to feel proud of themselves. they are fun-loving and down to earth people which attracts people to their energy. their popularity can play a role in their behavior, but they never mean to bring people down or make others feel small. they are just proud of themselves and what they’ve accomplished. 

VIRGO: why are they such clean-freaks? i actually don’t really understand this stereotype tbh lol… but anyways, virgos are thoughtful people. they are quiet and observant, which could stem the idea that they are boring. virgos are also earth signs, making them fond of stability like taurus and capricorn. because of this, virgos would want to strive to have their lives organized and kept together without many problems. the perception of being boring and their organization and simplicity on the outlook of life can add together to the stereotype of them being “clean-freaks”.  

LIBRA: why are they such flirts? libras aren’t really flirts, they’re just charming. they’re a very sociable sign and have lots of charisma. they are likable which can make people think they are flirts. they make people feel special because of how well they speak and how well they work people. libras don’t do this intentionally and don’t always realize how they make people feel or how they come off as. 

SCORPIO: why are scorpios mysterious and sexual? i laugh at this so much being a scorpio moon.. being mysterious comes from the fact that scorpios would rather not have much of their personal life, feelings, and general information exposed to the public. they do not want to feel vulnerable with their feelings and thoughts because they are deep and well-thought out. they feel strongly, and will not have any superficial thoughts or emotions. because of this they do not want to be judged for having the feelings they have. the sexual aspect comes from how passionate scorpios can be. passion can be confused with many things, such as lust, ambition, or love. scorpios embody either or all of those three things, just depends on the person. 

SAGITTARIUS: why do they have commitment issues? sags can commit to something, they just have some requirements for whatever that thing is. sags do not like high maintenance people, simply because it’s too much work. sags are not the kind of people to judge others and criticize, but they know what they want and will avoid the things they don’t want. sags don’t like things that can hold them back or bring them down, and if they feel that someone is like that towards them they can shy away or avoid the person. they can commit, it just depends on what they’re committing to. 

CAPRICORN: why are they heartless workaholics? they are known for being ambitious, which is why they will not stop working until they get what they want. this can apply to work, school, relationships, or even video games. capricorns aren’t really heartless, they are quite considerate of other people and think a lot of others, just not the way that others would like to be thought of. capricorns can be very self-focused because they believe that no one can take care of them but themselves, which is why they cannot always think or consider other people and others’ emotions. despite this, capricorns can have their eyes opened and if are told they are hurting someone by not noticing how they feel, capricorn will reconsider their actions. they just need a little push to understand and consider those around them, but that doesn’t mean they are heartless. 

AQUARIUS: why are they such hipsters? aquarius is a pretty unique sign. their symbol is the only of the zodiac that isn’t an animal, it’s actually water. and even though they are represented by water, they are an air sign. aquarius people are very innovative, they are ahead of the game and may take interest in things that others don’t. they like to enjoy things for themselves, and would not like to be influenced by too much media or extreme trends. 

PISCES: why are they such clueless daydreamers? the clueless stereotype can come from the fact that pisces people don’t always take hints very well. they like things to be straightforward so they won’t get confused with all the thoughts and possibilities that can come to them. pisces think a lot, about anything, which drive the daydreaming stereotype. pisces are known to be sweet people because of how much they think about others. they are “clueless” because they don’t want to make any wrong assumptions of anything and would rather know the full story before guessing. 

Underrated Characteristics About the Signs

Aries- Their humour, how fiercely they defend others, how tight and comforting their hugs are

Taurus- THEIR SASSINESS SLAYS EVERYONE, their intelligence, they’ll do anything to make others laugh

Gemini- Their loyalty, their cute shyness around people they’re not completely comfortable with, how cautious they are around the people they love

Cancer- Their strength emotionally and physically, their detachment, they don’t take themselves too seriously

Leo- Their humbleness, their insecurities, how good they are with their hands

Virgo- Their affection, their popularity, how touchy they can be

Libra- Their bitterness, how sensual they can actually be, how aggressive they are

Scorpio- Their loyalty, how smart they are, how careful they are to their loves

Sagittarius- How kind they are, how sensitive they are, how internet popular they are

Capricorn- Their witty jokes, how sexy they are, one of those people who act mean but when they love someone, they give themselves up completely

Aquarius- Their friendliness, how bad they yearn affection, how playful they are when they’re not constantly working themselves to death

Pisces- Their pettiness, their determination, how insensitive they are to people unless they actually like you


♌ : July 23 - August 22 . Fire Sign .

Strengths: Confident , Ambitious , Loyal , Faithful , Generous , Loving .

Weaknesses: Prideful , Stubborn , Dominant , Vain , Selfish , Bossy .

Demands: Praise , Respect , Love , Attention , Flattery , Recognition .

Love/Sex: Affectionate , Sensual , Intensifying , Deeply Passionate .

Compatibility: Only to natives of the fire sign ( Aries , Leo , Sagittarius ) .

7 Characteristics Of Leo | TheZodiacCity.com

1. If they call you, you better answer the phone.

2. They will never forget the bullsh*t you do to them… like ever!

3. Their hearts are big, don’t forget that. You don’t want to abuse that.

4. They would rather be at home than going to a bunch of events/functions.

5. Confidence is something they can deliver but it’s not always their strongest suit.

6. Leave them alone when they’re not in the mood.

7. Words cut them deeply, but their sting is just as vicious.

'Negative' Words for the Signs That I Find Positive

Aries: Confrontational, Impatient, Jealous // They are able to fight for the things they want. They don’t like to wait around they want to take action, they don’t like wasting time and in this day and age it makes sense. They are afraid of losing who they love or want their person to be for them only and jealousy is one way they express that.

Taurus: Lazy, Stubborn // At least they don’t stress about every single little thing and being lazy is relaxing and fun sometimes. They believe in what they believe in. I don’t see what’s negative about that.

Gemini: Two-Faced, Restless // They don’t like being confined to just one way of thinking so they explore different opinions on things. They don’t like to be bored. It’s what makes them have fun because they are always doing doing and doing.

Cancer: Emotional, Moody // They know how to feel and how to show it. They feel a lot, and sometimes it’s hard to get their emotions in check so they feel everything at once.

Leo: Vain, Melodramatic // They like to take pride in who they are. They want people to understand what they feel so they exaggerate.

Virgo: Close-minded, Critical // They like to live their life simply and as normal as they can. They like everything to be perfect because perfect is safe it’s normal and right to them.

Libra: Indecisive, Superficial // They’re afraid of making a wrong decision. They like appreciating outer beauty but it’s until they know people in depth that they see the beauty inside too.

Scorpio: Secretive, Resentful, Possessive // They don’t want their personal life out in the open. They don’t like being betrayed and don’t feel like trusting again only to be betrayed again. They love with all they have and expect the same in return.

Sagittarius: Impulsive, Blunt, Irresponsible // They like to do things in the moment. They’re honest but not to hurt people but to express how they feel and what they’ve experienced. They don’t like the pressure of responsibility, who can blame ‘em?

Capricorn: Reserved, Controlling // They choose who to open up to. They feel safe when they’re in control; nothing wrong can happen when they’re in control.

Aquarius: Unpredictable, Rebellious, Aloof // Being unpredictable makes life fun. To defy rules and laws isn’t bad. It’s bad because we are told it is. Being cool and distant isn’t a bad thing, we don’t want to get hurt or we just don’t know how to show how much we care.

Pisces: Gullible, Over-sensitive, Unrealistic // They like to see the good in people. They get hurt sometimes it’s not bad, everyone gets hurt. What’s wrong with being unrealistic? It’s like saying it’s wrong to dream.

[I did this ‘cause I’ve seen these ‘negative’ traits around that aren’t negative at all to me. Just offering a different view of things.]

Zodiac Face and Body

Aries: sharp; strong brow bone or jaw; shorter height; fierce eyes

Taurus: buxom; plush lips; large, rounded eyes that flare up and out; solid, shapely body

Gemini: foxy; quick moving, playful eyes; small features; long fingers; fairy-like

Cancer: kawaii; round face & body; small eyes, with pale, muted color; prominent forehead

Leo: raw; noteworthy brown or reddish hair; athletic frame; cat-like eyes; smaller lips

Virgo: dense; fine, well proportioned features; luminous eyes; ample shape (even if skinny)

Libra: cherubic; dimples; soft features, with everything balanced; androgynous

Scorpio: shadowy; sinewy body and limbs; deep set, serious eyes; strong and straight nose and jaw-line

Sagittarius: titanic; big features; very tall; widow’s peak hairline; equine features that are very long and large

Capricorn: classic; straight, almost hard-looking expression, sturdy frame;  earnest eyes with deep, rich colors

Aquarius: kaleidoscopic; bright, iridescent eyes; one or many striking, unique features that vary 

Pisces: languid; wide, relaxed eyes with subdued hues; full, small mouth, dark hair

How the Signs will surprise you

Aries: They’ll always be willing to defend those weaker than them, even when all of the odds are stacked against them or the situation is terrifying - They actually are dreamers - Can’t tell a lie: either they’re no good at it or are unwilling to ever do it - When in a crisis, they can cool a situation like no one else - Brave but not when it comes to physical pain (probably hasn’t gone to the dentist in years and will whine if you try to make them).

Taurus: Despite their calm and peaceful nature, once angry their rage is unlike anything else and you probably won’t see it coming - Even though they’re typically stoic and calm they can still brood and pout like nobody else - Though they’re down to earth they can be very materialistic - Steady and stoic Taurus can feel very shy about their body.

Gemini: If you need help, Gemini will be the first by your side - Sometimes their advice will be so dead-on or out of character that it’ll blow you away - Their bubbly, playful, and sometimes irresponsible attitude may make it surprising when they start talking about quarks, RNA and DNA, or even Shakespeare - They may be the smartest person you’ve ever met and probably are - They’re awesome with kids and know how to talk to them.

Cancer: They can be silly, funny,the life of the party - They are actually pretty pessimistic - They’ll nearly bite your head off out of nowhere, even just asking a simple question, if they are feeling “crabby” - They are so expressive and good at communicating you’ll almost experience their feelings with them, even if you’re the most detached person alive - Friend, sibling, parent, no matter how they’re related to you they’ll hug you and kiss you, which may shock a friend or two - They can order around even the most stubborn people (Cancer is the Matriarch of the Zodiac for a reason).

Leo: They are remarkably generous to the point of self-sacrifice, they’ll give you a hundred bucks no questions asked - Despite their boldness and outgoing nature, deep down they often doubt themselves and feel insecure - They are remarkably romantic - They actually love to teach others in some way - Their optimism and faith are very beautiful - They can’t stand to feel weak and may hurt themselves by not going to the doctor when they need to.

Virgo: They can actually be a little vain - They are very good actors (and will use this to get out of going to that party you’re throwing) - They can become grumpy very suddenly, which doesn’t fit with their cool, calm, perfect exterior - They are very, very health conscious and will shock you with their knowledge of the human body, medicine, and/or psychology - They’ll help you, no questions asked, and expect nothing in return no matter how big the favor.

Libra: They can’t stand taking orders - They can actually be all over the place and very unbalanced, it takes time and maturity to become balanced - They can actually be pretty feisty and confrontational - They’re not always charming and flirtations, they can be indolent and completely unaware of others’ feelings - They don’t like to make decisions.

Scorpio: They are sexual but not sex-crazed maniacs - They can be intimidating with their piercing eyes, mysterious nature, and supernatural air but that doesn’t mean they’re dangerous, actually, they’re usually softies - You cannot insult a Scorpio, they are too sure to bother with you - They have steeled their face and show as little emotion as possible but feel very deeply - Scorpios are actually very heroic, they will risk their life and do so without regrets, no matter what - They are protective and gentle, especially of children and those in need.

Sagittarius: They are completely unaware of how their words hurt - They are dreamers and very creative - Though known for being strongly religious, they’ll grow skeptical as they age and mature - They will do anything, take any chance, when it comes to love - Despite how their words may hurt, they mean no harm, they would never intentionally hurt a friend.

Capricorn: They can party and laugh unlike anyone else - They have a good sense of humor, that is more than just sarcasm - They are loyal and will do anything for their friends - They are very soft, insecure, and sweet on the inside - They want to join in, they really do, but they’re afraid of how they’ll look - They greatly admire their friends - They want credit and success, but usually not the spotlight - They aren’t afraid of losing control or failure, they’re afraid of how you’ll look at them - They are unafraid of using others to reach success.

Aquarius: Intimacy may scare them - They are realists who still believe in magic - They can make a game out of shocking others - They’ll laugh at you for laughing at them, as Linda Goodman once wrote - They, like Scorpio, have an almost supernatural perception - They ask blunt and sometimes bizarre questions - They won’t even blink at the most bizarre of things.

Pisces: They can be emotional, but that doesn’t make them unable to handle the world around them or weak - They’ll smile through their tears - You can’t hurt them with an insult - Though they may seem to see the world through rose-colored glasses they are nowhere near naive - Despite their bright personality, despondency is always hanging over their shoulder.


Aries: Strong square jawlines, broad shoulders, naturally muscular, full lips, tall, intense eyes, magnetic smirks, rather masculine, nice arched eyebrows

Taurus: Sleepy doe eyes, strong jawlines, thick hair, full, pouty lips, average height, broad shoulders, tans easily, womanly bodies, soft smiles and strong smirks

Gemini: Youthful looks, long limbs, cunning fox eyes, boxy, intriguing lips, diamond face shape, broad cheekbones, sharp noses, knowing smiles

Cancer: Baby face, fragile bodies, dreamy eyes, fringed eyelashes, soft jawlines, elegant lips, pretty laughs, long hair, graceful fingers, thoughtful smiles

Leo: Defined jawlines, high cheekbones, pouty lips, sharp noses, mind numbing smiles, loud laughs, voluminous hair, sultry eyes

Virgo: High cheekbones, healthy bodyweight, prominent face shapes, wide eyes, stern eyebrows, pretty cupid’s bow lips, inquisitive smiles, slender hands, sharp, kind gazes

Libra: Balanced faces, straight noses, defined eyebrows, elegant eyes, knowing gazes, polite smiles, breathtaking grins

Scorpio: Magnetic reptilian eyes, furrowed eyebrows, striking jawline and cheekbones, pouting lips, sharp chins, wry smiles, no prominent features, very balanced, outstanding features, memorable

Sagittarius: Geometric face shapes, glowing smiles, ageless face, strong legs, glowing skin, big, excited eyes, sharp noses, soft lips, daring grins

Capricorn: Mature heart shaped faces, compact bodies, delicate features, heavy lidded eyes and thin, alluring lips, knowing smirks and cute, upturned noses

Aquarius: Diamond face shape, high cheekbones and sharp chins, wide, sleepy eyes, wide lips, delicately parted mouths, intriguing stares

Pisces: Soft jawlines, somewhat oval faces, wide watery eyes lit with curiosity, full small lips and softly falling hair, alluring smiles

The Negative Characteristics of the Signs in a Relationship

Aquarius: Very, very clingy. They want to be with you all the time, and often get offensive if you cancel or decline plans.

Pisces: Often so spaced out and in their head that they often forget you exist. So you might not here from them for long periods of time

Aries: Whatever goal they have set, that comes first. Always.

Taurus: Relationships confuse them and they don’t often share the same outlook on emotions as most

Gemini: Flirty. They are very caring to their partner but being “taken” won’t stop them from flirting with everyone else

Cancer: They’re everywhere, and can be very confusing and quick to be emotional.

Leo: This sign doesn’t have time for your business. They are very them orientated, and don’t care to listen to someone else’s problems.

Virgo: Venting to them is impossible because they will give you logical answers and tell you their opinions on your childishness. It’s also impossible to argue with them

Libra: Too nice. They will always agree with you and never argue. Which isn’t very good if you never really communicate

Scorpio: They know everything. And they will guilt-trip you so hard for it. Even if it’s simple like if you flirted a little with the cashier at Target, they will make you feel like you slept with them.

Sagittarius: Space. They shy away from human interactions, both physical, mental,and emotional and will often push away.

Capricorn: They can handle pretty much anything on their own. They don’t need hand holding and you’ll often feel useless. 

The best and the worst thing about your sign

Aries -
Best: Fearlessness
Worst: Temper
Taurus -
Best: Creativity
Worst: Lack of care for other people
Gemini -
Best: Easygoing
Worst: Ego
Cancer -
Best: Caring
Worst: Extreme sensitivity
Leo -
Best: Confidence
Worst: Selfish
Virgo -
Best: Humor
Worst: Judgmental
Libra -
Best: Accepting
Worst: Changing Personality
Scorpio -
Best: Loyalty
Worst: Vindictive
Sagittarius -
Best: Let’s go have some fucking fun attitude
Worst: Center of the universe attitude
Capricorn -
Best: Ambition
Worst: Lack of depth
Aquarius -
Best: Depth
Worst: God complex
Pisces -
Best: Chill
Worst: Stubborn

The Signs and their dark sides
  • Dark Aries: Someone that brags about how strong they are. Will also cheat their way to the top. And will always have a short-fused attitude.
  • Dark Taurus: Usually a bully. Will steal things with force. Only cares about food and pleasing self.
  • Dark Gemini: Never stops talking bullshit. Mediocre and Shallow. Clingy as hell.
  • Dark Cancer: Over reacts just to gain attention. No control over emotions. Overreactions to small things and would rather stay home then talk to someone.
  • Dark Leo: Thinks they are always right. Will be nice one minute but then passively insults you. Will do his best to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Dark Virgo: Princess like attitude. Always uptight. Their looks go before everything else.
  • Dark Libra: Will stop having feelings for you in a snap. Will laugh at insults and the feelings of others. But also thinks the world is out to get them
  • Dark Scorpio: Purely aggressive and doesn't trust anyone. Will kick you when you're down. Manipulative.
  • Dark Sagittarius: Acts like a complete Know it all. No sense of loyalty. Always exaggerate.
  • Dark Capricorn: Work goes before everything. Won't talk to you and will give no emotion but anger if you try.
  • Dark Aquarius: Tries to stick out of the crowd way too much.
  • Very Irrational and indecisive. Will always think they're right.
  • Dark Pisces: Lacks little will what so ever. Will push people away any way they can. Won't even try and at times skip a lot of plans just to stay and cry.

ARIES: courageous, passionate, enthusiastic, adventurous, energetic, fiery, assertive // arrogant, impatient, rude, short-tempered, impulsive, confrontational, stubborn 

TAURUS: calm, loyal, generous, reliable, super chill, persistent, warm, patient, independent // lazy, stubborn, possessive, materialistic, self-indulgent, 

GEMINI: witty, clever, intelligent, out-going, adaptable, versatile, sociable, curious // nosy, indecisive, superficial, restless, flaky, impulsive 

CANCER: emotional, loyal, creative, romantic, caring, spontaneous, dependable, responsible, self-sufficient // emotional, clingy, oversensitive, moody, unpredictable (at times), pessimistic 

LEO: confident, outgoing, optimistic, loyal, straightforward, sociable, kind/big-hearted, forgiving // vain, egoistic, domineering, pretentious, impatient, stubborn

VIRGO: analytic, observant, intelligent, practical, reliable, responsible, down-to-earth // overcritical, cold, skeptical, over-analyzes things, unemotional, narrow-minded (or conservative)

LIBRA: idealistic, balanced, diplomatic, peaceful, charismatic, sociable, just, clever, witty // superficial, indecisive, detached, flirtatious, inconsiderate, vain, pretentious (some cases)

SCORPIO: ambitious, loyal, independent, romantic, passionate (don’t confuse this with emotional), intuitive, practical, realistic, focused // jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative, stubborn, secretive

SAGITTARIUS: independent, philosophical, outgoing, sociable, adventurous, straight-forward // careless, impatient, impulsive, reckless, bored easily

CAPRICORN: practical, realistic, wise, ambitious, responsible, loyal, reliable, cautious, patient // pessimistic, stubborn, controlling, detached, aloof, moody, procrastinates (if it can’t be perfect, it can wait), rebellious

AQUARIUS: friendly, humanitarian, inventive, original, clever, down-to-earth, independent, sociable // aloof, detached, unemotional, unpredictable, stubborn, rebellious, sarcastic

PISCES: compassionate, selfless, imaginative, kind, sensitive, caring, intuitive // oversensitive, self-pitying, escapist, pessimistic (can be easily influenced by bad luck)

What the signs look like (check rising)
  • Aries: usually have prominent features; strong jawline and brows/brow bone, defined facial features. Many Aries tend to have a reddish tint to their hair. Often have intense eyes. Their bodies are usually muscular or big boned, and they usually have thick hair.
  • Taurus: usually on the shorter side; women tend to have a curvy figure, and men tend to be on the stockier side. Large, soft doe eyes, very expressive. Usually tend to have smaller noses, and very sensual lips. Usually have dark hair, and move in a graceful manner.
  • Gemini: usually slender or taller, with soft, friendly features. The jawline is often pointed and they often have good bone structure. Intelligent, childlike eyes and mischievous/curious smiles. Usually have quick movements and medium-thin lips.
  • Cancer: typically shorter, with large, round "moon" eyes, which are very expressive. Round, soft faces and women tend to either have a very prominent chest, or a nearly flat one. Men usually have wider chests. Small features and body parts, especially hands and feet.
  • Leo: usually very warm and friendly features, with a golden tint to the hair. Often have a small or round nose, and catlike eyes. Yellow tints to the skin, walk is almost always confident. Average height with strong, muscular bodies and inviting smiles.
  • Virgo: average to above average height, and women usually have wider hips. Usually have a high forehead and analytical, intelligent eyes. Often have dark hair and delicate mouths. Composed, refined walk and stature.
  • Libra: usually have soft, pleasant features and heart shaped faces. Thick, curved lips, often with a Cupid's bow, and attractive facial features. Friendly, pleased eyes and graceful movements. Charming faces and average to above average height.
  • Scorpio: dark, mysterious auras with deep, intense eyes. Usually on the slim/petite side, however, men usually have wide shoulders. Mischievous smiles and arched or dark eyebrows. Usually quite sensual.
  • Sagittarius: open, friendly faces, with intelligent and magnetic but distant eyes. Seem to be distracted, usually have smaller noses and inviting, genuine smiles. Often on the slim/athletic side.
  • Capricorn: usually have thick, glossy hair, a strong brow bone, and eyes are round and serious. Attractive and small facial features. Often have contemplative and wise faces. Usually average height, if not shorter. Usually have darker hair and average weight as well.
  • Aquarius: usually angular faces with high cheekbones. Sort of an androgynous attractiveness. Unique features and deep, curious eyes that have a certain lightness. Sometimes seem melancholic or deep in thought.
  • Pisces: large, compassionate eyes. Dreamy look, soft features, often have round faces. Usually shorter in height, often have lighter eyes. Elegant walk and contagious smiles. Often have small, round noses.